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Boston Legal Preview: What's Weighing Denny Down?

William Shatner and James Spader, Boston Legal

Tonight, in an episode rescheduled from Nov. 6, Boston Legal (10:02 pm/ET, ABC) addresses several weighty matters, not least of which is a suit against knucklehead Denny, who fired an associate for being — Mr. Tolerance strikes again — too fat. Why? "Because he's Denny Crane," says executive producer Bill D'Elia. "He read this article — a study from Harvard that's been misinterpreted — which indicated that being fat is likely to make other people fat. The thing that's so entertaining about it is that clearly Denny's wrong."

As usual, Legal weaves a tapestry of intersecting storylines that ranges from the offbeat to the dramatic. One of them is a watershed moment for Jerry Espenson, who anxiously prepares to go on a date with his former client (and fellow Asperger's-syndrome sufferer) Leigh. "It's the evolution of a character," D'Elia says. "Now, [Jerry] can not only be in read more

Simpsons' "Treehouse of Horror" Carves Up Some Scary Spoofs

The Simpsons

As synonymous with Halloween as pumpkins (even if they do air after the holiday), the celebrated annual "Treehouse of Horror" episodes of The Simpsons (8 pm/ET, Fox) are always a treat. "It's a tradition, like the Macy's Thanksgiving parade — only more violent," says executive producer Al Jean. "This is where we can do those jokes you can't do the rest of the year — the things that are unreal." Like many of its predecessors, tonight's "Treehouse of Horror XVIII" offers a mix of film parodies, pointed satire and genuine scares. This year's trilogy opens with "E.T. Go Home," a send-up of the 1982 Spielberg classic that charts Elliott's — er — Bart's friendship with a stranded alien. Unfortunately, Bart's new friend is the decidedly uncuddly and diabolical Kodos. Next up is "Mr. and Mrs. Simpson," a spoof of Mr. and Mrs. Smith read more

Keith Carradine: From Serial Killer to Dexter Nemesis

Keith Carradine, Dexter

Fresh from playing a milkshake-sipping serial killer on Criminal Minds, Keith Carradine is now hunting for one on Dexter (Sundays at 9 pm/ET, Showtime), as an FBI agent assigned to Miami after bodies are discovered in a harbor. Carradine shares his thoughts on his new role, his famous family and his Deadwood experience.

TV Guide: You play Agent Lundy, who is investigating the Bay Harbor Butcher. Tell us about him.
Keith Carradine: I come in with this reputation as a star in the serial-profiling world. It makes Dexter sit up and take notice. He realizes he really has to watch himself now.

TV Guide: What do you like about him?
Carradine: He's not cocky read more

Back to You's Fred Willard Is the Life of the Party

Fred Willard, Back to You

On Back to You (Wednesdays, 8 pm/ET, Fox), the Kelsey Grammer/Patricia Heaton sitcom vehicle, Fred Willard plays freewheeling sportscaster Marsh McGinley, whose lead foot alarms a coworker tonight when they carpool together. Marsh is the latest in a gallery of grinning goofballs that Willard has given us over the course of a career that spans 40 years.

TV Guide: What do you enjoy about Marsh?
Fred Willard: I love it that he's a sports guy and that he says whatever comes to his mind. He doesn't think things through too much. Nothing seems to perturb him. It's pretty much opposite to the way I am in real life — I tend to overthink things.

TV Guide: You have so many TV credits. An read more

The Unit's Robert Patrick Takes the Lead

Regina Taylor, Dennis Haysbert and Robert Patrick, The Unit

In the conclusion of the third-season opener, The Unit (9 pm/ET, CBS) faces extinction as Colonel Ryan tries to help Jonas and his hunted comrades uncover the identities of those behind the team's dismantling. We discussed the cloak-and-dagger storyline with Ryan's alter ego and onetime Terminator nemesis Robert Patrick.

TV Guide: Who is targeting the squad and why?
Robert Patrick:
It's a conspiracy. The show alludes to six wealthy families who are using our military for their interests and that is the ultimate betrayal. We find out how honest, noble and real our guys are as a result.

TV Guide: What sets The Unit apart from TV's other military men?
We're looking at what it means to be a soldier — what it means to be the ultimate warrior. These are the elite read more

Guardian Angel Rippy Is Full of Grace

Leon Rippy

It's not easy Saving Grace (tonight, 10 pm/ET, TNT). Just ask Leon Rippy, who plays Earl, the put-upon guardian angel of Holly Hunter's troubled detective. We spoke with the gregarious South Carolina native, now on hiatus after tonight's midseason finale, who discussed the hit drama's spiritual bent and the fate of his previous series, Deadwood.

TV Guide: Do you believe in angels?
Leon Rippy: I always have. We stepped out to L.A. in faith and still live by it. My wife has a wonderful parking prayer that opens up a parking space when need be. [Laughs]

TV Guide: Why has the show struck a chord?
Rippy: If you pass by any bar in the country, there are half a dozen Graces inside. Many are feeling they're past redemption, and if yo read more

Laura San Giacomo Details Her Devotion to Saving Grace

Laura San Giacomo, Saving Grace

As Holly Hunter's churchgoing confidante on the gritty-yet-spiritual Saving Grace (Mondays at 10 pm/ET), Laura San Giacomo gives notice that TNT's uncompromising new drama is no one-woman show. We spoke with the former Just Shoot Me star, who reflected on her career, working with Hunter and matters of faith.

TVGuide.com: Do you believe in angels? Do you believe in God?
Laura San Giacomo:
[Laughs] Well, it's certainly something I've had to examine over the last couple of months. I've always been kind of a spiritual person, but I've really had to focus a lot on God. Rhetta believes in God and is a Catholic and I was raised Catholic so I understand that world. So I've just been reading lots of things about Catholicism. Lots of books by scientists who believe in God. Also a bit of watching the Colin Hawkins debate read more

Dan Castellaneta: From The Simpsons to Oblivion

Dan Castellaneta

A master of voices on The Simpsons, Dan Castellaneta steps in front of the camera as Cecil B. DeMille in Sands of Oblivion, another of Sci Fi Channel's cheeky horrorfests (premiering Saturday at 9 pm/ET). Castellaneta talked to us about the legendary filmmaker and The Simpsons Movie, which just hit theaters.

TV Guide: How do you prepare to play a larger-than-life figure like Cecil B. DeMille?
Dan Castellaneta:
Basically I went onto YouTube and somebody put the 10-minute speech he gave before the film, and I watched that. I remembered him from a part he had in Sunset Blvd. and even one documentary. I didn't see any [other] documentary footage of hi read more

Preview: Billy Campbell Still Has The 4400's Number

Billy Campbell, The 4400

In the fourth-season opener of USA Network's The 4400 (airing Sunday at 9 pm/ET), Billy Campbell's enigmatic Jordan Collier deals with the lethal fallout of a drug he distributed to give people superpowers. Clearly, Campbell's come a long way from Once and Again's Rick.

TV Guide: If you were a 4400, what power would you want to have?
Billy Campbell:
I'd like to be invisible. Then I could hang around the Oval Office. Enough said.

TV Guide: Do you see Jordan as a messiah figure?
I don't see him as anything, really. I don't write him. I tend to try to not play him in any predictable way. I simply believe he wants to change the world.

TV Guide: How does he cope with all the deaths that handing out Promicin read more

Minnie Driver Weighs The Riches' Pros and Cons

Minnie Driver, The Riches

As Louisiana fireball Dahlia Malloy, Minnie Driver offers a beguiling mix of grace, grit and good old-fashioned star power to FX's The Riches (Mondays at 10 pm/ET). The native Brit chatted with us recently about the show.

TV Guide: How does Dahlia juggle it all, being a wife, mother, con artist, addict?
Minnie Driver:
I don't think it's a conscious thing. Dahlia doesn't want to go back to jail and that's the best incentive that she has. That's what she brings to her day, a desire to stay out of jail, to stay alive and to stay with her family.

TV Guide: Do you think you'd make a good con artist?
No, no. I'm a horrible liar.

TV Guide: For a Brit, you do a terrific Dixie accent. How did you learn it?
I had a couple of sessions with a dialect coach, and read more

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