Project Runway Meets My Boys

This week in "The Shirt Contest" (airing Thursday at 9;30 pm/ET), the Boys get embroiled in another one of their competitive moods. Let's just say Project Runway comes to Chicago. It was really fun shooting this one. I got to show a little more flesh than normal. As a redhead, it's always great to show the world a little more of my pasty white skin (note the heavy sarcasm). I'm almost as white as Jim Gaffigan, but my skin is covered with freckles and red fur. All of you redheads out there know what I mean. Nudity is not one of our strong suits. Even if I was Mr. Olympia, people would still scream, "Put your shirt back on. You're burning my eyes out!" It would be nice to go to the beach without wearing SPF Infinity!OK, enough of the "ginger" talk. It's depressing me, and when you see my bare skin this week, just remember that I didn't write the episode. It wasn't my choice for you to see my bare flesh. I am merely a pawn in a greater scheme. And at this point, I think the writers are... read more

Who's on the Plane? Watch to Find Out!

Ahhhhhhhhh, My Boys is back! Yes, I know the answer to the question that has been hounding us all since we last saw you. “Who is on the plane?” And the answer is still what we all knew last season…”Not me”! That’s all I can tell you or I will be killed. I don't think any of you will want the surprise ruined anyway…except for you sick, instant gratification types who will sneak a peek under the wrapping on your Christmas presents two weeks before the actual date. But I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.I would like to use this forum to address another issue concerning this matter. As some of you may or may not know, I am a stand-up comic and have been performing around the country during our hiatus. And everywhere I go, you have all told me who you’d like to have on the plane. "I like Thorn, that Jeremy Sisto is such a real man.” "I like the baseball player. He’s rich and dreamy.” A couple of you nerdy tech types even wan... read more

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