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Aaron Stanford and Neal McDonough by David Gray/ABC

Hello Porters, fans of Traveler and any folks who may have randomly found this page. First off, on behalf of the cast, writers and everyone involved in Traveler, I want to thank all those who fought so hard over the past two months to get our show back on the air. It was inspiring to see your effort and devotion. And you fought valiantly. But in the end, I think the same thing that doomed our show — lack of awareness — also made it impossible to muster the kind of numbers needed to save it. So, while I will never forget the great — albeit frustrating — experience of Traveler, the time has come for all of us to move on to new season passes, new Web page bookmarks and new "save the show" campaigns, as I'm sure there will be some deserving series this fall that will get the short end of the marketing/ratings stick. But before I get to your much-deserved (and lengthy) Traveler answers, I also wanted to say that it's been a blast interacting with you here and on the T... read more

"What Is the Fourth Branch?"

Matthew Bomer, Logan Marshall-Green and Aaron Stanford by Bob D'Amico/ABC

Hello, Porters! I figured there might be a few fans out there itching for a Traveler fix today. It's the first Wednesday in a while without an episode of the show, so I figured I would come online and say hello to everyone and give you an update.First off, thank you for all of the reaction to last week's finale. There was a lot of food for thought in those 80-plus responses. And all of the feedback, positive and negative, has been processed by yours truly.For those who were upset by the cliff-hanger ending, all I can tell you is that we certainly did not expect it to be a series finale. If you've read this blog, you know that we made that show at the end of last year under near-impossible time constraints, and we did our best to wrap five episodes of story line into a one-hour thrill ride. The cliff-hanger finale was part of the construction of the series, which is meant to pose one large question for each season. The first season asked, "Who is Will Traveler?" And the second asks, ... read more

"The Porters"

Nothing like having a posse get your back when someone throws dirt in your eye. That's what I was thinking as I read the 45 — yes, 45! — comments that came in response to last week's blog and the news that ABC has let our contracts lapse. With the enormous outpouring of support here, on IMDb and on the various fan forums, I wanted to make sure you guys knew that we at Traveler appreciate all the dedication you've shown to the series. And thus, I have affectionately deemed you "the Porters." This is, of course, an allusion to Billy Mayo's character, the guy who keeps an eye on Jay, Tyler and Will when Jack Freed's Homeland Security thugs get in the way. So, my "Porters," I have promised another Q&A for this entry, and I will get to answering the questions I managed to sift out from those wonderful 45 comments you left last week: JKEB126 writes: Is there any way that the network will not cancel it for next season?The million-dollar question. Right now, with the Nielsen n... read more

Let's Hit the Rewind Button....

Welcome back to Dave's Traveler blog. After a break for the Fourth of July holiday, on July 11 we return for the final two episodes of the season... and perhaps of the show. Yes, in my efforts to keep you guys up to date, we have sadly reached the point where our show is most likely not coming back. ABC has officially let our cast contracts lapse. While this is not a formal cancellation, we are meant to fade away quietly, as this article from the L.A. Times suggests.The Traveler fans are doing everything they can to pull a Jericho, and if you want to see updates on their ideas and progress, you can check out the various fan forums on the Web. Here's hoping that I do not need to provide you with series closure on this blog. But if that is the case, it will be one hell of an entry.Now, I am not a guy who has many regrets in life. But I realized that because so much time has passed since we actually filmed the shows, I have probably been robbing you guys of some good "behind the scenes... read more

Four-quadrant Television

Hey, fellow Travelers! We had a great week both in episode response and in the ratings. All of your hard work promoting the show paid off with a 23-percent ratings increase week-to-week in the 18-to-49 demo. So, a huge thank-you goes out to all the fans who continue to spread the good Traveler word! Please keep it up. The show gets even more fun, action-packed and emotional as we head into the last three episodes of the season.Wow, "fun, action-packed and emotional?" Where have I heard those criteria for good entertainment before? Well, funny story. As you know from my earlier blog entries, I started out on the film side of this wild little town we call Hollywood. And in Hollywood, there's a special buzz term we use a lot when talking about the movie biz" "four-quadrant movie." But what exactly is a 4Q film? Well, there are about a dozen of them playing in your local cineplex right now. They dominate the summer movie season. They are films that appeal to all four of the major movieg... read more

And Our Special Guest Is...

Hey, guys. Thanks for all the great comments last week. Nice to see the interest in the show picking up. Now, as the title of today's entry suggests, I've invited a special guest to join us here at Dave's Traveler blog. This coming week's episode, "The Tells," offers you the first heavy dose of Will Traveler since the pilot. I've reached out to the man who brought Will to life on the small screen, Aaron Stanford, to write this week's entry. Aaron and I are both young guys who established our careers in film. (You probably recognize Aaron from his work in the X-Men movies or in such indie faves as Tadpole.) We both made our first foray into television with this show. As you may have picked up from my earlier blogs, this is not an easy transition. And I thought it would be cool for you to hear about the challenges of making Traveler from an actor's perspective. So without further adieu, here's Aaron's entry to the Traveler blog. I'll make sure he's got the URL so he can check out your... read more


We're three episodes into the season, and it's "question and answer" time here at Dave's Traveler blog. But first, a big thanks to all of you who come back every week to check out the show. We had a great hold from last week's premiere, and ABC will take notice of that. Also, I appreciate the blog comments. Great to hear your theories and your passion for the series. As a reward, I'm going to dip my hand into my fishbowl here and pick out our first question. Here we go:1. What are the show's future chances currently like? Please tell me there is some hope for a second season. — Posted by lswanson63Starting off with a big one. I can only tell you what I've been told by ABC. It's up to the fans. I think that there are a lot of people afraid to engage this show because there have been so many serialized shows cancelled after three episodes this year. Well, do not be afraid to engage Traveler. I've been told by ABC that they will run all eight episodes this summer. But we need to b... read more

Cloak and Dagger

Traveler's summer run has officially begun and, like you guys, I'm enjoying the ride so far. This show has been a labor of love for the people who made it, and it's great to see the show find such a devoted fan base after just two episodes. The fact that so many of you have started forming theories about Will Traveler and the Drexler Bombing has me fired up about where the show is heading. This interaction is one of the great hallmarks of the "cloak-and-dagger" genre, where individuals are placed into situations where their actions become representative of entire governments and political climates. And the audience starts asking what they would do if they were in that situation. Whom would you trust? How would you react? And most importantly for Traveler, where would you run? I was watching a great show on the History Channel this week called Star Wars: The Legacy Revealed. (OK, OK. Now that I've admitted to being a Lost and Star Wars fan, you might be picturing me as a dude who sp... read more

Lost and Found

First off, I'd like to thank the nearly 9 million people who tuned in to Traveler's May 10 sneak preview. You guys made Traveler one of the most successful May sweeps premieres of all time. And a special thanks goes to those fans who have checked out the blog and left comments. I read all of them. In fact, Ranger99's comment from May 4, in which he asked about the number of episodes, has inspired this blog entry.So, what's with this post's title? Well, it turns out the creator of Traveler, yours truly, is also a huge fan of another ABC serialized thriller: Lost. I just finished watching the Lost Season 3 finale, and it got me thinking about what makes good TV. Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse (Lost's executive producers) and company have an unparalleled knack for blowing our collective mind. This season finale delivered. It was fantastic. It not only answered a few huge questions, but it also raised a new question to drive the series forward. So why then have Damon, Carlton and Co. ... read more

The Road Less Traveled

Robert Frost's oft-quoted poem ends with the lines: "Two roads diverged in a wood, and I —I took the one less traveled by,And that has made all the difference."It's funny to sit here on the eve of Traveler's series launch and think back to the point where I stood at the proverbial fork in the road. It was about two years ago. We were finishing production on my first produced screenplay, Disney's family adventure film Eight Below. The phone rang. It was my agency. The agent on the line — who, by the way, is nothing like Ari Gold on Entourage — asked me a simple question: "What do you think about TV?" To which I quickly replied, "I enjoy it. Regularly. Why?" The answer came back: "Because now that you have a movie made, you should really think about television."And there it was, in all of its metaphorical glory — the fork. Should I go back to writing movies? Or should I take this new, less trodden path towards the land of TV? I, of course, went right back to the co... read more

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