Homer Tries to Vote for the Next President

Well look at this — even Homer Simpson is doing his civic duty by making his voice heard in the '08 election. But, as always, things are not as simple as they should be. Not only must the poor bastard vote in the XXL, double-wide booth, but when he tries to select his choice on those "electronic voting dealies," the wrong vote is submitted. And watch what happens when he realizes the machine is rigged! read more

Letterman Grills Anne Hathaway About Embezzling Ex

Anne Hathaway must have known full and well that by going on The Late Show to promote her new flick, there was no way David Letterman was going to resist grilling her about her money-laundering ex beau, Raffaello Follieri. She tried to keep it light and floofy by joking about the situation in general, but Dave kept on fishin' for the dirt. His best line by far: "Was there ever, like, stuff missing out of your purse?" Hey… at least she can laugh about the whole debacle now. read more

"Natural Beauty"

This week the Top Model girls were tasked with the challenge of posing as Los Angeles natural disasters but ironically enough a few of the girls shoots were just disasters all in themselves Hey all Gina here back from vacation and ready to recap And just as an fyi Tim has been banished to a far-far-away blog The challenge this week brought the models to construction site where Paulina pops out to greet them in an oversized skirt-suit The gals put on their hot pink hard hats and tool belts filled with shoulder pads clips etc and are asked to take an ill-fitting outfit look flattering from the front As they race against clock the girls stuff bottles shoulder pads and whatever else the can find into their garmets while clipping every bit of loose fabric back They all do decently in Paulinas eyes but the slightest critique sends a very fragile Marjorie into a visible state of panic Paulina confronts her about it and Marjorie turns on the waterworks Her pep talk h read more

Miley to Star in Next Sex and the City?

Look out SJP — a new, younger version of your flagship Carrie Bradshaw character is coming to life and it may be played by a teeny-bop sensation. That's right, Candace Bushnell revealed that tween darling Miley Cyrus would be a potential candidate to play the lead in her new book series that chronicles the life of Carrie in her early years. Granted the books won't be coming out until 2010 (when Miley will be 18), but the writer admits that she finds Miley to be "adorable." read more

CNN Laughs at Fey/Palin Side-by-Side Comparison

Yesterday we shared the SNL video of Tina Fey's latest impression of Sarah Palin during her Katie Couric interview, but turns out your weren't the only one getting a kick out of the Saturday Night Live alum's spot-on impression. Even CNN's Wolf Blitzer couldn't hold back, doing a side-by-side comparison of Fey's spoof and what was said by Palin's interview, stating he's never actually heard the late-night staple actually use "exactly what was said" in their parodies. The governor may have had a rough week in the political arena, but she's ratings gold for SNL. read more

"Model Behavior"

This week not one not two but three relationships officially crumbled in the span of one episode And the Kelly-Dylan-Brenda love triangle has been reprised from the olden days leaving viewers wondering what Brenda is hiding The episode starts off where we left off last week with Adrianna and her mom meeting with Principal Harry Kelly Brenda and Ryan In true intervention form the accused Adrianna lashes out But so does her whacked-out stage mom who is oblivious to the world and destroying her daughter in the process Love how she actually suggested they lighten her work load when they suggested she lighten up on the auditions Annie now the bell of ball at West Bev after her lead in the play tells Ty to go to hell not in those words since she thinks he fooled around on her Dixon and Silver cant seem to pull their lips apart much in this episode but the loverboy does come up for air when Navid suggests he Annie Dixon and Silver start double dating Jealous bro does read more

Sarah Palin's Beauty Pageant Video Makes Web Rounds

Well, it was only a matter of time before this video surfaced (and quite honestly, we're surprised it took this long to gain traction on the viral sites). As most of you know, Republican vice presidential hopeful Sarah Palin was once a beauty queen contestant back in the day, and we have the video proof with this clip that features a swimsuit sporting Palin doing a 360 in a 1984 pageant. read more

Grey's Ellen Pompeo Takes it Off for Photo Shoot

Wow-sah! Can't say we ever would have pegged Grey's Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo as the type to pose for this kind of pic! For the upcoming issue of Allure, Pompeo posed for some super hot shots with wigs galore, including this little doozy where the celeb is only donning a seductive blonde wig and some serious stilettos. Bet a few people out there would like to play doctor with her after that seeing that picture! read more

Emmy Hosts Brawl on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Late-night funnyman Jimmy Kimmel is gearing up for his big pre-Emmy award special, Jimmy Kimmel's Big Night of Stars, and believe it or not, he was able to get all five hosts in the same room to chat about their upcoming gig. And by chat, we mean have an all-out brawl over unfair salaries. Our money is on Probst mopping the floor with Seacrest's face. read more

Ever Suck in a Helium Balloon?

Of course you have, who hasn't?! But the real question is: Do you know why you sound like one the Chipmunks after taking a swing of the gas? Mythbusters has the answer — and not only does the debunker break down the explanation, but he also demonstrates the opposite affect sulfur hexafluoride. Check it out — assuming you promise not to try this at home, of course. read more

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