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Extreme Makeover: Home Edition's Ed Sanders on the Hill Family

Gloria Gilbert Stoga, Glenn Close, Paul Dimeo

Okay gang, this week we are in Franklin County, Kansas in a beautiful little town called Ottawa. It's a lovely little place and we're here to help the Hill family: Mom, Gina, and her two sons, Makale and little Dreyson. It really should be a family of four because dad, Allen, should be with them, but, for the last year, he's been over on the West Coast in California, receiving very much needed therapeutic help for a very serious condition that he got when he was serving in the Iraq War.

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Extreme Makeover: Home Edition's Ed Sanders on the Korpai Family

Okay friends, this week we are just outside of New York City in a beautiful place called Orange County. We're visiting the Korpai family, which is made up of dad, Jimmy, mom, Darlene, and two children, Hailey and Hudson, who live in a small town called Crawford. The family's story is actually a story we have never covered on any of our builds. It's really about the daughter, Hailey. She suffers from a condition called Acondroplasia, which is a very common form of dwarfism.

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Extreme Makeover: Home Editions' Ed Sanders on the Simpson Family

Okay, gang, so this week we are in Savannah, Ga. and we're here to meet the lovely Simpson family.

Their story is a bit of a tough one.  You've got a beautiful little boy by the name of Zoe who was born with some very, very bad conditions. He has fluid retention in the body and also his brain, which not many people survive.  If that wasn't bad enough, he was also born blind because he had detached retinas.  The amazing thing is that this child is still alive and now 2-years-old.

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Extreme Makeover: Home Edition's Ed Sanders Talks About the Johnson Family

This week we are in Houston, Texas and we are visiting the Johnson family. Let's face it, friends, this show is known for making millions of Americans cry every Sunday night.  If you don't cry at some of the subject matter on these builds, then you ain't got a heart or there's something wrong with you. You come and meet this family and you look at their home and you want to cry because it's terrible.  However, you can't because this family is so fun and energetic and they put the greatest face on everything.  I think their mentality is, "it could be worse." 

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