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PCD Recap

Hello friends. Please feel free to chat away about last night's episode. read more

PCD Recap

Hello friends, I'm opening up the string so you can chat about the show. Hope you enjoy. read more

PCD Recap

Friends, I'm sorry to say but I cannot continue this blog through the end of the season. There's no conspiracy, it's not that I don't like the CW or anything like that. Unfortunately, now that the CW has moved the show to Wednesday night, I have a prior commitment that I cannot break so I cannot recap the show. I hope you all enjoy the rest of the season. read more

Tonight's Recap

There's no blog tonight. Since it's pretty much only a recap this week, we'll continue with the PCD blog with the next elimination episode. But, I'm opening the blog so that you can chat about the recap if you choose. Until next week, friends. read more

Vocal Expression

Admit it, over the last few weeks you missed Natalie’s diva drama. It never really went away of course, but they must have edited quite a bit out in the last week or two because we really didn’t see that much. But this week, we got it all. The episode starts off nicely with Natalie claiming she has an advantage over the other girls because she’s beautiful and she claims that “beauty is a talent.” I actually think I agree with that. I mean, I’m fat. And that my friends, is really tough to keep up. I have to eat a lot of greasy foods and usually two portions instead of one and I have to avoid things with low fat. With this world filled with 100 calorie packs, that takes something extra to keep up with. So I can see why is must be hard to be beautiful too. Then of course, Natalie walks out on Ken Hicks. If it was me I would have been scared to death of the lips and fake eyebrows and ran out screaming a long time ago, but she waited until Ken started talk... read more


This week was the sexy week, which just like last season meant we got an episode with a ton of dry humping. Whoo Hooo! Nothing like 60 minutes of sweaty bodies grinding up against each other (and Jenna lying on the floor). The sexy episode always brings out the completely ridiculous. We got Tiffanie yelling at other girls that they don’t need to be whores to be sexy. We got Ilisa looking completely unsexy trying to be something she isn’t. And of course we got the winners of the sexy competition getting Hello Kitty necklaces. The whole fight back in the house was completely uninteresting. Was it just me or did you get lost somewhere in the middle too? I wasn’t really sure who was on whose side and at one point it didn’t seem like anyone was speaking with actual words, just gestures. As far as the main performances went, I disagreed with the judges this week. I thought Natalie was really good this week and I liked Jamie’s vocals as well. Carrie has definitely... read more


This week was about style. The girls got to show their style at a red-carpet event while In Touch magazine looked on and judged them. Robin told them they were getting a makeover to which they screamed uncontrollably for what seemed like the full hour. I’m not really sure why a makeover made these girls do the worm though. It doesn’t seem that exciting. All the girls ended up looking better in the end. Carrie looked completely different and Nicole, who won the challenge, looked more like a cross between Jenna Jameson and Mary Carey to me but I thought Jamie looked the best of all of them. She completely disagreed though and just let her new hair completely affect her performance. As for the performances themselves, it was supposed to be disco night though the only song of the three that I consider disco was “Dim All the Lights.” Overall I thought the show dealt two of the groups a bum hand. Charyle, Nichole and Natalie were put on roller skates which is just comp... read more


Right now I’m in two different worlds. I’m sitting here typing up a blog on women jiggling their assets while listening to the brilliant Ghosts I-IV by Nine Inch Nails. That’s two very different modes that somehow are blending together nicely right now. I’m sure both Trent Reznor and Lil’ Kim would both be dismayed to hear that. Well, last week I asked for the show to disguise who was leaving a little better and they did a good job this week. For the first half of the show I assumed Ilisa was going to have to hang up the boa based on her crazy amount of screen time and then I thought Jenna was getting booted by the end. But never did I think Alexis. So thanks, PCD. As I said, Ilisa got the screen time tonight. Everyone is completely correct, she has not one bit of the girl group look. At first it seems like it’s hurting her but then the kids love how much she stands out. But then just when you start to think she’s okay, all three judges talk about ... read more


I so missed random screaming. I mean, how could you not miss sexy girls running and screaming over anything and everything for no apparent reason. After all, if you had a problem with it, you probably wouldn’t be watching this show anyway as it would drive you to poke holes in your eardrums. Though you probably would have liked when the one girl ran into the banister and definitely stopped screaming. So the star of this season is definitely Natalie. The camera focuses on her a lot because she just won’t stop talking about people. But c’mon, if you can dish it then you need to be able to take it too. She talks trash behind everyone’s back and then starts crying when they give it right back to her to her face. The greatest part of this of course, is later in the show she actually has the balls to rip on Madonna. So who’s the first girl to slap the taste out of her mouth? It has to be coming soon. Tonight was a little too predictable for my tastes. They must ha... read more

Let's Get Girlicious

Hello again friends. It’s been a while since I’ve blogged a show but what better to bring me back to the blogging universe than 15 hot ladies. No one can seem to believe why I actually came back for a second season of PCD but I can’t fathom why they aren’t joining me. Haven’t they looked at Jamie or Megan or Alexis or well, the other 12? That’s more reasons to watch this show than anything else on TV except for, Rock of Love or anything with Kat Von D. Or…well, you get my point. Last season I said right up front I wasn’t going to let sexy ladies cloud my vision. This season, I’m not offering up any such promises. Anyway, call it a guilty pleasure or even just simply a decent show. Either way, we have Season 2 of The Pussycat Dolls upon us, this time with a new format. Instead of finding another girl to “join” the Pussycat Dolls, Robin Antin decided to create a new group called Girlicious and pick some ladies to be a part of it.... read more

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