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A Most Engaging Story

So we're all on the New York street on the CBS Radford lot in Studio City shooting a How I Met Your Mother promo that's a parody of CSI, which they tell me is a popular show. We're all exhausted and not quite sure what we're doing. My sense is that on an hourlong procedural show, the hours are much worse but your face never has to change its expression. So that's a big up. Changing facial expressions is exhausting and overrated. They're setting up a shot of a corpse's feet right now. We're all pretty exhausted — the night's supposed to go very late and we have an early call. We haven't been officially picked up for a third season yet, but we're all seeing it as a good sign that CBS is having us do this. I'm going to have each cast member say something... get a little guest-blogging going.Me: Hey, guys. Give me a quote for my blog.[Everybody thinks]Neil Patrick Harris: "I'm in a constant state of squint. And I like it. I like it a lot. It feels right, you know?"Alyso... read more

Going to the Dogs

What's up, blogosphere? I've never blogged before. This is my first blog. I don't know if I'm going to do this right. I'm totally behind the times: No MySpace page, just got cable two months ago, and I cannot — cannot — get my damn Bluetooth to work. And I've never blogged. I feel like an 80-year-old going online for the first time. Scary. So here goes. I'm about to blog. Look at me... blogging.OK, what's going on in HowIMetYourMotherLand?Ben Lee dropped by our set a few weeks ago. He had called [series creator] Carter Bays to tell him that he was a huge fan, so Carter invited him to come to the set and watch us tape. (Unlike most multicamera half hours, we don't tape in front of a live audience. It takes us three full days to block and shoot the show, which is entirely too long to make an audience sit, no matter how much candy you chuck at them.) Anyway, Mr. Ben Lee had a beer with us out by our trailers after we'd wrapped. He said he'd first seen HIMYM on an airplane (Am... read more

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