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NCIS' Pauley Perrette Has Animal Magnetism

Pauley Perrette, NCIS

Abby's career is in danger of going to the dogs — literally — when the forensics specialist stubbornly defends a canine suspected of mauling its owner to death in this week's new episode of NCIS (tonight at 8 pm/ET, CBS).

"All the evidence points to the fact that the dog did it," says executive producer Shane Brennan. "But Abby's determined to prove that the dog is innocent." Which leads to an admonishment from Gibbs, who believes the German shepherd is responsible for the death and warns Abby not to get attached.

Her response? "She calls the dog 'Jethro,'" Brennan laughs. "There's a lot of opportunity for humor in it."

The episode also marks one of the rare times the Goth gal leaves the lab — in her very Abby-appropriate car, no less. "We see her driving a car for the first time," explains Brennan. "It's a red hot rod [adorned with] skull-and-crossbones decorations and coffin emblems. read more

Billy Ray Cyrus Previews the CMT Music Awards

Billy Ray Cyrus, cohost of the CMT Music Awards

If November's CMAs are the Oscars of country music, then the free and easy CMT Music Awards (tonight at 8 pm/ET) — honoring country music videos — are the Golden Globes. Carrie Underwood, Kenny Chesney, Toby Keith, Sugarland and LeAnn Rimes perform at the Nashville event, along with hosts Miley Cyrus and her father Billy Ray, who phoned us from his home in Tennessee to discuss what's shaping up to be an awfully busy year for the Hannah Montana patriarch. Are you all ready to host?
Billy Ray Cyrus:
Man, I am so excited. Miley and I play everything by ear. We'll learn a script really good and do that whole thing, but we kind of play everything by ear. So it's going to be kind of an evolution, with any twists an read more

Preview: Shannon Tweed on Gene Simmons: Family Jewels

Shannon Tweed, Gene Simmons Family Jewels

This August marks 25 years together for Shannon Tweed and KISS' Gene Simmons, the "happily unmarried" stars of Gene Simmons: Family Jewels (Tuesdays at 10 pm/ET), now in its third season on A&E. We spoke to the gracious model-actress (and onetime Playboy Playmate of the Year) about the keys to her long relationship.

TV Guide: Twenty-five years. What's the secret?
Shannon Tweed:
It's about being strong enough to have your own life. That doesn't mean be a nasty bitch who's loud or bossy; it just means be strong in your own sense of self. You can still be strong and be feminine.

TV Guide: Some people believe your relationship with Gene is an open one....
"Open" has never been a word I've described my relationship as. And he has never described our relationship as "open," nor has it ever read more

Dennis Miller Tests Memories on Amnesia

Dennis Miller, Amnesia

In NBC's new game show Amnesia (Fridays at 9 pm/ET), contestants compete for big money by answering questions about a subject they should have firsthand knowledge of — their own lives. We spoke to series host Dennis Miller, that hyper-articulate master of minutiae, about helping people remember those potentially moneymaking little details.

TV Guide: Amnesia sounds reminiscent of This Is Your Life.
Dennis Miller:
It's This Is Your Life meets Jeopardy.... I think Ken Jennings would be better answering questions about trivia than he would his own life, because people don’t seem to remember things. Between the intricacy of the questions and the fact that we [don't] keep tabs on life like it’s a textbook, things fall between the cracks. Therein lies the mirth!

TV read more

Stevie Wonder Inducted Into NAACP Hall of Fame

Stevie Wonder

Few people, let alone celebrities, are as universally adored as Stevie Wonder. At tonight's 39th NAACP Image Awards (Fox, 8 pm/ET), the humble music legend and inspiring civil-rights activist is inducted into the organization's hall of fame. We were fortunate — and a bit awed — to chat with Wonder about the honor and how he took his career to higher ground. You're joining some awfully heavy company — Ray Charles and Sidney Poitier among them — in the hall of fame. How does that make you feel?
Stevie Wonder:
Very thankful. Very honored. I have to thank everyone that I've met along the way, because they are one reason for me getting to this point and receiving this honor. Those inductees have been inspirations to me or encouraged me in various ways. Do these read more

Chris Daughtry Opens Up About Idol, Bon Jovi and His Grammy Noms

Chris Daughtry

American Idol's only rock star, Chris Daughtry, spills about his Grammy (Sunday, Feb. 10, 8 pm/ET, CBS) nominations, Bon Jovi, and how he'd change the show that launched his career.

TV Guide: You're up for four Grammy awards, including Best Rock Song and Best Rock Album. Which one would mean the most to you?
Chris Daughtry:
Rock Album. Because that's what we are, and I want people to realize that. Whether it be rock with pop sensibility, we are a rock band.

TV Guide: You covered Bon Jovi's "Wanted Dead or Alive" on Idol — and now you're competing against them for a Grammy. How does that feel?
[Laughs] It's an honor to be in a class of people that you couldn't get away from on the radio growing up. Those guys are still in the game and it's an encouragem read more

Jeffrey Tambor Is Back in the Captain's Chair

Jeffrey Tambor, Welcome to the Captain

From Arrested Development's George Bluth Sr to The Larry Sanders Show's Hank ("Hey now!") Kingsley, Jeffrey Tambor has made a career of playing scene-stealing characters. And in CBS' new sitcom Welcome to the Captain (tonight at 8:30 pm/ET) — which features an odd assortment of tenants in a Hollywood apartment building — Tambor adds another eccentric to his canon as Uncle Saul, the Captain's good-hearted resident busybody.

TV Guide: What attracted you to this sitcom?
Jeffrey Tambor: I read the script and thought Uncle Saul was a lot of fun. He reminds me of every single one of my uncles and a lot of my father. I also like that it's one-camera, which I think is better for our times now. And I get to dress very comfortably, which is sort of selfish on my part.

TV Guide: How often do people read more

Preview: Can These Celebs Turn Country?

Bobby Brown, Gone Country

B-list celebs never die. They're just put out to pasture — on shows like CMT's new guilty pleasure reality series Gone Country (8 pm/ET). Hosted by John Rich, half of country duo Big and Rich, the idea is to give seven performers a crash course in living the rural life and, for one, the chance to become a successful hat act. Tonight's hour-long opener assembles the oddball assortment of singers in a Nashville mansion and assigns them their primary task — writing a song, which they'll perform in the finale. We weigh in on their country cred.

Bobby Brown
With all the heartbreak suffered by the onetime Mr. Whitney Houston, Brown just may have the quintessential country song inside him, aching to get out.

Dee Snider
The front man for '80s metal band Twisted Sister is used to going against the grain, so he could reinvent nicely as an "outlaw country" singer.

read more

Pop Star K.T. Tunstall Takes Fans into the Artists' Den

K.T. Tunstall, Live from the Artists' Den

Short of venturing out into the cold and going to an actual concert, there may be no better way to see and hear live music than on Ovation TV's terrific new weekly series Live from the Artists' Den (tonight at 8 pm/ET). Somewhat similar to MTV's 2001-'02 Music in High Places, Artists' Den stages concerts in striking settings: Ben Harper sings on a farm in Tennessee, Fountains of Wayne play on a ship in New York and, in tonight's premiere, Scottish singer-songwriter K.T. Tunstall performs at the early 20th-century Prince George Ballroom in Manhattan. We spoke to the down-to-earth Tunstall, who recently released her second CD, Drastic Fantastic, about the importance of location, location, location. As an artist who tours extensively, is the venue just as important to you as the cr read more

Comanche Moon's Wes Studi on Playing a Native American Icon

Wes Studi, Comanche Moon

With roles in Dances with Wolves, The Last of the Mohicans and HBO's Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee, Wes Studi is a familiar face to fans of historical dramas. Tonight, the accomplished Cherokee character actor continues his hard-nosed portrayal of Comanche leader Buffalo Hump in Part 2 of Comanche Moon (9 pm/ET, CBS; it concludes tomorrow), the Lonesome Dove prequel that traces the early years of Dove protagonists Woodrow Call and Gus McCrae.

TV Guide: You've appeared in many films about the struggles of Native Americans. What draws you to them?
Wes Studi:
I like the point of conflict, when people finally come to the point [where] they have nothing else they can do but fight. It happened in just about every one of the roles that I've played. There is quite the adrenaline ru read more

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