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A mysterious new character The Observer took center stage in tonights episode of Fringe He along with Walter was striving to protect the whereabouts of a strange and powerful metallic cylinder from falling into the wrong hands Could this Observer prove to be the key to the pattern Also Olivia gets a shocking visit from someone from her past Are all of these events connected What is the newest piece to the pattern Read now and weigh inWe begin the episode Arrival in a diner in Brooklyn NY as if there was any other Brooklyn A waitress takes the order of a very rigid and creepy bald guy clad in a black suit He looks like a g-man out of a comic book He flips open a stopwatch and binoculars and stares out the window at a large construction site He writes in journal but it looks like gibberish boy is he super creepy Suddenly the construction site explodes a crane collapses and everyone starts running for the hills except for bald guy He looks read more

“Ghost Network”

Ghost Network explores a world of untapped radio-like waves that can communicate information to other people without them even knowing it through visions Once again Massive Dynamics scientific expertise and experimentation plays a large roll in the case that Olivia and Peter investigate this week but the biggest twist at the end will affect the characters in a much more personal way Now onto the showA man walks into a church wait that sounds like a bad joke Lets try this again The third episode of Fringe begins with a mysterious man taking confession in an empty St Annes Cathedral Hes clearly upset by frightening visions hes having The priest keeps asking mystery man if hes hurt someone Intercut with this exchange is a man on a bus full of happy normal people who puts on a gas mask and grabs a back pack from another passenger before releasing a vapor that kills everyone on board by freezing them into place Back at the church the myste read more

James Franco Hosts, Kings of Leon Perform

After the much buzzed premiere featuring Tina Feys dead-on impersonation of Sarah Palin will SNL be able to top themselves this week Not even close Cameron Diaz did make a cameo appearance but I think the only way to top Feys Palin would be to have Palin herself on the show Cold OpeningDarrell Hammond reprises his role as John McCain who is at a recording session for TV campaign ads Bill Hader plays a voice over artist with a gift for sarcastic tones The campaign ads are completely over the top and McCain asks if the facts in the ads are true Kristen Wiig plays an adviser who spins the facts to make McCain Approve of this message Besides Haders sarcastic voice this opening falls flatter than a pancake I get where they were going with it but they couldnt drive it home MonologueOooh James Franco is looking good He talks about moving to NYC to attend Columbia but just as a student not the movie star wink wink Jason Sudeikis comes out as his R read more

"The Same Old Story"

After recovering from last weeks pilot which laid out a government and corporate conspiracy relating to a series of events called The Pattern were introduced to a much more procedural episode of Fringe Walter who now lives with Peter and Olivia investigate the strange death of a woman who gave birth to an unusual baby How did this child come to be And how are Walters former experiments involved in the equation and in a new revelation about Peter Most of the comments last week suggested viewers liked the pilot or at least were willing to give it another shot Well this is your other shot Fringe I actually saw a screening of this episode at the New York Television Festival moderated by our own Mickey OConnor and I liked it better than the pilot It had really cool special effects awesome Walter-isms and actual chemistry forming between Olivia and Peter We also got to delve more into the connections between Walter Nina Sharp Massive Dynamic and the govern read more

Michael Phelps Hosts, Lil Wayne Performs

Tina Fey is in the house as Sarah Palin and a very pregnant good sport Amy Poehler rocks her Hillary Clinton impression This was a much anticipated and hoped-for pairing and we got it Not only because Tina is the perfect person to play lookalike Palin but because Barack Obama had to cancel at the last second something about not-so-little Hurricane Ike arriving to beat the crapola out of the Texas Gulf Coast Guess he thought that would be in bad taste good guess Hello SNL fans Erin Fox here back to blog the most exciting episodes this season I wont be covering every single episode just the ones with extra special buzz Why Because Id like a life on Saturday nights Stop laughing Its just gonna be the way we roll this season Now on to the showOpening A Nonpartisan message from Sarah Palin and Hillary ClintonOMG How awesomely perfect is Tina Fey as Palin Thank goodness they coaxed her back She nails Palins mannerisms and accent Poehler is amazing as Hillary read more


In the much-hyped Fringe debut we met Agent Olivia Dunham Anna Torv who along with mad scientist Dr Walter Bishop John Noble and his genius son Peter Joshua Jackson desperately try to uncover the origins of a biological agent that killed an entire jetliner full of passengers from Hamburg and endangers the life of a government investigator Who is behind this top secret compound Is it the mysterious Steig Is it the corporation Massive Dynamic and its leaders William Bell and Nina Sharp Read this weeks recap and weigh in with your theoriesThe Teaser We open on a large plane hurling through an electrical storm We hear passengers speaking in German and English Then the camera focuses on a man who is sweating profusely leaning forward in his seat as if hes either terrified of the turbulence or sick or is it both He opens a syringe frantically and injects himself with something He unbuckles his seat belt and heads for the front of the plane A flight attendant read more

Where the Heck Have We Been?

Hey guys, the ball was not dropped, it was just suspended in jell-O for a few weeks. I was gone for two weeks with TCA and Comic-Con, and then our Fall Preview section kicked into high gear which takes a lot of our attention. I will do my best to get you recaps of the past episodes. I have been watching though!To tide you over, I wrote a piece in Jump the Shark about the little baby in "To Serge with Love:"OMG! Seriously, OMG! Do you watch In Plain Sight on USA? If you don't you should, it's very entertaining (minus the annoying duo of Brandi and Jinx who play U.S. Marshal Mary Shannon's sister and mother respectively). The reason I'm OMG-ing is because I'm completely in love with and in awe of this little baby they cast in the episode. Rewind for a second — Last night I was watching the latest episode, "To Serge with Love," written by my brilliant friend Kathie Butler. My hubby and I were cracking up at all the jokes that we could literally hear coming straight from Kathie's m... read more

Iris Doesn't Live Here Anymore

Hey guys, my finger is still on the mend. And things are crazy around here because everyone is flying out to L.A. to cover the Television Critics Association press tour and then I'm off to cover Comic-Con. So be patient with us and the recap posting. We're doing the best we can!We begin with two kids (African American kids) walking after school in South Central. The girl says her dad will be mad that the boy dragged her down to a bad part of town. But, they're having fun and clearly in major puppy love. Of course, a car rolls up with Latino gang members who starts harassing the girl about the junk in her trunk. The harasser tells the two kids they're in the wrong hood, and then puppy love boy has to go and open his mouth: "At least I'm in the right country." Oh no he didn't! Out comes the Uzi machine gun and blows puppy love away. Noooooooo!!! Bastards.Cut to Iris McBride's WITSEC ID card: Now Iris Morris.Mary and Marshall ride along bickering about using the term flight attendant v... read more

High Priced Spread

We open on a b-ball game ten years ago in Detroit. After the game ends, and the interested parties hand over their losses to a bookie, we see a young boy and his older brother playing in the background. The older brother talks smack about his bro’s game and tries to get the boy to step it up, and the boy looks crestfallen. He says something about how his mom and dad gave him 20 bucks a week for allowance. But the older bro must not have any money (and he's raising the kid now) so the bookie challenges the kid to make ten free throws for 100 bucks. The older kid agrees but the kid freaks... if they lose that money, they won’t be eating that week. The dingus basically says welcome to the real world, and tells him to start shooting. The kid nails it. Enter scary thugs. Thugs are pissed that there was betting action going down in "his" hood. He shoots the bookie, and tells the mentor that he and junior are now under his jurisdiction. Cut to WITSEC ID screens: The big bro: Scot... read more

Who Shot Jay Arnstein?

OK, the titles are getting a little too pun-tastic for me now. For those of you who are too young to get the pun (*gasp*), the title refers to arguably, the most famous and most watched episode of TV: The "Who Shot J.R.?" episode of Dallas. Just Google it.Anyhoo, we start out in an art gallery workshop with a couple arguing. Don't know the dude, but the wifey is none other than monotone Sherry Stringfield from ER! I guess her name is Marci, and she yelling at her husband (Jay) to stop seeing his mistress. What a pig. Mr. Sensitivity tells Marci that he will stop, but she's the publicity director for the museum and their paths will cross, so just "grow up." What an ouche-day ag-bay (my attempt at phonetic Pig Latin). Marci shifts gears and asks Jay what he's up to (by boxing up paintings in containers). He says he getting ready to ship some paintings he acquired from a private collection to overseas buyers. Marci asks astutely, "By acquired, you mean stole?" Heh. Atta girl... I can s... read more

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