I am always pretty wary when season finale time comes around because I feel like most shows try way too hard to wow us into sticking around for the next seasons premiere Murders explosions huge cliffhangers you name it and most shows will use it Tonight we did get a cliffhanger but I didnt feel like the writers expect us to really worry about Stellas answer Mostly I felt like this episode was an amazing end to an up and down season more up than down toward the end true but we ended on a very high note I thought There were hilarious jokes and the strength of the characters friendships were center stage which when combined make this show one of the best shows on television That said does anyone else have Reunited running through their head No Just me On with the recap thenAll plotlines tonight start with one thing Ted freaking out about the future and breaking up with Stella followed by Ted tying his shoe at the wrong tim read more

"Everything Must Go"

I dont know if the fact that Teds red cowboy boots were my favorite part of tonights episode means I liked the episode or I didnt Honestly I think the things I like and the things I disliked about balanced each other out this week We got to poke some fun at Ted fun We had to deal with Britney not fun Lilys art soothes dogs humorous Marshalls ever-growing need for a haircut not humorous and honestly just distractingWe did find out who the mystery woman warning girls about Barney was of course so that was a nice conclusion to the story Too bad it had to be Abby We didnt even get the slight humor of her being a dorky receptionist Nope just Britney and her weird line delivery I am really sorry for those of you that liked her in this role I really am but I just dont see the appeal If she said awesome one more time I was going to cry She had one good line I dont want to s read more

"Rebound Bro"

Tonight was split into two separate storylines due to last weeks very sad Bro Breakup On one side we had Ted and Stella who were moving forward in their relationship by not having sex and on the other side we had Barney desperately trying to get over Ted by finding himself a new wingman or as he called it the Vice President of Awesome Oh and we also found out that even though they have been Teds friends forever Marshall and Lily still dont know when to shut upTo begin I enjoyed tonights episode I didnt bust a gut laughing or anything like that but it was a nice little thirty minutes of one of my very favorite shows I really do enjoy Stella which is why I am not letting myself get attached to her and now that Ted has met Lucy I am even warier but you cant deny that Sarah Chalke is amazing in the role Ted genuinely seems happy with her and that makes me sad for the inevitable breakup no I do not think Stella is the mother read more

"The Goat"

What the heck was thatOne minute Im laughing like a crazy person and the next my heart has been broken I almost just made a really bad broken pun but my heart just isnt in it We all knew that Ted wasnt going to take this news well but holy cow I am sincerely sad right nowWell sad and extremely frustrated on a few points WHAT WAS WITH THE GOAT Is that supposed to be clever writers So Robin will be living with Ted for his 31st birthday you say There will be an incident with a goat and a wash cloth Do you really expect me to care when Ted just broke up with BarneyRational aside I know they will make up I know they will still be bros I know this I am not some insane fan who cries herself to sleep at night and sends eyelashes in the mail or anything Still I am very down after watching that I cant even bring myself to do a full recap of the plot so you are all going to get an abridged version Becausethat is what I want to do Points read more

"Sandcastles in the Sand"

Disclaimer I adored this episode and everything that happened in it If you disliked parts you know which part I speak of then you are probably not going to agree with a lot of what I say tonight The rest of you Please join me in celebration wonderful things happened tonight Robin Sparkles was back Robin and Barney finally gave into that burning chemistry that I have been obsessed with since Zip Zip Zip James Van Der Beek was funny And now I may have used up my normal allotment of exclamation points but you know what I dont careWe open the episode at MacLarens our gang seated at their usual booth Right away we are supposed to notice Robins appearance especially her breasts Robin admits that an old friend from Canada is coming to see her hence the gussied-up look When pressed by her friends she also admits that this friend is actually her ex-boyfriend Simon Van Der Beek and that he was very special to her a read more

"The Chain of Screaming"

Tonight on How I Met Your Mother Marshalls screaming boss Lilys crazed hormones and Teds desire to keep his car clean Three very hot button issues in most peoples lives what Im right and you know it Especially if you have ever been the only one of your friends to have a car Most importantly this weeks episode gives us a ton of group interaction and individual idiosyncrasies which are two of the best things about this show Well I think so at leastMarshall appeals to the gang for help dealing with his boss Artillery Arthur who screamed at him over his failure to complete a report on time The best part of the report is that the rest of the group gets him to refer to it as The Ninja Report which I must agree is the coolest report name ever Seriously I wonder if I can implement that into my daily work activities Anyway Arthurs verbal barrage leads toMarshall crying Which in turn leads to the g read more

"The Bracket"

Tonights episode was pretty awesome I took a surprisingly small amount of notes on it but the show was on its game tonight Heh game I made a pun sort of Moving right alongSomeone is following Barney around and tipping off his future conquests as to his true dastardly nature This leads to Barney getting deservedly slapped in a hardware store a pet store and a museum When Lily is approached by our mystery woman Barney decides to enlist the gang to help him track down his stalker Here is where March Madness comes in inspiring Barney to create his very own bracket of the top 64 women he has slept with With a lot of beer our courageous crew narrows it down depressing story by depressing story until they have their very own Final Four Holly Meg Kate and Anna Barney with Lilys help and moral guidance tracks down each woman looking to apologize and stop her slanderous spree Barney doesnt really want to talk to any of them t read more

"Ten Sessions"

Well They over hyped Britney quite a lot did they not Dont get me wrong I didnt mind because Sarah Chalke was amazing and Ms Britney wellcant really act I bet that will get me a lot of angry feedback but come on Shes no Sarah ChalkeAnyway due to the previously mentioned over hyping done by everyone and their mother I really dont have much to say about Britneys guest spot other than it was nice to see her functional She delivered her lines in an acceptable manner and I barely even sneered Pretty forgettable honestly I hope she had as good a time filming her scenes as has been reportedMoving on lets get to the episode itself shall we I came away from the episode tonight with three major points on my mind Marshall really needs a haircut Ted will never learn to be smooth with the ladies and I blame it all on Barney and the writers must think we are really dense but I love them anywayTonight focused on Ted read more

"No Tomorrow"

Welcome backI know you have all missed this show as much as I have so I wont waste words gushing about how happy I was to settle down on my couch tonight pen and paper in hand I am sure you all understand except maybe for the pen and paper partTonight was St Patricks Day on How I Met Your Mother although the holiday was mostly celebrated by Barneys suit yikes what an eyesore and not our gang Instead St Pattys was used to make a few important things happen for our dear Ted He realized that the married Marshall and Lily are boring threw caution to the wind and got a black eye for it that he deserved realized that maybe boring wasnt so bad and picked up that now infamous yellow umbrella As for Barney well he and his suit ended up sleeping next to a dumpster Note to Barney Leave the suit thereYes that yellow umbrella continues to taunt us The Mother was there Ted picked up her umbrella Actuallynot really all that excit read more


Hey guysWe have just one week to go until a brand new episode of How I Met Your Mother Until then I invite you to go vote for your favorite episode in our TV GUIDE poll See you next week read more

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