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October 12, 2006: Fannysmackin'

I have this funny feeling right now. I think this was the best episode of the season so far and actually the best episode in a long time on CSI but at the same time it was certainly right up there with Nick being buried alive as completely emotionally draining. The episode itself was great, the story line though — certainly nothing great about it. Poor Greg. He was completely stoked after completing his first trial, looking all sharp in his suit and then he gets the beatdown of his life. I know a lot of people wanted to see more stories revolve around Greg, but I'm pretty sure this isn't what we all had in mind. Man, the beating him and all the others got looked brutal. I can't imagine the feeling. In my entire life I've thrown exactly zero punches and only had one punch thrown at me. What the heck would I do if even one person came up to me and started punching or kicking me, let alone the massive amount that got thrown down in this episode? If you saw the preview last week yo... read more

October 11, 2006: Johnny Likes the Ladies

So, I have to admit right off the bat that I'm not sure why I chose to write about Twenty Good Years. I'm really not familiar with Jeffrey Tambor's work and I never really liked John Lithgow. However, Golden Girls was a really funny show. So I like old people in sitcoms. Maybe I'm just hoping for a male version of Bea Arthur. Whatever the reason, I've been looking forward to this premiere for quite a while. Now that it's happened, I will reserve judgment until the second episode. You have to hope that a show comes out firing right out of the box, which isn't always that easy to do when you need the entire show to set up the premise for the rest of the series. The Class did it well and so did Studio 60 this year — aw heck — I think I've just disproved my own theory. But what I'm trying to say is that this didn't come out guns-a-blazin'. The debut seemed to be almost straight setup with hopes that mayhem will ensue down the road. Either way, the show is about two retirement-... read more

October 5, 2006: No Brainer

As many of you already know, I'm more of a fan of one or two cases that take the entire show to solve. I love all the intricate details of the case and the mystery surrounding the evidence and I usually hate the episodes where things come too easily for everyone involved. For once though, I think the quick and relatively easy worked for me. To start, I was pleasantly surprised the show wasn't all dead bodies talking to me. I was at least expecting them to narrate the crime scene but it's great they didn't. I liked the whole — hey neighbor, here's why you're talking to me — type of thing. The four stories were kind of interesting as well. With the first story about the cop being drowned in the bathtub the thing that stood out most to me was the fact Grissom had to tell Catherine to use the partials to get a full fingerprint. Really? After all these years on the job, someone had to tell her to combine fingerprints? I find it really hard to believe that she didn't think of th... read more

September 28, 2006: Malibu Barbie Did It?

So now we know why we sat through the boring part of last week — the suicide was only half the story. The conclusion of the season-opener was exciting, creepy and confusing — everything that makes a good episode of CSI. Last week ended with a blood-soaked Danny Bonaduce dead on a table with a model of the kitchen, down to the utensils and the blood splatter, right next to him. In the investigation we get a very talkative "Annie the nanny" walking about in the house in just her bra, and later we find out she was sleeping with the dead guy. We get a suspect list of pretty much everyone who knows how to build, fix or clean something and we learn that Home Depot can make a key just from an X-ray of it. Might I say that Danny Bonaduce should have more roles like this? He was brilliant, wasn't he? It might have been his best role ever. C'mon, it was at least better than Starface. Anyway, he swallows the key to his safe so that his gold-digger wife (she ain't messin' with no bro... read more

September 21, 2006: They're Back....

Ah, haven't you missed those great shots of the Vegas skyline? The smell of stale blood and gunpowder residue? Hodges' smoothly relating everything he does to women, even if only talking about his mother? It must be CSI in the air. I hope that many of you are going to join me in conversation this season and that McDreamy hasn't taken you away. Last season, a lot of people complained that the last few episodes contained more character development than crimes. I hear this season we'll have a good mix of the two, which should excite almost everyone. So in Part 1 of this two-part season-opener, we have a whole mess of crimes, but I was a little torn about the quality. Maybe it's because I've been dumbing it down, watching Rock Star all summer or 'Til Death and Happy Hour before this, but I was a bit confused as to what was going on in the first half hour or so. We had the death-defying Cirque du Soleil act with a woman crushed at the bottom, and we had a man in a tuxedo, dead at a party... read more

September 21, 2006: Awkward Hole in My Pajamas

There was a comment left on last week's blog that it should be a requirement to be married to review this show. Well hey, I'm engaged so that will have to count for now. I can certainly relate to a diamond ring in the middle of a cantaloupe, though. I mean, I shoved it deep inside a watermelon when I proposed and that worked out well. OK, I'm just kidding about that ? it was actually a pineapple. Seriously though, most of you seem to think this show is crap. For some reason I think it's getting funnier. Maybe I'm demented (and maybe so are the four of you who said you liked it last week, too), but I think the five of us are right. This is really a quality comedy if you like lowbrow put-downs for 30 minutes. How about Eddie throwing the engagement ring at Joy? When she complains about the ring hitting her in the boob he compares it to "pitching softball to a slow kid." Ha. The way he proposed the first time around was better, though ? straight out of Top Gun when he asked her to "rid... read more

September 14, 2006: Furniture Hooker

After the premiere last week, one of the first comments I got was that we should be expecting more than just sex jokes from our shows. I think we are clearly getting the picture that 'Til Death will not be that show. I really hope this isn't the way the future goes. I'm not married yet, but the scenarios in this show somehow actually seem plausible to me. The newlywed Steph likes to buy furniture sight unseen, and, in return for Jeff's turning a blind eye to his girly house, he gets sex. Who's going to argue with sex, right? But then there's Joy, who learns of this technique and tries it on Eddie, who must research everything before buying, and he actually turns the sex down. Who's going to argue with manly patio furniture, right? OK, so maybe this isn't so plausible after all. Joy's actually offering Eddie "daytime sex" was funny. How many ways can Eddie put down his wife here? "You realize it's light out; I'll be able to see you," he says. Or after really giving it some thought, g... read more

September 13, 2006: And the Winner Is?

The new singer of "this band" is read more

September 12, 2006: Paula Abdul in the House

So what was with the sucking-up to Paula Abdul? We saw her four times in this show, Dave Navarro had to point her out and Dilana had to touch her. It wasn't like Robert Plant was sitting in the audience read more

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