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Top Chef Exclusive: All Stars Get Fired-Up

Tom Colicchio and Padma Lakshmi

At first glance, the green room on the New York City set of Top Chef looks more like Romper Room. Judge Tom Colicchio, sporting casual jeans and a baseball cap, strolls in with his 1-year-old son, Luka. They're on hand to watch the taping of a Quickfire Challenge featuring cookies and a uniquely fuzzy panel of judges — Elmo, Telly and, of course, Cookie Monster.

"Normally on my day off, you can't drag me on the set," Colicchio laughs. "But this is special."

"Special" sums up the moment for Top Chef, the addictive cooking contest that nabbed its first Emmy for Outstanding Reality Competition Program this summer and is now poised to launch its red-hot eighth season, Top Chef All-Stars (premiering Wednesday, December 1 at 10/9c on Bravo). "This is going to be our best season yet," says host Padma Lakshmi. It certainly has all the ingredients... read more

Project Runway: Who'll Make the Cut?

Project Runway

After eight seasons, Project Runway's Nina Garcia says judging the upcoming finale (part one airing tonight at 9/8c on Lifetime) was her most difficult by far... read more

Exclusive: First Look at the Top Chef All-Stars!

Top Chef - Season 8

Here's an exclusive sneak peek at the just-announced cast of Top Chef All-Stars, featuring 18 of the Emmy-winning Bravo reality show's most outstanding contestants — and most outrageous personalities.

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Headstrong Tiffani Faison came in a close second to winner Harold Dieterle in the show's first season. She's... read more

Project Runway's Mondo Guerra Makes It Work

Mondo Guerra, Project Runway

HE PLAYS Himself, aka the bow-tied and bespectacled standout from Project Runway's Season 8. "I like to mix it up," Mondo Guerra says of his playful personal style. "Things that shouldn't go together? I think, yeah, they have to go together."

WHY WE LOVE HIM In an era of contrived reality-show characters, the designer's quirkiness is refreshingly sincere... read more

Austin & Santino Hit the Road

On the Road with Austin & Santino

A pair of Project Runway's most memorable alums, Season 1's Austin Scarlett and Season 2's Santino Rice, have teamed up for the new design-makeover series On the Road With Austin & Santino (Thursday, 10:30/9:30c, Lifetime). "It's a fantastic cross-country adventure," gushes Austin, a bridal-wear designer who won the first-ever Runway challenge by transforming cornhusks into couture. "Santino and I are bringing high fashion to an American woman at a special time in her life."

These American women.... read more

Michael Kors Passes Judgment on the New Runway

Michael Kors, Project Runway

Project Runway's venerable judge and fashion expert, Michael Kors, weighs in on Season 5, Heidi Klum's hidden talents, his TV addiction — and his TV Guide addiction. (Project Runway airs Wednesdays at 9 pm/ET on Bravo.)

TV Guide: What can Project Runway viewers expect from Season 5?
Michael Kors:
One thing that's very cool is that the contestants' points of view are so varied — everything from demure to outrageous, from rockabilly to Audrey Hepburn. It's an intriguing group.

TV Guide: Unlike previous seasons, you were still filming up until the premiere date. Do you see this quick turnaround affecting the show?
Not at all. Fashion is the craziest-paced business on the planet — this season is actually in "real" fashion time.

T read more

Project Runway Favorites: Where Are They Now?

Austin Scarlett and Michael Knight, Project Runway

Project Runway (Wednesdays at 9 pm/ET, Bravo) has certainly had its share of colorful characters — and inspired creations — over the past four seasons. So which of the reality hit's wannabe designers have found a pattern for success? We checked in with the winners and notable also-rans to find out just what they're up to now.

Wendy Pepper
Virginia mom Pepper, the controversial dark-horse finalist from PR1, is sticking close to home. Her new line, Pretty World, is being sold exclusively through Highcliffe Clothiers, right down the street in Middleburg, Virginia. "I walk to work and make my line at the shop," says Pepper, 43. "First come, first served!" She extended her Bravo career on Celebrity Poker Showdown and Battle of the Network Reality Stars, and she doesn't rule out returning to TV — "Never say never!"

Jay McCarroll
After winning PR1 read more

Breaking Down Project Runway's Final Four

Chris March, Christian Siriano, Jillian Lewis and Rami Kashou, Project Runway

Project Runway 4 has produced the most diverse group of finalists yet: avant-garde wunderkind Christian Siriano, red-carpet designer Rami Kashou, Broadway costume vet Chris March and ambitious sophisticate Jillian Lewis. As the final four prepare to unveil their collec­tions on Bravo's two-part finale (starting Feb. 27 at 10 pm/ET), they reflect on the season's best and worst, their biggest competition and why they'll win it all.

Christian Siriano
Age: 21
Hometown:  Annapolis, Maryland
Least favorite challenge: Take a guess! Prom challenge. That was the worst. No lie.
Favorite design: The avant-garde — the piece that we created was the epitome of what I like to do.
Challenge you wish you'd had: I wish we could read more

Jack Explains His Dramatic Voluntary Runway Departure

Jack Mackenroth, Project Runway

In one of the most emotional Project Runway (Wednesdays at 10 pm/ET on Bravo) episodes ever, Jack Mackenroth withdrew from the competition after developing a potentially dangerous staph infection. The good-natured 38-year-old menswear designer spoke to us about his sudden departure, his Sex and the City movie cameo and his new reality-show romance.

TVGuide.com: First, let me say how bummed I am about your leaving the show.
Jack Mackenroth: Not as bummed as me! [Laughs]

TVGuide.com: Can you walk me through the sequence of events? What happened?
Jack: Basically, it seems like a week but it’s only a day, tops. The day before, I had this bump in my nose and I thought, "This is weird." The next morning, I woke up, and my lip was really puffy. The progression was so rapid that I thought, "I know what this is." Twice before, long ago, I had a very antibio read more

Preview: Project Runway's Most Surprising Season Ever!

Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum, Project Runway

In the new season of Project Runway (premiering tonight at 10 pm/ET on Bravo), we meet designers who've dressed Jessica Alba, Lenny Kravitz and Madonna and shown their work in the glossy pages of Elle and Vogue. And no, they're not the guest judges — these are the contestants.

"We've got a very sophisticated, very savvy group this year," says judge Michael Kors. "These are defi­nitely not people fresh out of Home Ec." Adds Runway's genial guru Tim Gunn, "It's the greatest compliment the show can have, that des read more

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