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November 13, 2006: Woman 'N Tuition

I absolutely love the fact that Ritchie, Matthew, Christine and the cat all walked into glass doors in tonight’s episode. I also loved Barb’s comment: “What, were you all raised by birds?” I never thought walking into glass doors could be a genetic thing, but that’s what it seemed like. I have to say that Christine kind of annoyed me. I can understand being strapped for cash, but making Richard cancel his vacation when she just bought a cat? I think Richard was right in taking back his check. Christine buys a cat and then tries to convince him that she’s stretched for money. Richard has paid his share of the tuition for the last three months, so I can understand the frustration when Christine assumed he would offer up the check to help his son. Her version of their “divorce” agreement? “Whenever one of us needs something, he gives it to me.” It’s time they separated “teams.” Christine needs to rely less on Richard.I lo... read more

November 13, 2006: Minks/Oaks

Becca Oaks is an interesting woman. She’s a nursing assistant who refuses to get out of bed unless her husband brings her breakfast and serenades her. She makes her husband do all the cleaning ,and if he doesn’t complete everything on her “Honey Do List,” then she withholds quality time with her husband in the bedroom, basically punishing him like he’s been a bad child. I wonder how Warren and Becca met in the first place. How did they end up together? She’s a nursing assistant, and he’s a janitor. Maybe they went to high school together or met at the local bar. It’d be interesting to see that first moment when they met. Warren’s this guy who meets every demand his wife puts to him. He works as a night janitor and cleans all day. She doesn’t respect him, yet he stays with her. He likes his vacuum a lot, too. I think he likes his vacuum because it’s nice to him. He can push the vacuum and gets to feel in control because he’s... read more

October 30, 2006: No Fault Divorce

I liked that this episode, even though it was a repeat, showed us what Richard and Christine were like when they got married. It was nice watching flashbacks from their wedding video and seeing them crack up at the vows. I would be cracking up too if I had to say, “Fill each other’s cup but drink not from one cup.” Then Richard said, “This is silly, dude.” It was a perfect moment. But I found it funnier that Matthew wore a T-shirt tuxedo with a cape and couldn’t find himself in any of the family pictures. Matthew cracks me up every time he says something. I don’t know what it is. Hamish Linklater is just charming, and he’s always funny. Like when they were watching the wedding video and he was trying to find himself in it and Christine said that he couldn’t be missed because there wasn’t another guest wearing a T-shirt tuxedo and a cape and he said, “How did I not get laid that year?” It was beautiful comedy. I didn’t ... read more

October 30, 2006: Thompson/Askam

I found tonight’s episode refreshing. I liked that both families really opened up to the experience and allowed themselves to make significant changes. For the Thompsons, they realized that they had to appreciate Allison and not treat her like a maid. For the Askams, they learned that they had to focus more on family and less on practicing Wicca. It was nice to see two completely opposite families let their guards down and embrace differences. I mean, Allison broke down a few times and didn’t take to the different kind of lifestyle that Wiccans offer, but she didn’t outright disrespect it, either. She just showed the Askams that they could let something else in their lives beside magic. Bella also cried a few times, but she was pretty cool. She was a free spirit trying to make Kyle Thompson realize that his wife was doing everything for them and they weren’t doing anything for her. At first, I didn’t like Allison’s son Austin. His comment earlier in th... read more

October 23, 2006: The Champ

I don’t know what it is, but watching Andy Richter as a love interest kind of made me cringe. Maybe it’s because he’s known more to me as Conan O’Brien’s goofy sidekick or the evil guy in the failed Olsen-twin movie New York Minute. Maybe it’s because he’s just not droolworthy. I guess that’s the punch line, though. Here’s this guy who’s not very attractive at all and whose nickname is "Sad Dad," and Christine can’t resist him. I honestly don’t get the attraction. Maybe Andy Richter’s humor is what’s most attractive about him, but his character of Stan is just weird. He’s not Japanese but is going through a Japanese phase. And the best part is that he seduced Christine by taking some mashed potato off her chest and licking it off his finger. Although he did have some good lines. My favorite: “You look hot in a hairnet.” Not something you hear every day. I agree with Richard when he told Christine: ... read more

October 23, 2006: Collins/Matlock

Even though this is an old episode from last year, I hadn’t seen it. And I’ve never seen a scarier kid than Carson Matlock. He’s the perfect example of what I don’t want my own kids to become when I start having them. And how did he get this way? Maybe dad Jeff constantly raising his voice and his love of anarchy, their punk rock décor, the fact that they take their kids to a punk rock festival for a family outing and think togetherness is going into a mosh pit….Any of these reasons could account for Carson’s wild behavior. Straight from Carson’s father, Jeff: “Like father like son. You can cut off our hair and cover up our tattoos. But we are who we are.” I think Jeff Matlock is a big reason why Carson is the way he is. I mean, Jeff talked to Shannon Collins without any respect. When Jeff takes Shannon to a punk rock concert and Shannon’s obviously not having a good time, he yells at her to go and catch a cab. Carson joins in: ... read more

October 16, 2006: Separation Anxiety

What I liked about this episode is how it showed two couples faced with divorce and how different it ended up for each of them. Christine and Richard split up, but Barb and Pete ended up back together, although I wasn’t convinced about their reason for getting back together. I think it was mostly because they were used to each other and didn’t want to be alone. But maybe Barb was telling the truth when she said that they tried the separation out and it didn’t take. Either way, it gave Christine a lot to think about. She was happy that her friend was getting a divorce because she would have a “divorce buddy” and she wouldn’t be the only divorced person around. Plus, she wouldn’t be alone as much. You could tell she liked having Barb as her houseguest. She kicked Matthew out immediately and banished him to Ritchie’s room. She tucked Barb in so tightly and then kissed her on the forehead. Which Barb didn’t like and responded by saying: “... read more

October 16, 2006: Lovazzano/Clover

I wouldn’t have lasted a day in either the Lovazzano or the Clover household. At the Lovazzano household, I would’ve been mocked for my nondesigner clothes purchased within a budget. And Kaila Lovazzano was a snob and a spoiled brat. She was exactly the kind of girl in high school that intimidated me, but she was worse because she wore three hundred dollar jeans. As for the Clovers, I wouldn’t have been able to get up at four-fifteen in the morning to clean the pig pen and feed the chickens. I don’t know how those boys did all their chores by the time they left for school and then survived school. I would’ve been passed out by nine am. Not to mention that they probably have to smell like farm animals all of the time. Charles Clover scared me too. He was just so angry. Instead of coming home from work and blowing up at your sons, why not have a glass of wine, put your feet up, read a book? I think I would’ve driven around in a rented sports car like Tina... read more

October 9, 2006: Oh God, Yes

I don’t think I’ve seen a sitcom story line set in a church before. I’m trying to think back and remember if I’ve ever watched a television show that was situated almost entirely in a church, and I can’t recall anything. Which is why I really enjoyed this episode. It felt new and different. Christine went back to church after staying away from it for years. She was only there in the first place because her parents dropped her off on their way to Indian bingo (what is Indian bingo, by the way?). She was 12 and wanted meaning. Instead, when she went to get her confirmation, they forgot to call her name and she took it as a sign from God. Destroyed, she refused to go back. But then her son showed interest in going to church, and she took him. Matthew said to just take him because maybe he would lose interest in it, like when Ritchie was obsessed with fajitas and they took him to get fajitas and the sizzling plate scared him and he ran off. I loved that she did ... read more

October 9, 2006: Alcorn/Booker

I have to say that if Jennifer Alcorn came to my door trying to get me off the couch and away from the TV, I don’t know what I’d do. She was really intense. She had these big muscles and she wanted to “beat” the Bookers into good health. But she had a soft side. When Eric finally started working out, she started crying, saying that as a trainer she didn’t “show weakness” to her people. “But it hits me when I get someone that’s struggling and they work so damn hard.” Then the waterworks came and I almost wanted to reach out and hug her. Except if I did reach out and hug her, she could do an uppercut and knock me flat out with a tiny touch. I liked how the Alcorn kids liked to do chores. They were very good about it. The one daughter said she liked doing chores because it was like paying back her parents for giving her life. Who talks like that? The Alcorn kids were almost too good, but their nickname as a family was the “All-Amer... read more

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