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Election Coverage: Which Network Will You Watch for the Results?

Barack Obama, John McCain

On Tuesday, the presidential campaign will come to an end, sending either Democrat Barack Obama or Republican John McCain to the White House. See how the coverage of this historic election shakes out after the jump.

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Old Christine's Ex-Hubby Talks Marriage

Clark Gregg

Clark Gregg's a busy guy. Apart from playing Julia Louis-Dreyfus' ex-hubby on The New Adventures of Old Christine, he costarred as a mysterious agent in Iron Man and directed the black comedy Choke. Plus he's married to Jennifer Grey! Still, he found time to chat with us.

TV Guide: In this week's episode, little Ritchie's in a commercial?
Clark Gregg:
The parents expect to suffer at the school play because Ritchie's usually awful. But he's incredible, and Christine wants him in showbiz!

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Swingtown's Molly Parker Talks About "Freer" Times

Molly Parker, Swingtown

Molly Parker likes playing pioneering women. On the mean streets of Deadwood (circa 1876), she was headstrong Alma Garret, and now on Swingtown (circa 1976), she's open-minded suburbanite Susan Miller. Parker talked with us about the buzz surrounding her new series — and no, it wasn't generated by that wacky '70s weed. (Swingtown airs Thursdays at 10 pm/ET, CBS.)

TV Guide: Swingtown is creating a stir.
Molly Parker: It's interesting. Clearly the show doesn't shy away from sexual subject matter. But it's not a show about sex, it's a show about the inside of these marriages.

TV Guide: Any '70s memories?
My memories are those of a child. I grew up in Canada on a farm. I remember the music, the clothes... it was a much freer time. I have no memory of swin read more

Dulé Hill Sees Psych (and Laughs) in Your Future

Dulé Hill, Psych

In 2006, Dulé Hill leapt from the gravity of The West Wing to the giddiness of Psych (Fridays at 10 pm/ET, USA). Season 3 opens with Cybill Shepherd joining the fun as Shawn’s mom. You don’t need to be a fake psychic to predict this season’s going to be a blast.

TV Guide: Cybill. Discuss!
Dulé Hill: I didn’t have scenes with her, but hopefully when she comes back later this season we’ll interact. She was great.

TV Guide: Describe the Gus-Shawn dynamic.
Hill: I look at Shawn and Gus as brothers, really. Gus is starting to loosen up. He’s still neurotic but he’s having more fun.

TV Guide: How do you like being the straight man?
Hill: We all play our positions, like any basketball team. The power forward can’t be the poin read more

Ring in the Fourth with Jimmy Smits

Jimmy Smits, host of A Capitol Fourth

 New Dexter costar Jimmy Smits serves as host of A Capitol Fourth (tonight at 8 pm/ET, PBS), the annual holiday bash from Washington, D.C. The fireworks are provided by Jerry Lee Lewis, Huey Lewis and the News, Taylor Hicks and, of course, the fireworks.

TV Guide: Sounds like a pretty sweet way to watch fireworks….
Jimmy Smits: You've got to experience the fireworks on the lawn with the backdrop of all those monuments and the "1812 Overture!" It gives you goose bumps.

TV Guide: What does the 4th of July mean to you?
Smits: It's joyous, but kind of reflective too considering we're in the midst of conflict.

TV Guide: You've just joined Dexter. Details!
Smits: There's not a lot I can say because I just hopped on. I play an assistant ADA read more

Sophia Loren Surveys Her Classic Career

Sophia Loren, TCM's Star of the Month

Each Wednesday in June, TCM has been paying tribute to Sophia Loren with an all-night marathon of her films. (This week's block opens at 8 pm/ET with 1958's Desire Under the Elms, costarring Anthony Perkins.) For six decades now, Italy's most intoxicating export since vino has dazzled fans with her voluptuous beauty and estimable talent. Since this is no time for false modesty, we persuaded her to take a bow.

TV Guide: Onscreen, we see a goddess. What is it like to watch yourself?
Sophia Loren: I’m always afraid because there will be things I may not like. But when I get accustomed to my face, I always say “I’m not so bad after all!”

TV Guide: You affect guys like an aphrodisiac!
[Laughs] You scare me! I think it’s nice to be looked at like a spec read more

Bill Bellamy Dishes on Keeping Last Comic Standing Funny

Bill Bellamy, Last Comic Standing

Tonight, The Office's Angela Kinsey and Oscar Nunez evaluate yuksters in L.A. with the blessing of irreverent Last Comic Standing host Bill Bellamy, the man perhaps best known for coining the phrases "booty call." He gave us the scoop on this season's comics.

TV Guide: What's new with the show?
Bill Bellamy:
It’s going to be an exhilarating, funny, super-duper show. The scope — the world wide search — is bigger [this year]. It’s like the Super Bowl of comedy! I think people are going to get committed to the comedians. Not only are you going to get an opportunity to see funny people, you’re going to know their story. It’s a lot of fun.

TV Guide: How does the talent level compare to previous seasons?
We’ve gotten better because more comics are seeing it. Wh read more

Lea Thompson Dishes on Hallmark's Final Approach

Lea Thompson, Final Approach

Lea Thompson plays an ex-FBI agent's spouse in the airline hostage drama Final Approach (May 24 at 8 pm/ET, Hallmark). The former Caroline in the City star spoke with us about her eclectic career.

TV Guide: You play Dean Cain's wife in Final Approach. Discuss.
Lea Thompson: It was fun playing his wife, though I didn't get to do that much with him. I was on the phone most of the time. It's hard to build a rapport. I always thought he was cute as Superman [in Lois & Clark]. He's way cuter than me, which is a problem. [Laughs]

TV Guide: Approach is like a high-tension Love Boat episode — you, Cain, Anthony Michael Hall, Tracey Gold, Barry Livingston, Richard Roundtree…
Thompson: A little bit. I did most of my work with Ric read more

John Oliver Shares His Terrifying Times

Stand-up comedian John Oliver

Having wowed The Daily Show faithful with his poker-faced topical barbs, John Oliver steps away from Jon Stewart's green screens and onto the stage of New York City's Symphony Space for his first American stand-up special, John Oliver: Terrifying Times (tonight at 10 pm/ET, Comedy Central). We asked this one-man British invasion to give us his impressions of the Land of the Free.

TVGuide.com: Any special message for the Colonies in your first stand-up special?
John Oliver: It's so good to hear that word, "colonies." I want to reassure Americans that empires die, and you won't be blamed forever. We were destroying the world long before you were. People just see [Britain] as a benign, ex-aggressive uncle now. It’s all going to be fine.

TVGuide.com: What topics do you address? read more

Patricia Heaton on Getting Back to Back to You

Patricia Heaton, Back to You

Sure, Kelsey Grammer is worth his weight in sitcom gold, but Back to You (Wednesdays at 8:30 pm/ET, Fox) relies as much on the ballast of Patricia Heaton’s caustic Kelly Carr as it does on Grammer's pompous anchor Chuck Darling. The former Everybody Loves Raymond star explained why she doesn’t live in her old show’s shadow.

TV Guide: What’s in store for Kelly and Chuck?
Patricia Heaton:
Generally, their relationship, and whether they should reveal that he’s Gracie’s father, will come to a head. The pressure’s on Chuck to get over his Peter Pan complex.

TV Guide: Kelly’s like Moe Howard in the way she keeps everybody in line.
Heaton: [Laughs] That’s a great metaphor! Debra Barone was like that. But Kelly is allo read more

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