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A Day Out With True Blood's Sam Trammell

Sam Trammel

In the fantastical world of Bon Temps, danger is pretty much always afoot. And on this week's Season 5 finale of True Blood, things get especially hairy. Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) and Co. struggle to save Bill's humanity while shapeshifter — and mostly all-around good guy — Sam Merlotte (Sam Trammell) infiltrates the Vampire Authority headquarters to rescue his lady love's daughter from the hands of corrupt bloodsuckers. But here on the beach in Santa Monica, the action is considerably more mellow. As Trammell, 43, gears up for a morning of catching waves, he talks surfing, semiotics and why there's no one left in Louisiana without a... read more

Sneak Peek: Ray Romano on Parenthood

Ray Romano and Lauren Graham

Everybody loves Raymond...especially Parenthood exec producer Jason Katims, who created the role of Hank, a photographer, for Ray Romano. Hank is "a man of few words who can... read more

A Day Out With Rizzoli & Isles Star Sasha Alexander

A Day Out With Sasha Alexander

Sasha Alexander is nothing if not brave. After all, this is the same actress — currently starring as medical examiner Maura Isles on Season 3 of TNT's smash procedural Rizzoli & Isles — who walked away from a lead role on NCIS after only two seasons. She married the son of legendary Italian sex symbol Sophia Loren, a gig not for the faint of heart. And today, Alexander, 39, is swinging upside down from a trapeze suspended far above the Santa Monica Pier — her suggestion — despite admitting that she's spooked by heights. We set out to investigate what fuels her fearlessness.

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America's Got Talent Welcomes Howard Stern

America's Got Talent

It's Day 2 of the America's Got Talent auditions in St. Petersburg, Florida — the fifth stop along the way on this year's quest for an act worthy of the $1 million prize and Vegas marquee. Despite the suffocating humidity, long hours and some less-than-stellar performances, the judges — Sharon Osbourne, Howie Mandel and newcomer Howard Stern — are looking no worse for the wear. "This is the most fun job in the world!" says the self-proclaimed King of All Media, who's improbably expanding his empire this season to include one of TV's family-friendliest shows. The trio talked to TV Guide Magazine about what's in store when viewers tune in — and whether their G rating is in jeopardy.

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Is It Just Me: Burning Questions from The Voice

Christina Aguilera

Why does Christina Aguilera look so different?
You might say that Aguilera is becoming less of a diva. During the live episodes airing now, the Voice coach has been showing off a svelter figure and a streamlined wardrobe, hair and makeup to match. NYC-based exercise physiologist Johanna Pryluck, who does not work with the star, says it appears that Aguilera has dropped around 25 pounds since the audition and battle rounds that were taped last winter. "There's a big difference in her overall tone, but especially in her arms and face," says Pryluck, who attributes the change to a likely program of "vigorous cardio four to fives times a week plus strength training and a diet of lean protein, whole grains and as little processed food as possible." Sing it!

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A Day Out With the Guys From New Girl

Max Greenfield, Jake Johnson and Lamorne Morris

Truth be told, Max Greenfield, Jake Johnson and Lamorne Morris don't exactly come across as guys who'd frequent a fancy barbershop — the sort of post-ironic place where straight-razor shaves are administered by hipsters at $40 a pop. But when they gather at L.A.'s Baxter Finley early on a Saturday morning, the New Girl costars manage to quickly break the ice with a rapid-fire stream of inside jokes — and some sloppily applied shaving cream — demonstrating a camaraderie and conversational shorthand that makes it tough to believe they've been working together for only a single season on Fox's freshman hit. Here's what the trio have to say about getting groomed for sitcom stardom.

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A Day Out With Nikita's Shane West

Shane West

It's a Friday morning in L.A., and Shane West is casually dangling from an indoor rock wall nearly 20 feet up in the air. (Picture a spider monkey with unusually good hair and cheekbones.) Apparently, the 33-year-old star of The CW's Nikita hasn't been faking his way through all the tricky stunt work required to play rogue Division agent Michael (last name unknown) on the action-packed cult fave, now in Season 2. In between cracks about the unconventional setting — we agree he looks like he's auditioning for a new basic-cable sitcom called Hang in There — West describes his climb up the showbiz ladder... read more

A Night Out With The Insider's Kevin Frazier

Kevin Frazier

Walking through L.A.'s Staples Center with Kevin Frazier on the night of a Lakers home game can take a while, thanks to the sheer number of people this guy seems to know. He stops to chitchat, crack a joke, dole out a bro hug — it's as if the arena is a small town and Frazier is its kindly mayor. That natural gregariousness is paying off: As co-anchor of the syndicated entertainment news show The Insider, Frazier has become one of Hollywood's most reliable celebrity whisperers. We spent an evening courtside with him to find out how he juggles journalism, gossip-mongering and good old-fashioned star wrangling.

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A Night Out With Psych's Dulé Hill

Dule Hill

He may not be a megastar or a tabloid staple, but for the past 13 years, Dulé Hill has been busy quietly pulling off a showbiz coup: appearing back-to-back in two uncommonly long-running and beloved TV series, first for seven seasons as Charlie Young on The West Wing and now as Burton "Gus" Guster on USA's quirky Psych, currently in its sixth year. When he does get a little time off, you won't find him sipping umbrella drinks poolside — Hill's spending his hiatus treading the boards in "Stick Fly" at NYC's Cort Theatre, where he offered us a backstage pass.

TV Guide Magazine: You started on Broadway when you were 10 and have been working steadily since — why didn't you turn out like Lindsay Lohan?
Having success early on in theater is different. And my parents did a great job of... read more

A Day Out With The Middle Kids

Charlie McDermott and Atticus Shaffer

There may be sitcoms that are flashier, edgier or more ironic than The Middle, but you'd be hard-pressed to find any that are funnier. Since premiering in 2009, ABC's hit comedy about the Hecks, a working-class Midwestern family of misfits, has proven that it doesn't take a right- or left-coast sensibility to produce laughter — thanks in no small part to the performances of Charlie McDermott (Axl), 21, Eden Sher (Sue), 20, and Atticus Shaffer (Brick), 13. TV Guide Magazine played hooky with the trio for an afternoon of mini-golf at Castle Park in Sherman Oaks to find out if they're equally entertaining off duty.

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