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CSI: Miami Shocker: A Face from the Past Taunts Horatio

CSI: Miami

Every once in a while, David Caruso will come upon an early episode of CSI: Miami on A&E and just shake his head. "We're all so much younger, our voices are higher, there's not a line on anybody's face," he says. "Now you see us and we're these world-weary warriors carrying the weight of all these crimes." Five seasons in, the Miami unit "has been through hell and has the baggage to prove it," he says.

But there's an upside, at least for fans. All those battle scars lead to a level of emotional depth the show didn't have a few seasons back. And in tonight's episode (10 pm/ET, on CBS), it's clearer than ever that those emotions are right on the surface.

In the first half of a two-parter, the lives of two CSIs are on the line when Horatio (Caruso) goes head-to-head with Clavo Cruz (read more

Can Liev Schreiber Fill William Petersen's CSI Lab Coat?

Liev Schreiber, CSI

It's the sort of mystery that would make even Gil Grissom scratch his head. The lead actor in one of the most popular shows on television disappears mid-season and is willingly replaced by a Tony-winning hotshot who supposedly "doesn't do TV."

Care to give an explanation, bub?

"Would you believe it just sounded like a neat idea?" Liev Schreiber says, though he knows he has to do better than that.

After all, CBS' CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (Thursdays at 9 pm/ET) is among the longest-running, most obsessed-over prime-time dramas going, largely because of its beloved investigator in chief, played by William Petersen. You don't just do away with Grissom without raising a few million eyebrows.

Call it a case o read more

TV Guide Exclusive: Inside the Sexy New CSI: NY

Melina Kanakaredes and Gary Sinise, CSI: NY

Something remarkable happened while shooting this season's opening episode of CBS' CSI: NY (Wednesdays at 10 pm/ET). Instead of the usual nose-holding over the rotting corpse du jour, the actors huddling around the playback monitors were doing puppy-dog head tilts and whispering, "Awww."

"It was so sweet," says Melina Kanakaredes, who plays the normally tough-talking detective Stella Bonasera. "I mean, Mac and Peyton are adorable together."

Sweet? Adorable? Is this CSI: NY or 7th Heaven? After two seasons of by-the-book forensic gumshoeing, the crime drama's focus has suddenly shifted to topics that are decidedly more… cuddly. And it's not just the actors who are cooing. New, more personal story lines, including the burgeoning affair between hard-bitten Manhattan investigator Mac Tayl read more

Rainn Wilson and Angela Kinsey Deconstruct The Office's "Dwangela"

Rainn Wilson and Angela Kinsey, The Office

In a side-by-side TV Guide interview, Rainn Wilson and Angela Kinsey — who play odd couple Dwight and Angela on NBC's The Office (Thursdays at 8:30 pm/ET) — open up about their hush-hush workplace romance.

TV Guide: So how did this bobbleheaded romance first ignite between Dwight and Angela?
Rainn Wilson:
They both have an obsession for structure and discipline, and I imagine that there was some incident at the copy machine that first brought their eyes together — like someone putting legal-size paper in the letter-size drawer.

TV Guide: How long can they keep their boss, Michael (read more

It's All Gold for Entourage's Piven

Jeremy Piven, Entourage

Jeremy Piven, the man behind outrageous agent Ari Gold on HBO's Entourage (Sundays at 10pm/ET) swears he's a mama's boy who just wants to meet a nice girl. So is that why he's been seen lugging around that Las Vegas cutie?

TV Guide: Entourage is all about learning to swim with the Hollywood sharks. Is show business really as crazy as it looks on the show?
Jeremy Piven:
Honestly, I've been apprenticing for so long in this industry, it just seems normal. I've been around artists and actors since I was 8 because my parents ran an actors' workshop in Chicago. Mom and Dad always had the utmost respect for the profession, and they taught me to value the work, which defini read more

Extreme Makeover: One Home's Update

The Teas family and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition's Ty Pennington (Inset)

More than 16 million people watched Cyndy Teas and her family on TV last fall, and she still gets phone calls, e-mails and donations from inspired viewers. But it was a simple meal of chicken enchiladas in her new kitchen last winter that made Cyndy realize that ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is, in her words, "more than a show. It changed our outlook on life."

As you may recall, the Teas family was the focus of a two-hour Makeover special last October (reairing this Sunday at 7 pm/ET), which showcased a total face-lift of Camp Barnabas, the Purdy, Mississippi, retreat the family runs for scores of young people with severe disabilities. The remodel, including a three-bedroom home, a bunkhouse and a TV Guide-themed media center, was chronicled i read more

Why Don't Fans Like 24's Evil Prez?

Gregory Itzin, 24

At the beginning of this wild season of Fox's 24 (Mondays at 9 pm/ET), the producers graciously asked Gregory Itzin what he'd like to see happen with his character, President Charles Logan.

"I said, 'I'd like to be the hero,'" Itzin says. "I'd like Logan to turn out to be the guy in the big white hat."

So much for the opinion of actors. With only a handful of episodes left in Day 5, Logan has emerged as the dark force behind a White House scandal that makes Watergate look like a couple of parking tickets. Contrary to everyone's perception, Logan's not the bumbling, indecisive half-wit-in-chief but rather the man who masterminded the plot to steal Sentox nerve gas and assassinate David Palmer. The president has ties t read more

Numbers Romances Start to Add Up

Rob Morrow and Michelle Nolden, Numbers

Let's suppose the total number of viewers itching to see FBI agent Don Eppes (Rob Morrow) on CBS' Numbers (Fridays at 10 pm/ET) hook up with someone for longer than five minutes is greater than the sum of fans who believe TV math has never been sexier and you arrive at... frankly, we don't have the foggiest, but clearly it has something to do with solid ratings for CBS. Averaging 11.5 million viewers this season, Numbers is attracting more people than shows like Crossing Jordan and read more

24's Audrey & Jack: Happily Ever After?

Kim Raver, 24

In this TV Guide Q&A, Kim Raver of Fox's powerhouse 24 (Mondays at 9 pm/ET) shares exclusive intel on stolen kisses, sad goodbyes and Audrey Raines' future with Jack.

TV Guide: Let's get this straight: Jack was just roughing you up [in the April 3 episode]. Now you're working with him again?
Kim Raver:
There have been so many crazy switches for Audrey, but it works perfectly for her character. Her father was in the military and was secretary of state, so this ability to flip sides for the good of the country — it's almost inbred. If it's about saving lives, you get over whatever grudges you have and you move forward.

read more

24's Julian Sands Blows Us Away

Julian Sands, 24

Here's what's odd about Julian Sands. You'll be having a perfectly lovely conversation about all the innocent people he's threatened to exterminate this season in his role as billionaire villain Vladimir Bierko on Fox's 24 (Mondays at 9 pm/ET), when suddenly the guy starts talking about taking his kids to the zoo!

What's next? Unleashing laughing gas on CTU?

But it turns out he's making a point about his character. "My children," Sands says in his highborn English accent, "often stare the longest at the creature in the reptile house that's the stillest. Bierko is that snake."

Bierko is indeed the quietest — and most slithery — of menaces. With his Savile Row suits and Russian oil money, you'd expect to find him n read more

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