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'Lady's a Charm'

Another week, and another fine installment of the rebooted Weeds. Let's get on to the recap!Guillermo sent his burgeoning apprentice, Nancy, to Tijuana to test her skills as a drug smuggler. Nancy does not realize the extent of the Guillermo's manipulation, as she is blinded by the $10,000 that he's seductively waving in front of her wagging eyes. In a mysterious moment, Guillermo gives Nancy a seemingly harmless Jesus bobblehead for display in her car. Nancy's instructions involve getting her car's tail-light fixed (an accident which Guillermo caused) as a cover for a "drug pick-up" from Guillermo's cousin on the other side of the border. After an awkward encounter with the "mechanic", Nancy is stuck in traffic for re-entry to the United States. During this humorous sequence Nancy:• Buys $50 worth of cheap merchandise solely for the purpose of getting her favorite iced coffees.• Offends a mother in a neighboring car when attempting to offer a chunky child spare food.... read more

'Mother Thinks the Birds Are After Her'

The Fourth-Season Premiere of Weeds represented a successful reinvention of its original formula. Season-Three's episodes were chaotic, often appearing directionless as its cast walked through countless absurd storylines. Characters such as Conrad, Heylia, and Vaneeta grew stale as their actions became increasingly forced. In response to its mundane Third-Season plotlines, the brilliant creators of Weeds puff-puff-passed on rehashing the old by taking the bold move of entering the creative unknown. Tonight's program picked up shortly after last season's finale as Agrestic (the show's previous setting) was burning to the ground. Nancy, Shane, Silas, and Andy were deliberating where they should move now that their town was burning. Nancy admitted to her family that she poured gasoline in their former house to ensure that it would be ablaze along with the rest of Agrestic. She needed assurance that any evidence of her drug dealings wouldn't be left for others to find. In desperation, ... read more

"Patriots and Tyrants"

The all too short rollercoaster ride of Jericho is over for now. CBS gave Jericho the axe shortly after its penultimate episode, giving the series absolute closure. There is slim hope that another station will pick up the show, so I am certain another "Nuts Campaign" is imminent.This "series finale" fell far short of the quality I expected from Jericho. Season One's finale was a high-octane event, most notably containing Jake Green's famous NUTS statement! This finale's pace was slow to a crawl and the storyline was astonishingly predictable.Major Beck's progressive storyline came to its inevitable conclusion. Since the second episode it was obvious that Major Beck would eventually defy his corrupt government. Regrettably, in last week's episode Beck performed actions which were entirely out of character. His loss in rational thinking was displayed so his ethical revelations in "Patriots and Tyrants" would make for a more profound dramatic statement. Unfortunately, his out of the o... read more


Time's running out for Jericho! Whether fans choose to acknowledge this possibility, CBS will most likely decline bringing this critically acclaimed show back for a third season. The creators of Jericho did shoot two different endings for next week's episode, and the decision by CBS will determine whether it will function as a season or series finale. I hope that if CBS does pass on another season that the Sci-Fi Channel, which airs Jericho reruns, will pick it up.Tonight's episode was rather quiet, acknowledging the ramifications of the battle with Goetz and Jennings & Rall. To avoid more bloodshed, Jake decided that it would be the best course of action to give himself over to Major Beck. With Jake's surrender, he offered Beck terms so no one else would be implicated. Beck accepted Jake's surrender, but would not acknowledge Jake's provisions. In "Sedition," I ultimately lost the little remaining respect I had left for Major Beck. For a seemingly intelligent soldier, Beck's kn... read more

"Pilot Episode" and "Frankenstein Baby"

The Return of Jezebel James has one of most unique stories ever created for the small screen. Independent movie star Parker Posey portrays Sarah Tompkins, an editor for a prominent book publisher that distributes the Jezebel James series of novels. She has a strictly sexual relationship with Marcus, seemingly afraid of anything personal due to the aftermath of a rough divorce. As she was gazing at her co-worker's daughter, Sarah decides that her path to happiness will occur with motherhood. She soon discovers that she has a rare disease that makes her possibilities of conception impossible. So Sarah seeks out her estranged sister, Coco, hoping that she will carry her child for her. After a lengthy argument, the obstinate Coco agrees to carry Sarah's baby!I requested the assignment of writing for The Return of Jezebel James because of how much I respect the creator of the show, Amy Sherman-Palladino. Her masterpiece, Gilmore Girls, was a truly innovative show with its characters so... read more

"Termination for Cause"

Verisimilitude.Not only is this one of the neatest sounding words in the English language, "Verisimilitude" essentially means something that is true or something that has the appearance of truth. I first learned of this word through documentaries about Superman: The Movie. Director Richard Donner prepared his staff for filming by hanging sign on their office walls containing the word "verisimilitude" with Superman's figure hovering above it. Donner succeeded in lacing the movie with human candor, so that a man flying in blue and red tights would be taken seriously."End of the World Films" have inundated the film medium in recent years, Independence Day being the most high profile vehicle. That movie went the more comedic route, portraying outrageous characters and their unbelievable feats. But what this film lacked was the "verisimilitude" needed to truly bring these characters to life.Jericho's "Termination for Cause" packed an emotional wallop that I have rarely experienced in ... read more


Bonnie is dead. Who would have guessed that Bonnie would be felled by such a tragic fate? Oh wait, I could. For those of you who have read my previous blogs should have noticed that much of my focus was about Stanley, Mimi, and Bonnie. I felt that their lives were too perfect and they lost the inner conflict that once made them interesting characters. I also commented that despite the strength of the bond between Stanley and Mimi, they were far more interesting as individual threats to the new government. I even went as far as to specifically speculate that Mimi should use her new position as a Jennings & Rall accountant to uncover any criminal activity. With enough analysis to television shows' writing formulas, every viewer has the ability to subjugate any doubt about different characters' motivations. However, showing viewers the tranquility of the Richmond farm WAS necessary to evoke the appropriate response from Bonnie's death. My complaint lies from the previous episodes, ... read more

"Jennings & Rall"

The build-up from the previous episodes culminated in one of the finest hours yet for Jericho! In last week's universally praised recap, I questioned whether the abbreviated season left Jericho ample time for their characters to progressively develop. These same concerns must have been going through the writers' minds as well, because both of the Jake/Hawkins storylines encompassed the majority of the screen time. (The chronicles of Stanley, Mimi, and Bonnie only ate up a small portion of "Jennings & Rall." I really hope something catastrophic happens to one of these characters, because I have grown increasingly bored with their story.)In Season One, Jake rallied the leaders of Jericho to rush its people to safe enclosed locations to avoid radiation poisoning from the fallout in Denver. As the season progressed, civilization devolved to a point where it became somewhat akin to the Wild West. Dale turned his grocery store into a trading post, and hired actual muscle to prevent h... read more


As I said in last week's blog, this shortened season will affect how Jericho fans will emotionally respond to the new storylines. Unfortunately, those creative hindrances made its presence felt in "Condor."I realize I am putting myself in hot water, but realize that my problems lie only with this dreadfully short season. For the conspiracy nuts (and Jericho NUTS!), this shortened season should satisfy the fans with desires to immediately experience the crux of the action! But those that enjoyed Season One's vast character focus will be disappointed by the current season's more limited scope.There were two narrative styles used to shine light on the characters during Jericho's first season. One method involved focusing on the primary storyline, while letting the characters grow in response to their objectives. The principle example of this was Jake Green. He earlier departed Jericho as a delinquent outcast, but would return to consistently save the people who once shunned him. Flashb... read more

“Reconstruction” Encore!!!

CBS is giving viewers another opportunity to view the riveting Season Two premiere of Jericho! Watch it on a special night and time on Saturday, February 16 from 8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT. And then be sure to leave a comment below with many of the loyal fans of Jericho! read more

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