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February 4, 2007: The (Other) L Word

I couldn't believe my ears the first time Phyllis said, "I love you" to Alice on voicemail, but then to Alice's (and my) horror, she had to go and say it again and again while desperately clutching Alice's arm. Yikes. I really didn't want Phyllis to become so desperate and clingy; I just wanted Phyllis and Alice to have lots of fun scenes together so that we could enjoy Leisha Hailey and Cybill Shepherd's brilliant comedic skills. [Sigh] Oh well, as cringe-inducing as Phyllis' affections are becoming, it is great drama, and it tells a lot about how lonely she's been for so many years. I just hope that Phyllis comes out of this relatively unscathed and that she and Alice can maintain a friendship.I'm relieved that Helena was able to find a way to save her catering job, except do you think that her caviar purchase may have actually taken the money right back out of her pocket? The sad thing is, the whole time she was prepping the food in the apartment kitchen, and then in Phyllis' kit... read more

February 2, 2007: ... And They Lived

Well, this is it — the last post for Masters of Horror Season 2. I still haven't read or heard whether or not there will be a Season 3, but I sure do hope so. As soon as I find out, I'll definitely post it here. I thought that Season 2 wound up being pretty damn good, with four episodes now filling some slots in my top 10 favorites:1. "Fair-haired Child" (Season 1)2. "The Black Cat" (Season 2)3. "Pelts" (Season 2)4. "Cigarette Burns" (Season 1)5. "Right to Die" (Season 2)6. "The Screwfly Solution" (Season 2)7. "Imprint" (Season 1, aka "The Banned Episode")8. "Dance of the Dead" (Season 1)9. "Deer Woman" (Season 1)10. "Dreams in the Witch-House" (Season 1)As you can see, the final episode of this season, "Dream Cruise," didn't make it into my top favorites, but I also didn't find it to be a particularly bad episode. The story was interesting enough, even though it conjured up similar specters from other J-horror films like Ju-on: The Grudge and The Ring (Ringu). Some of it even... read more

February 2, 2007: The Ghost and the Furious

With just enough testosterone and just enough sentiment, this is the Ghost Whisperer that probably bridged a gap or two between male and female viewers. Although, I think that the men got the better end of the deal, because I didn't shed a single tear out of it. Oh, well.I guess that our theories of Payne's wife possibly being a ghost have been debunked. Not only is she not a ghost, she's the gorgeous actress Rachel Shelley, who also happens to be one of my favorite characters on The L Word (Helena). I wonder if we'll see more of her.... She sure does seem to be threatened by Melinda, so we're not the only ones that have caught on to Payne's... um... affinity for Mel. I think that Mel, Jim, Payne and Alice should have dinner together one night, what do you think? (Wink, wink)I hope that Tim's reason for standing up Delia is soon revealed. Although she's holding her head high and moving on, I still don't believe that he did it to hurt her. There had to have been a good explanation, a... read more

January 28, 2007: Like a Fine Wine

The opening scene of tonight's L Word had to have been one of the funniest “O” scenes ever, even funnier than "Sally's" "I'll have what she's having!" Once Alice and Phyllis' explosive uh... lesson was over, I thought to myself, "OK, they're my favorite couple now!" Unfortunately, Alice is just playing to play and not for keeps. This makes me sad for Phyllis, nervous for Bette and a little bit peeved at Alice. But I'm holding out hope that we'll get some more great scenes with Alice and Phyllis together. Of course, Helena came through once again with a perfect comedic comment on the situation.I really hope that we'll get to see Helena cater Phyllis' event, and that maybe Helena will kick some major booty at it, too. I want her to suddenly realize that she's gifted at something really amazing (beyond "backwards basketball") and catering could possibly be it. I mean, as "Miz Peabody," she knew how to coordinate amazing parties and events; maybe she could actually be good at ... read more

January 26, 2007: Got a Toothpick?

I found this week's Masters of Horror episode, The Washingtonians, to be one of the more creative and clever stories of both seasons. The premise reminded me a little bit of Ravenous, a cannibal movie of the confederacy kind, which I highly recommend if you like gruesome, moody and blackly comedic horror with a twist of historical drama. (It has a superbly unsettling musical score, too.) Of course, The Washingtonians was more of a political satire than a serious attempt at "rewriting history," but Ravenous truly made me feel like the events of the story could have possibly happened during harsh winters at "ye old valley forts." At one point during Washingtonians, HHH (horror-hound-hubby) and I decided that we knew the exact wording used in the casting call for the show: "the oldest, creepiest looking actors money can buy." Some of those cast members were pretty frightening before the white makeup, powdered wigs and blood-drenched feasting. I can definitely understand why "Amy" alway... read more

January 21, 2007: Hot for Dean Porter

Wow, I laughed out loud so many times during tonight's L Word, I lost count! I never thought I'd see Helena wearing hot pink and blue hair extensions. I really wish that she'd been able to "cut it" like Shane's receptionist at Wax, but just as Bette pointed out, she's reinventing herself; it's going to take time for somebody as pampered as Helena to figure out who she really is. That's what I love about this story line, too: it's as humbling as it is humorous, and the elitist witch that Helena once was is now the sympathetic person that I find myself cheering for with each episode. She already started to evolve into a more gracious and generous person last season, even though she was still filthy rich. I'm sure she's in for a lot of ups and downs in this new phase of her life, and I really hope that she finds a way to make it on her own. I believe she will do wonderfully eventually, and Shane gave her the right advice: She does have at least one thing that she can do well, and she j... read more

January 19, 2007: Tale of The Black Cat

"Meow meow meow meow meow meow." My black cat, "Sprite" wanted to get her 2 pounce in about this week's Masters of Horror episode, The Black Cat. I had to give her a six-word limit, or else she would have hijacked this post. She gives it 4 out of 4 claws, mostly because she thought that "Pluto" the cat was very handsome (even with just one eye). Ahem.How can I find the words to describe Stuart Gordon's adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe's The Black Cat, when all I can think is "wow?" I've always enjoyed Stuart Gordon's masterful cinematic interpretations of H.P. Lovecraft's work, and had hoped he would bring the same atmospheric, dramatic and gory details to his Edgar Allan Poe debut. Well, he did, and I would love to see Gordon take on even more Poe in the coming years. Come on, Stuart, we know you can't resist the pulse of The Tell-Tale Heart!As Gordon explained in the Fangoria interview I posted Friday, The Black Cat does get into some difficult terrain with realistic scenes of graph... read more

January 19, 2007: Masters of Horror Fearful Feature has posted a "Fearful Feature" on tonight's Masters of Horror episode, The Black Cat. It's a really good interview with "Master Director" Stuart Gordon and our beloved genre actor Jeffrey Combs, who I am certain will make a perfect Edgar Allan Poe in this episode. It's a good read; great to get primed for tonight! Enjoy.[Click Here to Read the Feature] read more

January 12, 2007: Baby Steps?

Why? Why why why why why times infinity did Delia have to get stood up at the theater? I mean, I know that Tim's a firefighter, so I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt. It's not like firefighters have the luxury of making a phone call when they get called to an emergency. But still, she took a few steps forward and now... I'm afraid that this disappointment will set her back. My heart nearly broke for her when he didn't show. I've been there before; it is not a good place to be. But hopefully, they'll find a way to work through this, because Delia and Tim are awfully darn cute together. I had wondered when they'd pick that story line back up, after he'd commented on how beautiful she was when they'd both attended that funeral earlier in the season.Now then, about the prospect of losing Jim. I'm starting to think that maybe all of these ominous signs are just a way to keep us on edge concerning Jim and Melinda. I mean, think about it. Typically on TV and in movies, a standa... read more

January 12, 2007: Ice-Ice-Cream, Babies

After a bit of a lukewarm start, Masters of Horror has picked up significantly in this second half of season 2. I cannot wait for Stuart Gordon's interpretation of Poe's The Black Cat next week. I have pretty high expectations for it, and the preview looked amazing!This week's episode, We All Scream For Ice Cream felt much like an episode of Tales From the Crypt. It was creatively creepy, but not really as intense or groundbreaking as some of the other Masters episodes. Director Tom Holland has a couple of my favorite classics on his resume, including Child's Play and Fright Night. It turns out, he also directed several episodes of [HBO's] Tales From the Crypt, so I guess there's a good reason why We All Scream... reminded me of Tales From the Crypt.In all honesty, I'm a bit ambivalent about this episode. It wasn't bad, it wasn't great, it was entertaining in a "made for TV" kind of way... it even felt a bit like an '80s horror film for reasons that I cannot pinpoint. I liked it, bu... read more

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