John Lehr

Sex in Aisle 4

'What Women Want'This is our fourth episode and my favorite. Without giving too much away, four of our characters get it on. It’s a make-out free for all. There’s also a fight—two characters end up with black eyes. What more could you ask for?This was my first real kissing scene as an actor and I was scared to death. Actually, I had a brief kiss in an episode of ‘Jesse’ on NBC. I played Christina Applegate’s mute brother—probably the easiest gig of my life. I had a network job sandwiched between ‘Friends’ and ‘Frazier’ (by the way, I think 30 minutes of black screen sandwiched between ‘Friends’ and ‘Frazier’ would get good numbers). I got network money and I didn’t have to learn any lines! Although I have to admit that is sort of what I’m doing now. Since the show is improvised, I don’t have any lines to learn, but somehow it doesn’t feel as easy as those salad days on ‘Jesse’.My... read more

Behind the Scenes on Episode 2

Hi, blog readers! I feel like a professional blog guy, now that I'm plunking down my second blog. Wow, I just used the word "blog" three time in those two sentences. And there! I used it again. The word "blog," that is. There again. Maybe I should move on.This next show is called "The Miracle Worker," but at the office we called it "Jesus Stain," for obvious reasons. I thought I'd point out a few things that happened when we were making this one.In the first scene, Leslie accosts two Girl Scouts for selling their cookies in the store. The blonde girl is the daughter of one of the TBS executives, Lillah McCarthy. I know, I know, you're saying "Unfair!" and you may be right, but after you see her in action I think you'll agree that this kid kicks butt. Both girls were super-sweet and had no idea what to make of me. Lillah and her boss, Michael Wright, are the two TBS execs behind our show and are both ex-actors. I think that has a lot to do with their affinity for our show. Because of... read more

How did I get a TV show?

Hi there blog reader. My name is John Lehr and I am the star of a yet-to-be-aired TV show called ‘10 Items or Less’. I just re-read that first sentence and laughed. It is laughable that this show came to be at all and now, after two years of struggling to get it on the air, here we are—days away. This show is a dream job for me: I executive produce, write and…as you already know, act as well. This show really started 20 years ago when I was at Northwestern University outside Chicago where I discovered a thing called improv. “You mean I can say anything I want?” I had grown up in Kansas and the idea that you could get on stage and say whatever hit your brain was a shock. It was love at first sight. After graduating I hooked up with a bunch of Second City grads, formed a group called ‘Random Sample’, and started doing bar gigs all over Chicago. But after a while, doing improv games in bars for $20 a night ran a little thin. Soon I was working ... read more

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