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What Do You Want the Idols to Sing?

American Idol, Jeanine Vailes

Now that American Idol has gotten rid of drama queen Tatiana Del Toro and unofficial court jester Nick Mitchell/Norman Gentle, we'll back off whispering that the show has jumped the shark... for now. What concerns us more is the awful song choices. Remember judges' pet Jeanine Vailes butchering Maroon 5's "This Love?" The only thing the judges could say was that she had nice gams. Ouch.

Do you have any advice for next week's singers (and the wild card round)? Which songs do you think would most impress the judges? To refresh your memory, next week's contestants are: Alex Wagner-Trugman, Arianna Asfar, Felicia Barton, Jorge Nunez, Ju'Not Joyner, Kendall Beard, Kristen McNamara, Lil Rounds, Nathaniel Marshall, Scott MacIntyre, Taylor Vaifanua and Von Smith.

Weigh in after the jump!

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American Idol Episode Recap: More of Top 12 Revealed

Three more stools have been added on stage for the next performers who will move on to the Top 12 on American Idol. After some disastrous song choices and shaky performances, who did America vote through to the next round? read more

American Idol Episode Recap: Second Group of 12 Performs

After last week's lackluster performances, a new group of 12 hopefuls takes the stage on American Idol. Has this group learned the value and importance of song choice? Will this week's hot young things stay away from winking and cougar faces? Read the rest of the recap after the jump! read more

Battle-stud! Jamie Bamber Gets Nekkid for PETA

Jamie Bamber

PETA has released a promotional piece featuring Battlestar Galactica hottie Jamie Bamber — nekkid from the obliques up — to shed light on the cruelty of black-bear hunting.

The ad simply reads, "Bare Skin, Not Bearskin."

Bamber's print PSA is part of PETA's campaign to persuade Queen Elizabeth to end the use of Canadian black bear fur for headwear worn by Buckingham Palace guards. The Battlestar hunk is a native of London and films the space-based show in Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

Now doesn't this picture make you mad that Bamber's been stuck in a full-body flight suit for much of his four years on BSG? Oh, the injustice!

Begin your drooling, er, discussion after the jump.

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The Closer Finale: Ding Dongs and I Dos

The Closer

A few weeks ago, we wrote about our concern that Fritz and Brenda's marriage on The Closer would be a shark-jumping moment for the series. But after watching Monday's winter finale, we've changed our tune.

We worried that the sugar-addicted, stress-eating, workaholic that we know and love would become too concerned with the trappings of married life to keep her edge as a world-class crime solver. But, the finale addressed such concerns in a playful way that actually fit into the story — imagine that!

We loved watching Brenda and Fritz leave all wedding preparation to their families while they took off to work on separate investigations — including wrapping up their cases in between the ceremony and reception.

It was also refreshing to see Brenda admit to Fritz... read more

Missed Breaking Bad Last Season? Watch the Pilot Here!

Who says a show about a terminally ill chemistry teacher who decides to take up cooking and selling meth to make money for his family can't also be a laugh riot?

If you missed Breaking Bad on AMC last season, have no fear: We've got the pilot episode right here to whet your appetite before Season 2 begins on March 8 (10 pm/ET). The series stars Emmy winner Bryan Cranston as Walter White, who is desperate to find a way to make enough money to provide for his handicapped teenage son (RJ Mitte) and pregnant wife (Anna Gunn) before he succumbs to lung cancer. Watch the pilot after the jump, and let us know what you think.

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What the Frak? Universal Developing Battlestar Galactica Movie

Battlestar Galactica

Why the frak is Universal thinking of developing a new Battlestar Galactica movie that isn't based on the acclaimed reimagining by Ron Moore and Dave Eick?

Universal has begun negotiations with Glen A. Larson to write and produce a big-screen version of the cheesetastic series he created in the 1970s, reports The Hollywood Reporter. Does this make sense, given that the new version is the one that's reignited excitement for the franchise? Or does the movie sound like an instant shark jump? Read more and weigh in after the jump. read more

Battlestar Galactica Episode Recap: "Deadlock"

Ellen returns to Galactica, causing all sorts of drama between the Cylons, including Saul's pregnant girlfriend. Also, we begin to see how the Cylon and human cultures have already begun blending together, regardless of the tensions between the groups. read more

Friday Night Lights Episode Recap: "It Isn't Easy Being J.D. McCoy"

This week on Friday Night Lights, J.D. finally has a chance to loosen up, Julie and Matt take a big step in their relationship, Tyra and Cash has a big misunderstanding, and Jason & Co. start making progress on Buddy's house. read more

TV Pet Peeves — What Really Grinds Our Gears?

The Office

There's an episode of Family Guy where Peter gets to do an "everyman" editorial segment on the evening news with the tagline: "You know what really grinds my gears?" Then he rambles about something that annoys him. It's hard not to think of this bit every time something really off happens on one of our favorite TV shows. We asked around the office to see what stories or characters really "grind our gears" lately.

The Office
Why the heck can't Jim plan a simple party for Kelly? Yes, it's funny that he and Dwight are the party-planning committee, but Jim is thoughtful and sweet, not a moron. Why can't he buy a nice cake and some balloons and put together a fun party? This is the same guy who bought Pam a teapot she mentioned once and filled it with all sorts of fun inside jokes. But he can't spell Kelly's name? Come on.

We're really getting tired of all the island trekking: from the beach to New Otherton to the caves to the hatches. Can't they just stay in one place for an episode? Read more of our pet peeves after the jump. read more

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