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"No Safe Place"

This episode had me on the edge of my seat. Very cool twist with "who's stalking whom." Did you find that the way in which the ghost twitched her neck was waaay creepy? I thought so. Either the actress did a really good job with it, or they did something with the frame rate to make it creepier (à la Japanese horror and their ghosts). Or maybe it was that "crunch" sound effect. Shivers.Did you notice that during the crossing over, when the ghost was in the presence of Campbell, she didn't twitch anymore? I loved that subtle yet effective detail.Also, the way the stalker (not remembering his name, and too lazy to look it up. LOL) had hung those photos up in his office? Cah-REEPy!No Payne this time, but oddly, that was OK by me... maybe because now I know he's a series regular, so there's no reason to worry when he's not in an episode. Now, I never watched Season 1... has anyone ever "met" Jim's mom? She sounds like quite the character!The cliff-hanger ending was great. I never s... read more

"Haunted Hero"

Wow. I... am at a loss for words regarding this episode, and I'm trying to figure out why. I will be very curious to read your thoughts on this one, Ghosties.I thought that the mystery behind the haunting was unique. I liked seeing Jim being much more active at helping Mel with this haunting, but overall, I felt a little bit confused because it seemed like an obligatory "war episode." I dunno, maybe it's because I also watch Brothers & Sisters, and Sunday's episode brought one of the brothers home from Iraq injured, and it was pretty intense.Anyway, one thing is for certain: Whether this episode was about war or roses, it wouldn't matter because at the end of the day, the GW powers-that-be seem to be getting further and further away from the greater mystery that they started last season and opened with this season. I mean, I know we're only three episodes into the season, but with each episode, they're moving further and further away from all of the greater Grandview mysteries t... read more

"Don't Try This at Home"

Bloody Mary [Spin], bloody Mary [Spin], bloody Mary [Spin]. Did you ever play that game? I did several times at grade-school slumber parties, and here's the secret: the reason "Bloody Mary" pops out at you in the mirror is... you're so dizzy after spinning around three times, you wind up seeing your reflection "behind" you. But do not try this at home!Actually, at the start of the episode, when the first "victim" landed herself in the hospital, I thought, "It's kind of what's supposed to happen when you play that Bloody Mary game in the mirror!" Was I right, or was I right? After a pretty eventful season premiere, I don't have much to say about this episode, and not because it was bad. It just didn't really connect any dots about the big "Grandview secret" or all of the other unanswered questions. But that's OK, I'm sure we'll get a few episodes of the "semi-serialized" variety for a few weeks, and then the dots will start lining up during November sweeps. It just seems to work that... read more

"The Underneath" (Season Premiere)

I'm not the official TV Guide blogger for Moonlight, but I just wanted to start off tonight's Ghost Whisperer post by saying how much I enjoyed watching both shows back-to-back. Ghost Whisperer + Moonlight = Freaky Friday on CBS, and I think they're a perfect supernatural fit. Now then, on with the show!Welcome to The Underneath?At (last) season's end, I felt that Melinda's return from death would alter her connection to the afterlife, making it more malevolent than she's prepared to deal with. Now, at (this) season's beginning, my initial feelings concerning the crossroads on which Mel stands, is that Grandview is turning into a similar place to Buffy the Vampire Slayer's Hellmouth. Not quite as... Hellmouth-y, but the similarities between "the underneath" getting ready to burst at any time in Grandview, and Sunnydale's Hellmouth hurling all varieties of demons and vampires from underground can't be denied. The difference seems to be that Grandview may be a kinder, gentler wellspri... read more

May 11, 2007: 511

First off, I want to apologize that I couldn't post this entry immediately after the season finale. I actually had planned on it, but a crippling migraine completely ruined it for me Friday night. (Great way to start a weekend after a stressful week, eh?) Comments from Last Week:OK, I hear ya on the nickname Scoobies, so we shall remain Ghosties. Er... wait, Jena H. has volunteered the nickname "Whispies." What shall we call ourselves when new episodes premiere: Ghosties or Whispies? Let me know in the comments, and I'll tally the votes.Also, regarding the sexual tension between Mel and Gabriel, I didn't mean it in an overtly creepy way, I mean it in the subtext. *Sigh* OK, I'm an actor, so I often notice when an actor is creating tension below the surface, or when they're creating their own subtext. I felt that Ignacio Serricchio was playing his role with a slight bit of flirtation with J. Love, and I actually was right. I guess I pick up on things like that because I analyze chara... read more

May 4, 207: Death of a Loved One

First, let's share a collective sigh-o-relief, shall we? *Sigh* No death of a loved one... yet. I was so tense every time Jim left the house, and the moment I saw Delia's close encounter with "death by stereo," I started to get really upset. I thought, "She finally learns Mel's secret, then gets killed a couple weeks later?! Didn't they do that last year? Why are they doing it again?!" Luckily, they didn't. Everyone we love in Mel's circle is still standing, but... for how long? Although Payne didn't seem anywhere near death's door at any point in the episode, I was getting sad about him going on that sabbatical. I'm glad he decided to stay... May sweeps needs Payne.It felt as though tonight's episode was like lining up dominoes — slow-going at times, but it's a steady build into an avalanche of apocalyptic-y goodness. I have to say, I was riveted... absolutely riveted, just as I was last week. I think my favorite scene this evening was of the underwater visions of the ferry si... read more

April 27, 2007: Fears for Tears

OK, I'm thinking of changing my nickname for us all from Ghosties to Scoobies, because we totally called it! The moment I saw Payne "walk through" Kate, I yelled, "Ha! We knew it!" Although we were pretty good at guessing she was probably a ghost, I don't think any of us saw the following series of events coming. At first, I was thrilled at the prospect of Kate joining Gabriel as Mel and Payne's nemises from beyond, but Rachel Shelley's bio on IMDb doesn't list any episodes beyond "The Collector." IMDb isn't always up to date, though, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we may see her again during all of the havoc that is about to ensue in May. Now then, about "The Collector." By the end of this episode, my jaw was literally on the floor. The show had more suspense than ever, and took some twists that I don't think any of us could have predicted, even with the weeks of foreshadowing we've been nibbling on since the season premiere. As Mel and Payne rattled off the various signs t... read more

April 6, 2007: The Ghost Streaker

This was an episode that we've all been waiting to see: the day when Melinda finally shares her gift with Delia. The circumstances leading to that moment of truth were pretty surprising; I'd never anticipated that it would happen due to a haunting by Charlie. I found Charlie's backstory with Tim to be particularly interesting, and now I hope that Tim and Delia will have more of a prominent role on the show as stronger supporting characters. I wouldn't mind seeing some scenes with Mel, Jim, Delia and Tim on a fairly regular basis. Some dinner parties, some dates, some fun conversations. Tim and Delia are both very likable characters, and many of us have lamented that Delia in particular hasn't been given strong enough story lines. Well, now that we finally got the "big reveal scene" that we've wanted for so long, I hope the writers will continue to build on her character from this point forward.It was so shocking to hear Delia call Melinda "sick" when first learning of her gift, but ... read more

March 30, 2007: They're Heeeeere Baaaaack!

This was a very strong new episode, and worth waiting for. Any show with cute animals gets bonus points from me. I'd always been a cat person until I got married and wound up with two "dog babies" of my own. Now I love dogs as much as I love cats, each for different reasons. Do you all remember the last episode with Bob the dog, when I'd mentioned that Melinda needed to learn about "calm assertive energy"? See? I was right! I would have liked for the scene with Cesar Millan to be a little bit longer, but it was cute. The whole Homer-Bob story was a fun way to lighten up a pretty dark and intense episode.I don't know that it was intentional, but in the beginning of the show, when they were focusing in on creepy doll faces and clown faces, one of the clowns made me think of the movie Poltergeist, which wound up being the big mislead until the ghost showed herself. I'm glad that they milked the poltergeist angle for a while, because getting Payne into the Gordons' house with all of tha... read more

March 25, 2007: Season Finale

"What are the steaks for?" That had me rolling on the floor laughing. One of my favorite scenes from tonight was definitely the "sign kidnapping." Great scene for Bette, Alice and Shane, and a perfect way to show just how crazy Bette is for Jodi. Or is she?Tina, Bette and JodiTina and Bette. It's obvious that they each want each other to be happy, but then again, they also seem... to want each other. But why? Is it because they're comfortable in their history, in the way that they share a child together, or in their codependent dynamic? Then again, since they've been apart, Tina has grown to be very strong in her own way, and she really doesn't take any crap from Bette anymore, so in a sense, Tina is also growing into somebody who's on an equal plane with Bette now. I feel really torn after tonight... after seeing Bette and Tina together, but then also after seeing Bette go to such lengths to get Jodi back. I like it that I'm now torn between Jodi and Tina. It's always good when a s... read more

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