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Tim McGraw's Peace Plans

Tim McGraw is quail hunting in Tennessee with his pal Clint Black when he calls. Yes, the man who headlines the 2003 Nobel Peace Prize Concert says he's "all about the peace," except when it comes to quails. "It's either us or the coyotes." The concert — airing Dec. 21 on A&E — honors Shirin Ebadi, an Iranian human rights activist. McGraw, 36, who's married to Faith Hill, says he's thrilled that he was invited to sing. "To think that country music has brought me far enough to do something like this is humbling."

TV Guide Online: Are you a peacenik?
I've got three daughters and a wife, so I've got to make the peace all the time at home. I'm always separating the girls.

TVGO: Will you join the Dixie Chicks and start speaking out against war?
I'm a country sin read more

Is Diane Dating Jack?

In Lifetime's On Thin Ice, Diane Keaton plays a desperate, widowed mom who resorts to selling methamphetamines to keep food on her family's table. Keaton, 57, says she wanted to play the gun-toting, crystal-smoking character — based on a real woman who's now in the witness protection program — to bring attention to the plight of poverty-line parents. "I don't understand how these people get by," she says. But Keaton hasn't left lighter fare behind. She stars with Jack Nicholson in the romantic comedy Something's Gotta Give (opening Dec. 12). And there's talk of an off-screen romance, too...

TV Guide Online: In On Thin Ice, you load up a shotgun and let the bad guy have it. Did you need firearm training?
Yes I did. I hated it. It's a scary thing to have a gun in your hands. They should be left alone.

TVGO: Th read more

Spaces Hunk On Ty Clones

What's the O.C.? For Fox, it's their biggest hit of the new season. For fans of The Learning Channel's Trading Spaces, it's Ty Pennington — the Original Carpenter. A former J.Crew model whose beauty rivals any creation of designer Vern Yip's, Pennington is the prototype for all the cute cable carpenters that followed. But Pennington's more than just a pretty face — he's a full-on character whose good-humored goofiness is just the right tonic on the show's sometimes tense set. And as the home-show hottie proved during a recent interview with TV Guide Online, even when he's off camera, he's on.

TV Guide Online: You just had a birthday [on Oct. 16]. You're 38 now?
Ty Pennington:
Yeah. I'm an old soul. I can feel the cobwebs. I'm a decrepit soul, that's what I am.

TVGO: But you act much younger. Much, much younger.
read more

7th Heaven's Killer Secret!

Hey, 7th Heaven fans! Still wondering why a grim-faced cop showed up at Rev. Eric Camden's door in last season's cliffhanger finale? You'll get your answer in tonight's season premiere (8 pm/ET on WB). Here's a hint from executive producer Brenda Hampton: A member of the Camden clan is a killer. (No, we're not talking about Jessica Biel, who pretty much killed her career by posing nearly naked in that laddie mag, Gear.)

Who is it and whom did they kill? Hampton won't tell. ("That's the mystery," she teases). Another surprise on tap: Tonight's episode will reveal which Camden is going to have a baby. Is it newlywed Lucy (Beverley Mitchell), who secretly took a home pregnancy test last season? Or Mary (Biel, who will be back for only two episodes)? Let's hope it's not matriarch Annie (Catherine Hicks), who, with seven kids, has enough problems already.

Then again, Annie is losing one from the nest. David Gallagher, read more

The Return of Tom Green

Who knew sucking on a cow's udder and throwing plastic babies at cars would launch both a career and a national obsession with televised pranks? Well, Tom Green apparently did. The outrageous stunts on his short-lived but influential MTV series The Tom Green Show (1999-2000) literally spawned the shock TV trend. (Think Fear Factor, Jackass, Punk'd and The Jamie Kennedy Experiment). But just as quickly as Green rose to idol status with his teenage male audience, he came crashing down with a series of set backs. He was diagnosed with testicular cancer, he wed (and shed) Drew Barrymore and wrote, directed and starred in a spectacularly horrible movie, Freddy Got Fingered.

Green, now 32, is getting back to his roots with MTV's The New Tom Green Show (debuting at m read more

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