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Has I Love New York's New York Found True Love?

Tiffany "New York" Pollard, I Love New York

Flavor Flav broke her heart twice, but sassy New York's back and she's looking for true love. She started with 20 guys vying for her affection, but it's down to five. Tonight, the heat is turned up on I Love New York (9 pm/ET, on VH1) when Tiffany "New York" Pollard and her mom meet with the guys' exes to dig up dirt on their pasts.

TV Guide: So, are you still friendly with Flavor Flav?
Tiffany "New York" Pollard: There's no love lost. There's definitely a different type of friendship now. If I see him, I say, "Hey, what's up?" but it's just a light and airy friendship now. Nothing tight.

TV Guide: 'Cause I really felt bad for you during the second-season finale of read more

February 26, 2007: Hamilton/Lowe

This is the second episode in a row in which we’ve had some kind of meat-related contention between the families. Tonight’s meat of choice was deer. And I never thought I’d have to put these words down, but a main issue of the episode was deer urine. While initially I was kind of grossed out/weirded out by a family that together bottled deer pee, I have to say I enjoyed them more than the Hamiltons, the family of pampered princesses. I would never bottle deer pee or eat deer meat, but everybody’s different. And if it were a choice between bottling deer pee and spending an hour shopping with Chastity Hamilton, I don’t know what I’d choose. But I’d probably go with bottling deer pee, as long as I could have nose plugs and cocktails while doing it. Chastity Hamilton was more than just a typical sassy 14-year-old. She called her dad Tim; it always surprises me to hear children call their parents by their first name. She racked up $200 cell phone bills,... read more

February 19, 2007: Haigwood/Hess-Webb

It's been a while since I’ve said “ew!” so many times while watching a TV show. My face kept cringing every time I saw the Haigwoods eating raw chicken or raw meat. When I think of raw diets, I think more along the lines of consuming raw vegetables. But raw chicken and other meat? Do people really eat that? It just doesn’t seem safe to me. The raw eggs didn’t bother me so much, although I was surprised that the son, Lee Haigwood, ate 12 raw eggs a day. I guess it’s just something I don’t understand, but I know I would’ve had the same reaction as Kim Hess-Webb's response. I wouldn’t have eaten the raw meat. I wouldn’t have tried to tell them and their kids that the way they were living was wrong. I don’t think she was OK in doing that. It’s one thing to disagree with a lifestyle, but telling the kids that their parents were trying to harm them was kind of out of line. Maybe if they were against the raw food diet completely a... read more

February 12, 2007: Meeks/Hoover

Is it me, or is this show seeming to follow a pattern of throwing together faith followers and non-faith followers? Every week, there’s been some kind of spirituality divide, and it’s usually been a really wide divide, not just minor differences driving a wedge between them. It usually causes a big blow-up, loads of drama and some moaning about preaching and morality. I always get the feeling that nothing really changed, but why should it when it’s about something as intrinsic as spirituality? That can’t be changed in the course of two weeks. But tonight there was something different about it, at least with Tony Meeks and Kristin Hoover. Tony used to be a pastor. I liked when Kristin asked how he went from pastor to punk, and Tony replied that it wasn’t a large jump. It’s interesting that both Tish and Tony Meeks had religious upbringings and wound up on the other end of the rebellious spectrum. There has to be some middle ground where they can come tog... read more

February 5, 2007: Starling / Sweany-Ernst

I’ll be the first to say it: I don’t know much at all about nature worship. I try to keep an open mind about things. If someone wants to worship a tree, I don’t see anything wrong with that. I’ll try to figure it out, yes, but sometimes you just have to give up and let people be. The Sweaney-Ernst family is one of those families I could easily roll my eyes at for their oddness. I could react like Stephanie Starling did to the idea of a fairy tree and talking to vegetables — she burst out laughing and started instantly mocking them. But I’d rather just look at them as people who have a strange devotion to nature. I wouldn’t call it a hobby because it means more to them than just a hobby. I wouldn’t say that I’d join them in their rituals, but I think it’s an interesting way to bring a family together. I don’t agree with what seemed like Carol and Laura’s push to have their kids just as devoted to nature as they are. What re... read more

January 29, 2007: Bimonte/Hubbard

When I first saw Nicole Bimonte, I didn’t think she was 12 years old. She looked a lot older. And she acted like a complete brat. She didn’t have any rules, so, of course, she was raising hell, being immature and throwing fits. She jumped up and down on her floor, causing the chandelier in the kitchen to shake. She was monstrous - and I’m sure this was the point of showing the various scenes of her. I don’t know what it’d be like to be around her 24/7. I wouldn’t have been able to stay around her for very long; I would’ve walked away from her, probably off to some quiet place where I could recover. But her parents weren’t stopping her behavior. They were letting it happen. Lori Bimonte doesn’t like structure or rules. She keeps clothes in the kitchen, which befuddled me. I get that it was supposed to be weird, but didn’t the kids have bureaus or storage containers of some kind where they could put their socks and shoes? It seemed bar... read more

January 22, 2007: Let Him Eat Cake

Tonight’s episode was focused on Richard’s 41st birthday. I have to say that whenever anything is focused on Richard, I get a teensy bit bored. He’s the least funny of all the characters. But he’s there because he creates funny situations, and the show wouldn’t be the same without him. I definitely have to thank Richard for bringing New Christine and Christine together because their face-offs, even if they are mostly because of Richard, are hilarious. The hilarious drama occurred, of course, because of Christine’s neurotic need to mark her place in Richard’s life. She is the original Christine, the one who spent 10 years as Richard’s wife, making his birthdays a “national holiday.” She needs to take credit for him, and she has to mark her territory. New Christine asked Christine what to get Richard for his birthday. Christine came up with the perfect birthday present idea, but Christine couldn’t let her take credit for it. She ... read more

January 22, 2007: Koopman/Early

So, I have to say that for a second I really did think that Dani Koopman was going to walk out on Stephen at the table meeting. I was kind of expecting it. The previews kept alluding to this, and I honestly thought that it would happen. I didn’t understand why, of course, because it seemed to escalate without warning. Dani’s personality seemed erratic, as if she could just walk out on her husband. In the beginning, she did make the announcement to the audience that she was done making sacrifices. She said she was done being a mother and that she wanted to focus on herself and her modeling career. She seemed like she had the potential to just walk out on her husband with the cameras rolling, if only to make a point. But she came back, continued the table meeting and everything was revolved. Now, I don’t want marriages to end on national television. But it was exciting for a moment because nothing like that has happened on the show, to my knowledge. There have been scuf... read more

January 15, 2007: Endless Shrimp, Endless Night

I love Hamish Linklater and find him irresistibly adorable, so any time he’s on screen is a joy. Tonight’s episode was particularly enjoyable for me (and fellow Matthew fans), because we got to see him outside of Christine’s world and in his own social environment. We also got to see Christine in Matthew’s social environment. The result was a fresh look at this quirky brother-sister relationship, and Christine’s epiphany that maybe she didn’t focus enough on her brother. The episode started with Christine and Matthew at Red Lobster. Christine is working early hours at the gym, so her “clock” is off. Matthew admits he’s not hungry because he ate lunch earlier. When Christine questions him about it, he looks around and announces that it’s 4:30 in the afternoon, and he’s not sure they’re even open. (Helpful hint: eating at Red Lobster at 4:30 does, in fact, avoid the crowds and long waits, even if it makes you feel slightly ag... read more

January 15, 2007: Allemon/Johnson

I’m always fascinated by the real-life struggles of little people. I’m not little myself, but at 5 feet, I’m not exactly tall. I have a hard time reaching things on the top shelves in my kitchen and in grocery stores. I always have to stand around and wait until someone tall comes around to help me. That’s absolutely nothing compared to what the Allemon family in tonight’s episode deals with on a daily basis. It’s a challenge for them to do ordinary things like flip light switches, reach cupboards and countertops and drive a car. They have to adapt to an “average-sized world” and make adjustments so that they can function normally. Diane Allemon has helped her kids adjust to their challenges. On the flip side, she and husband Bernie haven’t given their kids much discipline or responsibilities; but she had to raise her kids in an environment where small things were difficult and where they got looked at funny on a regular basis. So I under... read more

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