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Charles Gibson Breaks Down the Democratic Race

Charles Gibson, moderator of tonight's Democratic debate

On the eve of April 22's Pennsylvania primary, Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton will clash in a 90-minute Democratic presidential candidate debate from Philadelphia (tonight at 8 pm/ET, ABC). At ringside is Charles Gibson, the ABC World News Tonight anchor who shares moderating duties with George Stephanopoulos. We caught up with Gibson to get his thoughts on the grueling campaign.

TV Guide: Explain the significance of Obama vs. Clinton.
Charles Gibson: It's self-evident — we have two candidacies that I'd never thought I'd see. It is the first time since 1928 that there hasn't been a president or a vice president on the ticket for one party or the other. It's the first time we've had anything this wide open in my lifetime.

TV Guide: What are the keys to the knockout for Obam read more

Shannon Woodward Lives the Good Life on The Riches

Shannon Woodward, The Riches

If Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver are the big names among TV's favorite identity thieves on The Riches (Tuesdays at 10 pm/ET, FX), then the enchanting Shannon Woodward, who plays levelheaded 15-year-old daughter Di Di, is the secret weapon. And that's no con.

TVGuide.com: How would you describe Di Di?
Shannon Woodward: When you have parents who are a little out of their minds, somebody has to take responsibility. I think she's a rather normal teenager who faces ridiculous circumstances and has to take responsibility for their decisions. But at the same time she's still a teenager, so there's this really great duality between the impetuous girl and the totally sane woman.

TVGuide.com: Can you relate to her?
I didn't kill people and take over their lives, but I had a very similar life to Di Di. My p read more

Tracey Ullman Examines the State of the Union

The many faces of Tracey Ullman from State of the Union

English native Tracey Ullman has a unique perspective on the United States — actually, she has dozens. In her zany sketch-comedy series, Tracey Ullman's State of the Union (Fridays at 10 pm/ET, Showtime), the multitalented mimic will each week deliver a series of rapid-fire vignettes that capture a day in the life of America. We caught up with her for some insight into the method behind her madness.

TVGuide.com: You sing, dance, act…. Is there anything you can't do?
Tracey Ullman: I can't draw. Stick people come out! [Laughs] But, in general, I don't like to be pigeonholed. I'm lucky — I get to have a chance at anything. I'm a happy schizophrenic!

TVGuide.com: Explain the concept of State of the Union.
Ullman: We spend a day in America — from dawn to dusk read more

David Morse Remakes History in HBO's John Adams

David Morse, John Adams

In HBO's historical miniseries John Adams (Sundays at 9 pm/ET), David Morse is tasked with the role of recreating one of the United States' most legendary figures, George Washington. We chatted with him about playing the first president, brushing up on his history and remembering some favorite gigs on his résumé.

TVGuide.com: How did you prepare to play George Washington?
David Morse: I didn't have a lot of time. I found out about three weeks before shooting that I was going to do it. It was really a cram session. Obviously I was looking at every single portrait I could find just to get some feeling of how people saw him and how he held himself. Literally, I started reading from the moment I started to the day I wrapped.

TVGuide.com: Describe your interpretation.
Morse: When I looked at por read more

Lewis Black Gets to the Root of All Evil

Lewis Black, Root of All Evil

Evil is the new black. Lewis Black, that is. The angriest man in show business is now presiding over the court of pop culture on his new show, Lewis Black's Root of All Evil (Wednesdays at 10:30 pm/ET, Comedy Central). We caught up with the raging funnyman to discuss his new venture.

TVGuide.com: Explain the concept of Root of All Evil.
Lewis Black: The idea was that we pick two things from culture or life and we have a head-to-head. Two comedians are charged with coming up with why, let's say, Oprah's more evil, or the Catholic Church is more evil. I ask questions and goad the comics and over the course of a half hour we try to discover who or what is more evil.

TVGuide.com: What inspired the show?
Scott Carter from Bill Maher's show, and David Sacks, who had written a number of good shows, read more

Quarterlife Makes the Leap from Web to TV

David Walton, Bitsie Tulloch, Kevin Christy, Michelle Lombardo, Maite Schwartz and Michael Foster, Quarterlife

Tonight marks the premiere of Quarterlife (10 pm/ET, NBC), a new series from Marshall Her­skovitz and Edward Zwick that chronicles the angst-ridden lives of creative twentysome­thing pals. But what sets the drama apart is its unique gestation — it was ultimately developed specifically for the Web.

According to Her­skovitz, a Quarterlife pilot was originally filmed for ABC in 2005, but, dissatisfied with the re­sults, he overhauled the concept. "It became more about a girl [Bitsie Tulloch's Dylan] who blogs and tells the secrets of her friends," Herskovitz explains. "It was a perfect vehicle for an Internet series." Herskovitz and Zwick took their self-financed pilot to MySpace, which began airing the show in 8- to 15-minute installments last November. The results attracted 250,000 viewers per webisode. Says Herskovitz, "Our the­ory was if you brought the same level of qual­it read more

Law Order Preview: Mad Men's January Jones Reveals Her Dark Side

January Jones, Law & Order

Tonight's Law & Order (10 pm/ET, NBC) offers the luminous January Jones a chance to explore her dark side as she portrays amoral beauty Kim Brody, whom Lupo and Green link to all sorts of nefarious deeds, including a real estate scam and a deadly hit-and-run accident. Kim's shenanigans would no doubt shock Betty Draper, the repressed '60s housewife Jones brought to life on Mad Men. The actress spoke with us about her hit AMC series, her eerie resemblance to Grace Kelly and her unique first name.

TV Guide: What attracted you to Law & Order?
January Jones:
The script. I'd never seen an episode before I shot the show! I don't know if I could describe the character. I relate her to the Ed Norton character in Primal Fear. She's an read more

Carl Reiner on What Makes Us Laugh

Carl Reiner, The Jewish Americans

Tonight, Part 2 of The Jewish Americans (check local listings for time, PBS) focuses on early 20th-century America, where artists like songwriter Irving Berlin and The Goldbergs' Gertrude Berg found mainstream acceptance despite growing anti-Semitism. Writer-director-actor Carl Reiner recalls America in the '40s and the Catskills resorts where many great comics — Reiner included — honed their craft. He spoke with us about the performers who inspired him.

TV Guide: How did growing up Jewish influence your work?
Carl Reiner:
Radio had some of the funniest comedians. With the exception of Fred Allen, they were all Jewish — Jack Benny, Eddie Cantor, George Burns. And somebody said, "You can do it if you're Jewish — look at these people."

TV Guide: Why d read more

Corbin Bernsen Gets in the Game

Corbin Bernsen, How Much Is Enough?

Corbin Bernsen has worn many hats over the years — caddish leading man (L.A. Law), movie star (Major League, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang), soap-opera and B-movie heavy (General Hospital, The Dentist), indie writer-director (Donna on Demand) and, most recently, character actor (Psych). Now he adds game-show host to his résumé with How Much Is Enough? (tonight at 9 pm/ET, GSN).

Four contestants compete to accumulate as much cash as they can without being the greediest, as a money clock escalates and they must choose a given amount. The one who chooses the highest amount gets nothing. "This specific game really goes to a sociological, philosophical question of today — how much is enough?" Bernsen explains.

He sees his latest project as a logical extension of his career. " read more

Inside Saving Grace's Dramatic Return

Mary Kay Place and Holly Hunter, Saving Grace

Tonight, Saving Grace (TNT, 10/9c) returns from a three-month break with the first of four new episodes, as a twister hits Oklahoma City. Mary Kay Place guest-stars as Dorothy, a bus-company secretary tied to a deadly crime. She's stuck in a collapsed building with Holly Hunter's hard-living cop, a scenario that, naturally, results in plenty of soul-searching for both Grace and her imperiled companion.

"She's the last woman you'd expect Grace to have a connection with," says series creator Nancy Miller. "Dorothy is trapped physically and metaphorically because of what she has done, and Grace is there to help her in ways other than being a cop." But Grace and Dorothy aren't the only ones looking for a way out. Death-row inmate Leon Cooley makes a spiritual choice that could impact his future relationship with Earl t read more

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