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October 2, 2006: Come to Papa Jeff

The episode started with Christine trying to push Jeff away because he was the father of her ex-husband's girlfriend. Instead of saying yes to life like she promised, she bought a giant calendar and tried to organize all the little scraps of paper that she wrote notes on. (I use the notes-on-little-scraps-of-paper method, too. Note to self: One way to deal with personal crises is to buy a giant calendar board.) OK, so I didn't really like Scott Bakula’s Jeff. (I remember him from Murphy Brown and I liked him then, but he was kind of creepy here.) I didn't like that he kept calling and leaving messages about why she wasn't calling him back. And was it me, or was it kind of creepy the way he called her from her doorstep, knocked and told her to answer it because it was him? Some would call it endearing; I thought it was kind of creepy. More like a stalker than a potential boyfriend. Especially since he had long hair, and long hair on men makes me nervous.And he was supposed to be... read more

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