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Gossip Girl Episode Recap: "Last Tango, Then Paris"

This week, Gossip Girl ended its third season. Remember last year's romantic season finale, when Chuck finally mustered up the strength to declare his love to Blair as they kissed on the streets of New York City? Well this season finale was nothing at all like that.

The Sleepovers
When we left off last week, Jenny was crashing at Nate's place. As this episode opened, Jenny waited for Nate to awake...and we learned that nothing happened between them. He fell asleep snoring, she watched New Moon, and Jenny relented, "I get it. You love Serena."
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Gossip Girl Episode Recap: "Ex-Husbands and Wives"

This week on Gossip Girl, the gang was up to its usual sleuthing and scheming. Only this time, those at the center of the conflict and lies were the parental figures in their lives, and the kids were working to expose the truth.
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Gossip Girl Episode Recap: "It's a Dad, Dad, Dad World"

This week on Gossip Girl, several characters took steps that could lead to some big transitions in their lives: Vanessa accepted an overseas summer internship, Blair decided to change colleges and William tried to get his family back.

Nothing to Talk About
In the wake of Vanessa's acceptance to Tisch, Dan and Vanessa agreed to make a list of topics they shouldn't discuss. (Did they learn nothing from Lily and Rufus' ill-advised list incident in the past?!) Thankfully, this left them with little to talk about. But then Rufus told Dan that Vanessa was accepting a three-month internship in Haiti. Vanessa eventually decided she wouldn't take it — she claimed she wasn't turning it down for Dan, but for herself, because she didn't want to be apart from him for that long. However, Dan's pretty observant and he saw she really wanted to take this internship. So he basically followed the old adage that goes, "If you love something, set it free. If it comes back to you, it's yours. If it doesn't, it was never yours to keep."

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Gossip Girl Episode Recap: "Dr. Estrangeloved"

This week on Gossip Girl, we finally got to meet the often talked of but previously not seen Dr. William van der Woodsen (William Baldwin)! And his arrival coincided with many characters getting territorial: Rufus thought William was moving in on his new family; Jenny made a move on Nate; Vanessa took Dan's spot at Tisch; and Chuck tried to stop Blair from moving on.
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Gossip Girl Episode Recap: "The Unblairable Lightness of Being"

Wedding bells rang in New York City this week, and this time the happy couple was Dorota and Vanya. Naturally, the joyous event went off without a hitch. Oh, who are we kidding? In true Gossip Girl tradition, the nuptials were surrounded by drama, including a hookup, a breakup, lies and schemes. read more

Gossip Girl Episode Recap: "Inglorious Bassterds"

The characters on Gossip Girl typically love to play games, and in this week's episode they went above and beyond. Dan and Vanessa engaged in some mutual lying; Serena hosted an Assassin-themed birthday party for Nate; and Chuck and Blair played a very high-stakes game with matters of the heart.

The Liar's Club
Dan was working on a play for his application to Tisch, and Vanessa was working on a script for a class of hers. Typically, they share their work with each other in hopes of getting honest, constructive feedback, but Dan was hesitant to do that now because they're sleeping together. Vanessa thought this was silly and swapped papers with him. So Dan read Vanessa's script, and it was awful. He thought he should lie, but Rufus advised him to be truthful. Dan started to be honest, but when he saw Vanessa's reaction, he lied and told her it was great.

Vanessa then lied and told Dan she hadn't read his play yet. However, Dan soon discovered it in her bag, and she had it covered with red notes. He finally confronted her, and they gave each other critiques of their work. So all was good...or so we thought. Vanessa had an odd expression while hugging Dan after this honest exchange of feedback. Later, we learned that she, too, is applying to one of the few coveted positions in Tisch's writing program — and trying to keep it a secret from everyone, including Dan. read more

Gossip Girl Episode Recap: "The Empire Strikes Jack"

This week it was time for another fashion show on Gossip Girl, and these events never fail to entertain. As always, they're about so much more than fashion, and this occasion allowed people to discover who their real friends (and family) were.

Old Friends
Rufus hoped to get Jenny out of her funk by volunteering her to work at Eleanor's latest show. And it worked! As soon as Jenny was surrounded by the hectic backstage scene, her eyes lit up. Though she and Eleanor hadn't parted on the best of terms, Eleanor explained she believed in second chances — and she went so far as to extend her peace offering to Jenny's old friend-turned-enemy Agnes. Jenny was hesitant to renew this friendship, but Agnes won her over and began endearingly calling her "bitch" once again. However, Agnes was faking the whole friends angle. (One way for the writers to make Jenny's character seem sympathetic? Put her in scenes with evil Agnes).
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Gossip Girl Episode Recap: "The Sixteen-Year-Old Virgin"

Love and loss were themes on tonight's episode of Gossip Girl. On the love front, Lily and Rufus inched toward reconciliation, while Nate risked losing Serena when he let slip some unkind words. And on the loss front, Jenny considered losing her virginity, while Chuck faced the possibility of losing his hotel. read more

Gossip Girl Episode Recap: "The Lady Vanished"

If a therapist had guest starred Gossip Girl this week, he or she could have been very busy. That's because Serena was projecting her own lost-Daddy issues onto Chuck and his "is my mom alive?" confusion, while Rufus was misdirecting his anger at Lily and their marital troubles onto Jenny and her relationship with Damien. As for Dan and Vanessa? Those two were living in total denial. read more

Gossip Girl Episode Recap: "The Hurt Locket"

After three long months, Gossip Girl finally returned with the first of 10 new episodes. Naturally, a social event (the French Ambassador Dinner) was at the center of things. As for the drama on hand, several relationships were in flux: Nate and Serena were becoming a couple; Jenny was feeling ignored by Damien; Lily and Rufus were hitting a rough patch; and Chuck was hoping to restart a very old relationship. read more

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