Jack Kenny, series creator, The Book of Daniel

The Blog of Daniel: Goodbye, Farewell, Amen

Susanna Thompson and Aidan Quinn, The Book of Daniel

As this is probably my last bully pulpit for the show, I want to take this opportunity to thank all the thousands of people on boards, blogs and websites across the Internet who've shown such wonderful, loving support for The Book of Daniel. Love. Support. Tolerance. Acceptance. Forgiveness. Those are the Christian values that I was brought up with, and the values that I tried to bring into the world of Daniel.

It's late now. I've just spent tonight with Susanna Thompson (Judith), Ivan Shaw (Adam), Cheryl White (Victoria) and Fran Bennett (Lorraine) — the L.A. contingent of the cast — watching the two episodes that were slated to air this coming Friday and next. F read more

The Blog of Daniel: Taking on the SMLMBs

Aidan Quinn, The Book of Daniel

"No, no, please... let me pray for you!"

See now I'm angry, and that's not good. For a while I thought I was the only one who was really angry about this. Angry that this Small Minority of Loud-Mouthed Bullies (SMLMB) had decided to take control over what you get to watch on your television. They don't trust that you'll be able to make the "right" decision. They might even have to keep an eye on what you're allowed to see in a movie theater. Or in a museum, even. Yup, freedom of choice can be a pretty scary thing — to the SMLMB. Soon they may have to step in and approve anything you might want to say out loud, in the privacy of your home. Or maybe what you might think in your mind. If it weren't 2006, I'd think it was 1984!

I've been under the distinct impression lately that this SMLMB has decided that God belongs to them. That they found Him and "finder's keepers." That anything that has anything to do with God, or Jesus, or one's own persona read more

The Book of Daniel: The Eye of the Storm

The Book of Daniel

Wow. So am I still dreaming? 'Cause if I am, it's a doozy! If you've found your way to this blog, you're probably pretty plugged-in from a Web standpoint, and that also means that you've probably heard a word or two about the "controversy" that has erupted surrounding our little show. Our little TV show. Please note that I did not phrase it as our little "religion," "church" or "cult." It's a T-V-show. Say it with me, AFA. "T-V-show." And, what's more, I think you'll find it's pretty clearly defined as a work of fiction, not a reality show about a priest (though I think in some circles that would be a lot more shocking — no names, please).

And here's the kicker: I (apparently naively) thought that this show would be embraced by most Christians. It's ironic to me that the accusation has been that the show "demeans" and "mocks" Christianity when the intention was always the opposite: to treat the Christian beliefs of the Webster family as seco read more

How The Book of Daniel Came to Be

The Book of Daniel's Susannah Thompson, Aidan Quinn and Alison Pill

I'm pretty sure I'm still dreaming. As far as I can tell, this dream started a year and a half ago, so it's actually still June 2004, it's 3:30 in the morning, and I "wake up" with the first scene vividly playing out in my head: His daughter's been arrested. This guy (I hadn't even come up with names yet) has to go pick up his teenage daughter at a police station, way down in Riverdale, in the middle of the night. What the heck was she doing in Riverdale?! He's worried to death. He's angry. He's scared. But more than anything... he's uncomfortable. He is a WASP, after all — they don't go to police stations. And certainly not in the middle of the night! By the time he gets her and his wife home, it's dawn; they have to get ready for church. As he sits alone in his car, he reaches for the biggest obstacle in his life right now — his Vicodin. Then... Smash Cut to: the Pulpit. He's a priest! That's it. That's my way in. I finally found my way into a world that's bee read more

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