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Hello, my friends. I'm back to recap episode four! Episode three has been recapped and is posted below if you need to catch up.We start at some weird sculpture in the desert. A man meets (the fabulous) guest star Dave Foley to discuss offing someone in exchange for money. Dave's got a ton of medical issues for a hitman including diabetes and asthma. But I guess that never stopped a con man assassin before! Actually, it seems as thought Dave's just kinda the middleman — meaning he doesn't do the killing — someone named "Lola" does. Dave takes the money from the man who turns out to be an FBI agent. Busted!Cut to: His WITSEC ID, which is "Pending." Mary walks into the office with a bunch of fancy coffee drinks, and Marshall immediately asks, "Who died?" Hee. He insists she's not a "treater"; so she promptly asks him for $3.50. Stan calls them in for a meeting, so Mary tells Marshall to collect four bucks for his coffee. She then spots a letter to Marshall from a security a... read more

Never the Bride

Hey gang, today you're getting a special treat, two for one recaps! First up ("Never the Bride") is the episode that will go down as the one that was supposed to make Mary look "hot," but ended up making her look like a caricature of a Vegas stripper. I'm not quite sure if we're supposed to think she looks ridiculous... she's clearly out of her comfort zone in this Brandi-inspired getup, but suddenly every male in the episode loses the ability to speak once they sees Mary's magical boobs. Calling hair and makeup! Time for a do-over! She looked more like a hooker than someone who's had a "hot" makeover. She was more of a "hot mess." I'm sorry to go on about this, but it did bug me. On to the show! We start off in Hawaii, six months ago with a couple making out in a hammock. Missy Pyle (how awesome is she!) plays a newly married wife who begs her husband to stop his "deals" while on their honeymoon, and forever after. She says it's immoral and dangerous and she doesn't care about the ... read more

Hoosier Daddy

Howdy everyone! Hope you enjoyed the recap of the pilot. Let's get the second episode party started, shall we?We start with a little boy playing with a remote controlled boat in his backyard swimming pool. When his toy gets stuck, he gets out of the pool, only to hear a struggle inside his house. He creeps in, feet still wet, to find his parents and some other scary looking dudes arguing. His mom tries to call the cops, and a man pulls a gun. The boy screams "Mom!" and a shot rings out. The mom collapses, leaving the boy screaming. We don't know who fired the fatal shot.We cut to a shot of the boy's new identity: Lonny McRoy is now "Leo Billups." We find out that the boy's father, Vernon, is a huge drug trafficker — and that he along with Luis and Jaime Cruz are accused of murdering Lonny's mom, Elizabeth. Lots of names; are you still with me? Cool. Mary and Marshall look at the crime scene photos, while Stan explains that Lonny is entering the program by himself — not to ... read more


Hi there, it's Erin Fox here... (insert Troy McClure voice)... You may know me from such blogs as, Battlestar Galactica, American Idol and Saturday Night Live. I thought I'd try out a brand new show for a change and maybe less people will rip on me for whatever is irking them that day. I know I'm deluding myself, but just let me hold on to the dream. So, I know tonight's episode is the third one of the season, but I wanted to post a recap of the pilot for those who may have some catching up to do. I'll be writing up the second and third episodes tomorrow, and much more succinctly than the first one outta the gate. The first one is all about getting you situated with Mary and her crazy sidekicks and cohorts. Let's get started.Meet Mary Shannon (Mary McCormack): She's tough, smart, funny, sexy and doesn't f--k around. She also packs some serious heat as a U.S. Marshal for the WITSEC program, or Witness Protection for all us non-Marshal speaking folk. She has a sarcastic partner named ... read more


and the Emmy goes to Edward James Olmos Mary McDonnell Ron Moore Battlestar Galactica Thunderous applauseOK Im getting a little carried away but after thinking about this past season of strike-invaded TV I still feel that Battlestar Galactica is the best show on TV It may not have been the allegorical genius of Seasons 1 2 and 3 but no show wins an Emmy for the year that they actually deserve it Yes thats aimed at YOU Emmy voters Get it right for once But the last episode of the sigh how annoying will this wait be first half of Season 4 was as satisfying emotionally as it was story wise At least it was for me After the fade to black and credits the only thing running through my mind was Holy Mother Frakker That was one hell of a finale no I actually watched it at my hotel off some Asian website so thanks to them for allowing me to see it before I got home from Austin Judging from early comments most of you seemed to really enjoy it wit read more

Battlestar Galactica: "The Hub" Burning Questions Answered!

Battlestar Galactica by Carole Segal/Sci Fi Channel

The awesome I cannot stress this enough without sounding like a stalker Jane Espenson has answered your and my burning questions about The HubI think we all agree that this episode of BSG really kicked it up a notch there was a wonderful blend of character development and emotional journeys mixed with some awesome cylon humor and kick ass action So who better to answer questions about the episode than the lady who wrote itHere you go Enjoy And if youd like to leave any notes for Jane nice notes only please Ill be sure to pass them along to her Questions for Jane after complimenting her on one of the best episodes ever How many scenes were deleted I wanted to see Lauras face when she heard Husker on the radio Other question Was Laura in her hallucinations wearing the scarf that Emily gave her in FaithJane Espenson Oh there were many deleted scenes but the one youre talking about never existed I wouldnt want to write that for fear of underc read more

Episode Precap: The Hub

First off Ive read all the comments and Im not sure what has been deleted because I certainly havent done it I know some of you are hatin on me but thats part of this job and I have a thick skin Theres no reason to delete comments unless they are abusive or contain foul language that somehow gets past our filters Ill look into it for youAnyhoo Im back from one of the most spectacular weddings Ive ever been to congrats to my wonderful friends I watched the episode right when I got home because all of you were saying how completely awesome it was And I must agree And happy to say my friend Jane Espenson wrote it Go girl I will write her an e-mail tomorrow and if any of you have any burning questions for her I will try to have her answer them of course no questions about future shows you know how secretive they are Please post them belowLets get to the showSo and a big LOL to the Miss Cleo refe read more

Morgan Spurlock Gears up for Another 30 Days

Morgan Spurlok by Ray Mickshaw/FX

Hold on to your hard-hats because Morgan Spurlock is back with another round of life-changing stories on the FX documentary show 30 Days beginning June 3 In the premiere episode Spurlock returns to his home state of West Virginia to spend 30 days as a coal miner The filmmaker lived with the mine supervisor Dale and his wife Sandy and worked eight-hour shifts 15 miles underground Its dark cold wet and extraordinarily dangerous Not only do miners face daily exposure to coal dust that causes black lung they also deal with possible explosions or collapse at any time But when TVGuidecom asked Spurlock which one of the six stories from the new season moved him the most he immediately spoke of his time at the mines Not only was Spurlock moved by being immersed in the environment and surrounded by the people who affected his life as he grew up he also felt it was kind of eye opening Its a profession that none of us really know much about or know what go read more

Episode Precap: "Sine Qua Non"

Judging from your comments of last nights episode youre starting to get a little frustrated with our beloved BSG Lets see what all the fuss is aboutWow Natalie is still alive didnt see that coming did you She goes into surgery having some hallucinations of a beautiful place grabs Cottles hand and then dies Do you all think that the hybrid performed the emergency jump because she was killedOooh I love Adama getting up in Sharons face about killing Natalie Is it just me or is pissed off Adama the best kind of Adama Sharons excuse is that her vision told her that Six and Baltar were going to take Hera Adama looks like hes going to pummel her He tells Sharon that she betrayed a promise to him he trusted her That she may have cost the Prez and her own husband their lives Hes so right I dont get why Sharon is so nuts about her vision Its cleary Caprica Six not Natalie and Baltar is nowhere near Hera Adama sends her to the brig and I agree with him read more

Steve Carell Hosts, Usher Performs

Hey guys its Erin Fox back from vacation Thanks so much to Adam Bryant for filling in while I was gone We always have lively discussions about SNL on Mondays so I knew hed be a fantastic addition to the recap blog Yay AdamSo tonight is the season finale and Steve The Office and now big movie star Carell is hosting If I recall last time he hosted wasnt all that phenomenal but hopefully that wont be the case tonight especially with all the political fun to be hadCold OpeningSteve starts off giving an address to some graduates from the Pounder School The name is awesome even though I dont get the reference yet He talks about how this school is for outsiders that no one regardless of background or funny sounding names would ever be made fun of this is a family Now he reads the names of the seniors which is every name Bart Simpson would use to crank phone call Mo and much dirtier ones Some of my favorites Jack David Mehoff Lotta Christine Semen read more

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