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LOTR's Hobbits: Are They Gay?

Dominic Monaghan currently plays Charlie, the burned-out rocker stranded on an isle of the damned on ABC's Lost. But as the Dec. 14 release of The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Special Extended DVD Version approaches, we're bringing him back to his life and times as Frodo's fellow hobbit, Merry Brandybuck. Specifically, TV Guide Online wants the scoop on those gay rumors — both on-screen and off. Was there ever anything behind Frodo and Sam's legendary longing looks? And just how close were boon companions Merry and Pippin? Or were those hairy-footed hobbits — and their cute portrayers — just friends? Here, Monaghan dishes the dirt.

TV Guide Online: You've got a big female fan base. Are you still unattached?
Dominic Monaghan:
I am. I'm working so much. I still enjoy female company, but in terms of anything really serious, that's not really where my head's at.

TVGO: Your good pal Billy Boyd (Pippin) read more

At Last! Farscape's Far-Out Reunion

Finally! Farscape fans who mourned Sci Fi Channel's canceled cult hit will see their fave space-opera stars reunited this weekend. John Crichton and fiancée Aeryn Sun have a baby on the way and intergalactic turmoil on their hands in Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars, a four-hour miniseries starting Sunday at 9 pm/ET. Here, Ben Browder — who plays the astronaut-turned-action hero — tells TV Guide Online all about his visit from the space stork!

TV Guide Online: Once again, your real-life wife, Francesca Buller, plays someone who wants to kill you.
Ben Browder:
[Cracking up] It was just the show's writing reflecting my natural existence. She wants to kill [me]. It didn't require any acting.

TVGO: Crichton, of course, does his requisite suffering in the miniseries.
Poor John Crichton. He's the most hunted man in the universe. read more

Practice Star's Maternal Instinct

Where has Kelli Williams been since she exited The Practice last year? After learning she was one of six pink-slipped series regulars — including her TV hubby Dylan McDermott — the actress focused on motherhood.

"I had my third child four months after I left The Practice ," she says. "So I got to spend a ton of time with my kids [Kiran, 6, Sarame, 3, and Ravi, 1]. I worked a little bit, but it wasn't a priority to me. I just wanted to not have to go to work, be with the kids and look for something for this TV season."

By the way, she's past feeling bitter about losing her signature role as lady lawyer Lindsay Dole. "Things have a way of working themselves out," Williams shrugs. "It's never fun to be let go from a job. They say you should experience that once. It's all good in the course of life, even when it's hard. I went back and directed an episode with James Spader and my own cast mates, which read more

Boomtown Star's Big Comeback

On the late, lamented Boomtown, Neal McDonough spent two seasons playing David McNorris — a prickly, intense Irish-American deputy D.A. with a troubled marriage and a drinking problem. In the 38-year-old actor's estimation, McNorris was "a self-loathing mess." Even so, that mess earned him some very loyal fans! "People are still upset by the cancellation," he says. "I'm going to really miss [it]."

That said, McDonough's piercing blue eyes have no trouble spotting the silver lining in this cloud. "I got to do 30 episodes of a phenomenal TV show, I had a ball doing it and got to meet some really fantastic people," he says. "Were it not for Boomtown, there's no way that NBC would have given me my own show on the network. I'm so grateful."

He's talking about this fall's Medical Investigation, where he'll headline as Stephen Connor — a prickly, intense Irish-American epidemiologist wit read more

The Reagans's First Lady Speaks

To some folks, The Reagans isn't just another TV miniseries, it's a politically polarized polemic! All this controversy began when the New York Times ran its Oct. 21 article about the James Brolin/Judy Davis film, starting the whirlwind of public and political pressure that ultimately led to CBS declining to air it. (Instead, it'll debut on Showtime next year.) TV Guide Online interviewed Davis the day that Times story broke, and the 48-year-old Aussie actress spoke very candidly about her role as Nancy Reagan. But while she is empathetic toward her character, Davis does little to calm Ronald Reagan's supporters, who fear a liberal slant on the Republican former president's story.

TV Guide Online: Did you have any hesitation about accepting the role of Nancy Reagan?
I did. I'm not American, I'm Australian. Which, in a se read more

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