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Stephen Dorff Goes Wild

Stephen Dorff throws a few punches in Deuces Wild — opening Friday — a gritty rumblefest about teen gang violence in the late 1950s. But the sexy Blade star reserves the rough stuff for the big screen. In real life, he's much more of a peacemaker. "I'm a lover, not a fighter," Dorff says with a dry laugh.

Recalling the one time he's resorted to fisticuffs — after kissing another boy's girlfriend when he was 16 — Dorff says he prefers to discuss a disagreement. "I'm usually good at talking my way out of things," he shares. "Fighting to me seems kind of macho, and that's not really who I am."

Though Dorff prefers verbal sparring, he understands why his character, Leon — a gang leader who's out to drive drug dealers off his block  read more

V-Day Comes to Harlem

The Practice's Lisa Gay Hamilton wants to get the African-American community talking about The Vagina Monologues. Hamilton, with the help of pal Rosie Perez, is producing a benefit performance of Eve Ensler's enduring hit play geared toward women of color. V-Day Harlem 2002 will take place at New York's famed Apollo Theatre on March 30.

The 37-year-old actress was moved to act after appearing in last year's all-star V-Day benefit at Madison Square Garden. "I was disappointed as an artist to see that the audience was predominantly white women," she laments to TV Guide Online. "That's just terrible. The Vagina Monologues benefits all women — especially women of color. So, I thought, 'Perhaps we need to take the mountain to Mohammed.'"

Hamilto read more

Sopranos Canary Sings!

If HBO's mob opera The Sopranos had been called something else, Jamie-Lynn Sigler — who plays headstrong mafia princess Meadow — might have never auditioned for the role. Luckily, the multifaceted singer-actress-dancer misinterpreted the show's tuneful title!

"I thought it was going to be a show about music and musicals!" she tells TV Guide Online, giggling. Sigler's not-so-secret passion for singing caught the eye — or should we say, ear — of Sopranos producers, who decided to let Sigler croon on the show. Sigler's record label, A&#038R, was listening. "They heard me sing in one episode, and that's how I got my record deal," she explains. "So it all turned out great in the end."

Her melodic voice currently can be heard on Sigler's debut album, Here to Heaven. Not only did she belt out the compilation of funky dance tunes and heartfelt ballads, she actually composed a fe read more

Grammy Girl India.Arie: Movie Bound?

With seven Grammy nominations, look for soul diva India.Arie to take center stage when the music industry's biggest kudofest airs live Feb. 27 on CBS. Will Arie — whose autobiographical Acoustic Soul album has made her a sensation — break into the movies like other musical darlings before her?

"I don't necessarily have aspirations to that... but I'm open to it," Arie says. Well, any directors interested in hiring the soulful songbird should take note: She doesn't fancy the glamour and glitter that most singer-to-screen sirens demand in their film debuts. "If I did it, it would have to be something similar to my life experience in some sort of way," she muses. "I would never be a model in a movie. I'd be, like, the fastest swimmer in the world."

Actually, Arie is already involved in the movie business, even if we haven't yet seen her on the screen. She's recorded a track that will be featured in read more

A Very Special Girlfriends

Quick, name a show about four tight-knit gal pals who aren't afraid to dish about sex! If you're thinking Sex and the City, think again. Girlfriends also follows a quartet of feisty females, while also tackling the complicated issue of race. As UPN kicks off Black History month, tonight's "Sister, Sistah" episode (airing at 9:30 pm/ET) explores what racially defines a person.

"It's a really huge topic they try to address in 22 minutes, and that's courageous," says Tracee Ellis Ross, who plays neurotic but loveable lawyer Joan. In the episode, Joan and Toni get upset when they meet Lynn's white sister, Tanya — who's gone a bit overboard in embracing black culture. Ross admits she caught some discrepancies in the original script and felt compelled to suggest changes to the show's producers.

read more

Disney Prince Turns Lothario!

Paolo Montalban — no relation to Fantasy Island's Ricardo — stole moviegoers' hearts with his princely performance in Disney's 1997 remake of Cinderella. But don't expect him to pull out that glass slipper in American Adobo (in limited release Jan. 25). The indie drama finds him doing a full 180 as Raul, a charming but heartless womanizer.

Summing up his character, Montalban explains: "Take every quality you find in Prince Charming, still use those things to get the girl, but then make him a completely thoughtless man once he gets what he wants." Raul's one of five friends testing their love and self-esteem (and delicious meals) over the course of a year in New York City. Adobo writer Vincent R. Nebrida's bilingual script explores such universal themes through the eyes of Filipino-Americans.

"It's an accurate port read more

Halle Berry Bares All Again!

For the upcoming Monster's Ball (opening Dec. 26), Halle Berry shed her glamorous image — and her inhibitions — to play Leticia, a tortured widow in love with the Death Row prison guard (Billy Bob Thornton) who executed her husband. Don't be surprised if your fellow moviegoers spill their popcorn during the first love scene, when Berry bares a lot more than her soul!

"We didn't think of it as a sex scene in a movie," she says. "We approached it as these two characters really getting what they needed, like they needed the air to breathe." Committing to the scene on paper was easy; actually going through with it called for the actress to step outside herself. "I wasn't really there," she shares. "I was so out of m read more

Joy Rider Paul Walker

In Joy Ride, a harmless practical joke sends a lonely trucker on a psychotic rampage. Of course, leading stud Paul Walker (The Fast and the Furious) knows pranksters always run the risk of retaliation, but he still loves messing with people.

"My buddies just got their sweetest revenge," shares the 28-year-old actor, who tasted his own medicine on the golf course when a pal asked for one of his Calloway balls. "I reach in my bag, and something doesn't feel right... I say, 'What is it, man?' — and it's a toad. I jumped a mile!"

While traveling to pick up his dream girl (Leelee Sobieski) in Ride, Walker stops to bail his mischievous older brother (read more

John Singleton's Leap of Faith

John Singleton's decision to cast an acting novice as the lead in his highly anticipated follow-up to his 1991 Oscar-nominated urban drama Boyz N the Hood had many in Hollywood scratching their heads. But the 33-year-old filmmaker makes no apologies for entrusting the role of streetwise deadbeat Jody in Baby Boy with R&#038B stud Tyrese Gibson.

"The freshest moments in my films have always been with unknown actors," Singleton tells TV Guide Online of the 22-year-old model-cum-singer-cum-actor. "Tyrese has so much charm and charisma; he was basically a movie star who hadn't done a movie yet."

The role of Jody was originally written for slain rapper Tupac Shakur, and as Singleton explains, his passing was almost the death of Baby Boy. "I didn't think I was going to find someone with as much hea read more

Art Won't Imitate Life on Titus

Christopher Titus makes a living satirizing his life on his self-titled Fox sitcom, Titus. So, it would seem natural that he would incorporate into the hit comedy the latest development in his off-screen existence: Impending fatherhood.

However, the comic-turned-actor — whose first child (a daughter) with wife Erin is due in August — tells TV Guide Online that when it comes to the small screen, infants are no laughing matter. "If babies weren't such series killers, we would do it," confesses Titus. "That's a new story. A baby is a whole new chapter in your life, and we have so many stories to tell in this one... maybe at the end of the series run we might bring in a baby."

Ironically, Cynthia Watros — who plays Titus's reel ladylove on Titus — is also preggers. (The Emmy winner will deliver twins in August.) Still, even that miraculous coincidence wasn't en read more

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