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March 23, 2007: L Word News: High 5!

Great news, L Word fans! Showtime has renewed L Word for a Season Five. Yours truly plans to keep this part of the TV Show Blogs running next year, so I look forward to more juicy L Word conversation with you all during Season 5!Also, I know that some of you don't like previews, but for those of you who do, they've posted a great advance screening of the season finale. It's a wonderful scene between Bette and Tina... it actually got me a little teary-eyed. Enjoy this sneak peek if you want, if not, meet me here on Monday morning to discuss the finale! read more

March 18, 2007: At a Crossroads

Goldfrapp. Awesome.Guest.Appearance. Definitely the best since Heart played an acoustic "Crazy on You" last season. Surprisingly, my favorite scene of this evening was the main Tina-Bette scene. As bitch-on-wheels as they've both been throughout the last two seasons, I enjoy any minute we get that reminds us why we've loved both these characters since Season 1. I'm also happy that they were able to be really candid with each other and for once not have the scene break into hostility and a parting of ways. I don't know that I ever want them to get back together, but I do enjoy them as... well... as family. They share a child, they share a very complicated history, they're family forever because of Angelica. So I'm glad to see that they're working past the hurt and bitterness and treating each other more like family now.Also, Tina was right about Bette and Jodi; I do believe they're the perfect match. It's good that Bette feels challenged by a partner that is so strong, but it's also ... read more

March 11, 2007: B is for Bette

This episode turned into the Bette hour, didn't it? After watching Bette go through her ups and downs over three seasons, I have to say, I'm siding with Jodi in this fight. Bette is a control freak, and even though she may have had the best intentions in planning the party for Jodi, it turned out to be a bizarre validation device for Bette, and not really at all about Jodi. It's so ironic. Bette kept trying to interpret for Jodi regardless of Jodi's wishes, and Bette's reason was that she didn't want Jodi to "miss anything." Well, as far as dinner-party banter, sure, Jodi missed some things. However, what Jodi did not miss out on was the one thing that Bette would have wanted her to miss, namely Bette's need to control. When it comes to reading people, Jodi has a keen sense of character judgment, and that didn't work so well for Bette tonight. Jodi read Bette like a book, but Bette didn't want to hear anything that Jodi had to say about it. Being deaf has nothing to do with how much... read more

March 4, 2007: Heartbreak HoteL

It's been pretty light and fun for most of this season's L Word, so it seems natural that with only four episodes left, it would be time for some heartbreak. The biggest heartbreak of the night fell on Shane, and I felt so devastated for her, especially as the camera revealed her face literally falling to the floor as she hugged Shay goodbye. She kept it together for Shay, which was the right thing to do for him, and she was the epitome of grace in the situation. I just hope that Shane learned it is worth it to be responsible and devoted to somebody. One thing for certain is that while she took care of her brother, we got to see Shane's true colors, and they were very different than the person we witnessed leaving her bride at the altar last season. She's really grown as a person. She made a damn good big sister, and she's a wonderful friend. I hope that even though Shay wound up leaving, that Shane remembers who she really is... and that she truly is not like her father... not anym... read more

February 25, 2007: And the "O" Goes To...

Steamy, steamy night tonight! We haven't had an episode like that in quite a while. *fanning myself off*Now then."Oh, Sounder, am I going to burn in hell?" Uh... yes, Jenny, you are.Jenny's even more obnoxious as a hot Hollywood commodity now. I love how Bette was able to impress Jenny's agents on behalf of Tina, and I also enjoyed seeing Tina's humanity return to the story. I really felt for her, and found the opening scene between she and Bette to be particularly sensitive and beautiful. That's the Tina I always liked, and I hope that they'll continue moving her into a softer, more sympathetic direction throughout the remainder of the season.It seems that our new "dragon lady" is Cathryn. It feels like she's the person that Helena used to be, and I fear that her influence on Helena is dangerous. I couldn't believe it that Cathryn was able to talk Helena into canceling her "date" with the kids. Even back when Helena was "the" official ice queen of the L Word, she loved her kids mor... read more

February 23, 2007: Bed, Bath and Voodoo

A heartfelt thank you for doing such a great job filling in for me last week. I had to play "catch up" all week, and prepare for Oscar weekend, so I just didn't have time to return. Once it was Friday, I thought... "well sheesh, by now, it's old news and... they all covered last week's episode so well... maaaan, they don't even need me!" Thank you also for wishing me well, because it definitely worked and I am feeling 100 percent again. Now then, let's get into the new episode. I really hope last week's promos didn't literally scare off too many of you, because this was one of my favorite episodes ever. At first, I was prepared to be annoyed that this was going to become a poor attempt to cash in on a popular horror franchise [zombies], or that it was about to become another "crime drama" mystery in an attempt to compete with Medium. Thankfully, this episode became one of the most creative and well written of the season, and I really had fun watching it.Judging from last week's comm... read more

February 16, 2007: L Word Marathon Tomorrow Night

Have you missed any L Word Season 4 episodes? WeLL, tomorrow night is your chance to catch up!L Word Marathon Saturday, February 17 9PM ET/PT. read more

February 14, 2007: A Little "L" on Valentine's Day

I've noticed quite a few questions in the comments lately regarding Max's history, so I thought I'd devote a post that recaps the Moira/Max story. Now, this is purely from my memory of last season, which was a year ago, so if you remember more details or see anything I've posted in error, feel free to chime in!* * * *Meet Moira, Season 3After Jenny is found self-mutilating in season 2, she admits herself into a psychiatric ward back home in Illinois. (Too bad the psychiatric treatment didn’t seem to help her beyond the cutting! ) It's in Illinois that Jenny quickly falls in love with Moira, a soft-spoken, gentle-natured computer technician, who also happens to be pretty butch. Jenny convinces Moira to come back to LA with her, so they embark on a road trip back to Cali in Moira's truck.On this road trip, they find themselves in a really scary situation when Moira becomes the object of a brewing hate crime. Since Moira looks androgynous and acts masculine, a group of kids... read more

February 11, 2007: For Your Consideration

I am absolutely floored by tonight's L Word. How floored? Well... let's just say that if I were one of the show's "Powers That Be," this would be the episode I'd send out to the Hollywood Foreign Press (Golden Globes)and ATAS (Emmy Awards) members. From the opening "real time" sequence with all of the different phone calls and the editing with the various split screens, to the amazing music, to the juxtaposition between Papi's poker lessons and Jenny's mind games. Brilliant, subtle and absolutely brilliant... a stunning episode that I could easily watch over and over again.I'm really pleased that Bette wound up talking to Angus about Hazel and Kit... just like I said I would do if I were in her shoes, eh? And see? It did get him shaking in his boots and got him to decide what to do pretty damn quick. Go, Bette! One thing I'm not so sure about is Bette's insistence that Angelica attend an Ivy League pre-school. Pre-school? Ivy League pre-school? Do you think she's being overly select... read more

February 9, 2007: We've Got Spirits, Yes We Do!

Applause to Ghost Whisperer for a wicked-cool Grammy Awards tie-in with Mary J. Blige as a guest star. She did a great job acting, and didn't seem at all to be "big music star playing actor," which often happens when pop stars get cast in TV shows and movies. It was actually her performance this evening that made me cry when her character realized her little brother was in the light. I also thought it was clever that we wound up hearing one of her songs through the cheerleading competition, rather than through an obligatory forced concert at the end of the show. Very clever and smooth Grammy Awards cross-promotion for CBS.Melinda was an adorable little freak in high school, wasn't she? She looked like a cute manga character, which I wouldn't exactly consider "nerdy," even by today's standards. But I s'pose to cheerleaders and the popular types, she would seem a bit different and be treated like a freak. Actually, her character in high school reminded me of the role that J. Love play... read more

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