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Gearing Up

We're all working really hard to get ready for our Oct. 3rd premiere. We have several episodes completed and are continuing to put new ones in the can. We're also almost done writing our Ghost Whisperer Spirit Guide, which will be in stores Nov. 1. We think you'll really enjoy all the fascinating details it contains about the GW world.
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Double Header

Hi, everyone!

Tonight we have two shows airing back to back. Up first is "Stranglehold"/Ep 317. In this episode, Melinda meets the ghost of a young boy who has been dead for several decades, and his story sheds light on the mystery of her father's identity. The show was written by Laurie McCarthy and P.K. Simons, and directed by the Emmy-nominated Eric Laneuville.
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DVD Release

Hi Everyone,

We're less than a month away from the October 3rd premiere of Ghost Whisperer! We began shooting our eighth episode of season four today, which Ian is directing, and exec-producers P.K. and Mark wrote.
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Rollin With Ghost Whisperer

Hi Everyone,

Tonight, Ghost Whisperer is back on the air with DEADBEAT DADS/Ep. 316. In this episode, an old flame of Professor Payne's comes to Grandview with her ten-year-old son. Young Elliot proves himself to be the spitting image of Payne, leaving everyone to wonder whether he might be the boy's father. Payne's ex-girlfriend is played by his wife Nikki Cox, and their real-life relationship brings their on-screen interactions to a whole new level.
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Ghost Whisperer courtesy Michael Desmond/CBS

Hi, everyone,

We're in the middle of shooting our most shocking Ghost Whisperer show ever - believe us, you won't want to miss it. In order to do the episode justice, we've brought in some special equipment. Yesterday, we used a motion memory camera that allows a character to be in two places at once. This camera uses a special rig that remembers the exact movement of the previous shot, allowing us to form a perfect composite of the actor in two separate positions. This elaborate rig is so loud that we can't even shoot sound while it's running.

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Husbands and Hospitals

Hi Everyone,We hope you caught last week’s episode, DELIA’S FIRST GHOST/Ep. 218. Kim directed this one, and had a great time doing it. In that episode, Delia is haunted by the ghost of her husband, Charlie. It features some really nice moments between Delia and Ned, as they come to terms with Charlie’s death.Tonight, FIRST DO NO HARM/Ep. 312 will air. In this episode, Melinda is worried that Jim is being haunted by a ghost whom he failed to rescue from a burning building. The show focuses on the relationship between Melinda and Jim, and we get a great look into their marriage. In one scene, during which he tries to talk to a spirit, Jim offers this description of Mel, “My wife would know what to say to you. She knows how to handle grief, she knows how to handle loss. Me, not so much. For so many people... she knows how to make a difference.” Tonight’s episode stars Jon Polito (American Gangster) and Jean Louisa Kelly (Yes, Dear) as an emergency ro... read more

Avatar World

Hi Everyone,We spent this week shooting our third episode of the new season – where we’re taking Ghost Whisperer to Avatar World! This is going to be an especially cool show, as Melinda will spend part of it trapped in a virtual video game world. We’re shooting two full days in front of a green screen, so that we can create an intricate 3-D space in post production. This should keep Armen Kevorkian and Art Codron, our visual effects whizzes, pretty busy for a while.We’re also getting ready to hit the costumed media extravaganza that is San Diego Comic Con. Ghost Whisperer has a panel on Sunday that will feature Ian and Kim, along with the gorgeous Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jamie Kennedy and exec-producer PK Simonds. If you’re at the convention, stop by and ask all your burning Spirit World questions. We can’t wait to see you!Tonight, THE CRADLE WILL ROCK/Ep. 216 is airing. In this tension-filled episode, Melinda survives the gunpoint robbery of a jew... read more

Jamie Kennedy on GW

Last week we promised we would reveal the new addition to the Ghost Whisperer cast for Season 4 — it's Jamie Kennedy coming in to play Eli, a maverick character who Melinda encounters in the season premiere. And yeah, Jamie’s got interesting things going on in the spirit world this season.You know Jamie from some of this other work in addition to his fabulously funny stand-up: The Jamie Kennedy Experiment — who does funny and a multitude of characters better than Jamie on that show, huh? Did you see him in Three Kings? If not, check it out. And of course, he's in the Scream movies — you can expect lots of inside references on that series. There will also be lots of online action (and interaction) with Jamie this summer. We’re banking his outtakes (which are hilarious) and some of his on-camera bits — can’t wait to share with you. Would love to hear about some of your favorite Jamie Kennedy moments. You’ll be able to post your thoughts ... read more

Starting up Season 4

We've received many, many e-mails from fans wanting to know how the fire at Universal on Sunday has affected GHOST WHISPERER for Season 4. We're very grateful for the outreach and amazed at how caring our fans and the press are. From the bottom of our hearts, we and the writers and the cast and the crew thank all of you. GHOST WHISPERER is a well-oiled machine so it takes more than a fire to knock us off track. Please know we are very grateful for the brave firemen and security officers who tended to the fire because they were able to save so very much of the Universal Lot -- including many of GHOST WHISPERER'S sets. Fortunately this did not occur during production hours. We will be moving some of our shooting off the lot until we are able to rebuild (which will happen quickly) and some of the fun will be when all of you watch the first couple of episodes. We're issuing a challenge to you -- when you see the first episode of Season 4, can you guess what those new locations are?... read more

Universal Studios Fire

In regards to the unfortunate fire that took place this weekend on the Universal back lot, we would like to thank those emergency responders who so bravely and effectively handled the situation. Despite damage to some of the exterior Ghost Whisperer sets, we plan to begin production for Season 4 on time, so that the show can premiere as scheduled this fall. Everyone at Ghost Whisperer thanks you for your concern and support.XKim and Ian read more

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