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Vincent Kartheiser Gets a Mad Men Promotion

Vincent Kartheiser

"There's only one Don Draper," Vincent Kartheiser says, "and when you work alongside somebody like that, you make your peace with being a beta male." Kartheiser is talking about his Mad Men character, Pete Campbell, the ambitious WASP who has never quite matched the profile of his ad-agency superior, played by Jon Hamm. But that dynamic might shift... read more

Dexter's Jennifer Carpenter Opens Up About Husband Michael C. Hall's Cancer Battle

Jennifer Carpenter

"Oh, it's been an 11," Jennifer Carpenter says, when asked how intense the last year has been, on a 1 to 10 scale, for her and husband and Dexter co-star Michael C. Hall.

Just working on a show like Dexter would be extreme enough. Season 4 — available as a complete set on Blu-ray and DVD August 17 — ended with Dexter ... read more

CSI: Miami's Emily Procter Will Hide Real-Life Pregnancy

Emily Procter

Open car doors. Cardboard boxes. Maybe a cadaver or two.

Many are the ways Emily Procter plans to hide her pregnant belly this season on CSI: Miami. The actress, who plays CSI Calleigh Duquesne on the hit CBS drama, is expecting her first child with musician Paul Bryan early in December... read more

Pillars of the Earth: A Towering Achievement

Pillars of the Earth

It wasn't the swords. It wasn't the sandals. For Rufus Sewell, the tough part was all the stinkin' mud. Playing a 12th-century stonemason in mega miniseries The Pillars of the Earth, premiering tonight on Starz at 10/9c, meant maintaining "a level of grime on my neck consistent with that of your typical farm animal," he says.

A small price, indeed, for what's shaping up to be the armor-clanking, leech-sucking, monks-a-poppin' drama of the summer. Pillars, based on Ken Follett's doorstop of a best-seller (all 973 pages of it), about the quest to build a Gothic cathedral in a fictional England of yore, runs eight hours over six Friday nights... read more

Exclusive: Mad Men Cast and Creator Tease Season 4

Jon Hamm, Mad Men

The framed letter from President Obama hangs in the hallway outside Matt Weiner's office. "He wrote to say he enjoyed Season 3," the Mad Men creator says, giggling in disbelief. "He was congratulating me on my and the show's success, and I wanted to say, 'But wait, you're the successful person.'"

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The president was merely speaking for the quality-TV nation. In three seasons, Mad Men has gone from being a cool retro diversion to one of the most stylish, seductive shows in TV history... read more

White Collar's Tim DeKay: From Supporting Star to Leading Man

Tim DeKay

It's the blessing and curse of all hard-working character actors: "I have a household face but not a household name," says Tim DeKay, who plays FBI agent Peter Burke on White Collar (airing tonight at 9/8c, USA).

Burke's job is to keep tabs on con—turned—FBI consultant Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer)... read more

Jeffrey Donovan, Matt Bomer and Mark Feuerstein — The Boys of Summer

Mark Feuerstein, Jeffrey Donovan and Matt Bomer

Admit it. You like to watch.

The Long Island princesses who say "ahhh" to Dr. Hank Lawson on Royal Pains. The way ex-con Neal Caffrey charms his way to FBI immunity on White Collar. The sex appeal of Michael Westen's Miami spy circuit on Burn Notice. Sure, characters are welcome but you watch USA Network because someone somewhere is always scheming, punching, backstabbing or slipping naked into a ridiculously expensive pool.

TV's guiltiest pleasures? Oh, yeah. But they're also... read more

Tim Roth: Lie Detector

Tim Roth, Lie To Me

The quivering lip. The raised brow. Human lie detector Cal Lightman can read you like a book. But just as fun is interrogating Tim Roth for clues about Lie to Me's return Monday at 8/7c on Fox... read more

Olivia Wilde Makes House Her New Home

Olivia Wilde, House

Olivia Wilde, House's (Mondays at 9 pm/ET, Fox) mysterious new doc diagnoses her boss and dishes on being married to an Italian prince.

TV Guide: Thirteen is such a mystery, and we still don't know her name. What can you tell us about her?
Olivia Wilde:
The mystery is what defines her right now and sets her apart from the other women in House's life. Cameron has a giant heart; she loves to help wounded animals and wounded people. Cuddy wants to be a mother and takes care of House like a child. Thirteen isn't like that at all. She's more guy-like. She shies away from emotion. She has no interest in laying down her soul — aside from small flashes, like when she revealed she didn't want to know whether she carried the gene for Huntington's disease, like her mother. For now, though, it's the mystery that makes her so read more

Five Reasons We Love Dexter

Michael C. Hall, Dexter

He had us at the first drop of blood. Thirty-three seconds into the opening credits of Dexter on Showtime, the title character nicks his neck with a razor and the red stuff starts to ooze. Next he spears his breakfast meat with a brutal jab. Eggs are cracked without mercy. Nobody prepares breakfast like Dexter Morgan and nobody makes forensic science — not to mention serial killing, Dexter's side gig from the Miami police department — such a turn-on. With the cult drama's first season (albeit with the naked and deadlier moments sliced out) coming to network TV this week (Sundays at 10 pm/ET, CBS), we thought we'd gush about what makes Dexter such grisly fun.

It's in our veins. As Miami's top blood-spatter specialist, Dexter (Michael C. Hall) sees artistry where others only see arteries. "Dexter finds everything in a crime read more

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