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Tina Fey and Ty Pennington Meet Cute

When Tina Fey met Ty Pennington....

Saturday Night Live's Tina Fey is a major Ty Pennington fan. From the early days of Trading Spaces to his hit ABC show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, she's been there. (She's even checked out his line of home furnishings from Sears.) But little did Tina know that the man with the megaphone has been watching her every Saturday as she skewers world leaders and pop culture on SNL's Weekend Update. With a little help from TV Guide, this read more

Loni Anderson's Notorious Life

Loni Anderson, So Notorious

When VH1's So Notorious premieres this Sunday (10 pm/ET), it may leave some viewers a bit confused. They may think, "Hey, I never knew Loni Anderson was Tori Spelling's real mother...." But no, that's not one of Hollywood's best-kept secrets. Anderson, of course, is only playing the part in this fictionalized version of Tori's life. While Tori's real mother is Candy, Anderson is "Kiki," a twisted version of Aaron Spelling's wife. "Candy is a really nice lady," says Anderson, best known for her classic role as Jennifer Marlowe on WKRP in Cincinnati. "And, as we all know, being nice isn't funny. So Tori needed a nemesis, and I am the mother you love to hate."

TVGuide.com: How did this role come about for you?
Loni Anderson: I had to kind of fight to get in because they didn't want a celebrity name for the part. They wanted Tori to be the only celebrity because th read more

Did Beauty Find Love with Her Geek?

Cher Tenbush and Josh Herman, Beauty and the Geek

Who would have thought that a show called Beauty and the Geek could be one of the nicest reality shows on television? This season began with seven guys and girls paired up with the goal of pushing everyone out of their comfort zones, all while shooting for a $250,000 payday. The winners of executive producer Ashton Kutcher's "social experiment" this time were Josh Herman, 27, and Cheryl Tenbush, 24 — a surprise in only that this nondating show resulted in a romance for Cher and fellow contestant Wes Wilson. Since Beauty and the Geek wrapped, Josh has sold a comedy screenplay to Fox and Cher has moved out to L.A. (But as our phone call will reveal, it seems she's not out there by her lonesome....) read more

Lucy Lawless: From Xena to Katrina

Lucy Lawless in Vampire Bats

Lucy Lawless really should go on Fear Factor. The former Xena: Warrior Princess star had to fight off a swarm of gonzo grasshoppers earlier this year in the CBS TV-movie Locusts, and now in the sequel, the imaginatively titled Vampire Bats (Sunday at 9 pm/ET), she's battling a horde of... well, you get the idea. But she also weathered far more real storms this year, as you'll see in TVGuide.com's interview with the Kiwi.

TVGuide.com: Vampire bats, locusts — if you had to be attacked by either, which would you prefer?
Lucy Lawless: Ooh, I'm going to have to go with the locusts, I'm afraid. Hang on... I'm trying to think which is a quicker death. There read more

Has "Peter Brady" Found True Love?

My Fair Brady

It was a match made in reality heaven. On last season's The Surreal Life, Christopher Knight (aka The Brady Bunch's Peter) and Adrianne Curry, the first winner of America's Next Top Model, unexpectedly fell for each other amid the typical chaos of the VH1 show. And despite a significant age difference — he's 47, she's 23 — Adrianne soon moved into Christopher's Los Angeles home. It was all supposed to be "temporary," until she found her own place, but when their follow-up VH1 series, My Fair Brady (Sundays at 9:30 pm/ET), went into production months later, she was still there. From the first few episodes, it's cl read more

Kitchen Hayseed Plays Waiting Game

John Francis Daley in Waiting...

John Francis Daley has a lot on his plate. TV-wise, he's currently costarring as Jim, the easily mocked restaurant worker on Fox's Kitchen Confidential (which returns Nov. 7, after the baseball playoffs). And right now, he's also cooking up a storm as Mitch, the shy, easily abused trainee in the film Waiting..., which follows the generally unsanitary antics found at ShenaniganZ, a restaurant chain that happens to rhyme with Bennigan's. Ironically, the 20-year-old actor can't cook anything beyond basic pasta, but he served up some tasty answers to our questions.

TVGuide.com: There are similarities between your characters in Waiting... and Kitchen Confidential. Are you now read more

TV Guide Takes Conan Back in Time

Conan O'Brien with Howdy Doody

It's uncanny, isn't it? It's hard to say who better captured the spirit of this 1954 cover. Was it the exuberant and bright-eyed Conan O'Brien, or was it the exact replica of the original Howdy Doody puppet? It's a close call, but we think they both did a great job of helping us commemorate TV Guide's final digest-size issue before we relaunch as a full-size magazine next week. (Click here to check out the other eight recreated covers.) We spoke to the Late Night host about this unique photo shoot, his first experience with the iconic red-haired marionette and his thoughts about taking over The Tonight Show in 2009.

TVGuide.com: How was it impersonating Buffalo Bob?
Conan O'Brien:
They made my hair read more

Holly Robinson Peete Does Love Football

Holly Robinson Peete

Do not call Holly Robinson Peete on a Sunday during football season. She will hang up on you. The actress and wife of former NFL quarterback Rodney Peete is passionate about the sport. To share the love, she's written a new book, Get Your Own Damn Beer, I'm Watching the Game! A Woman's Guide to Loving Pro Football. And in her "spare time," Robinson Peete, best known from her stints on 21 Jump Street and Hangin' with Mr. Cooper, is costarring in Love, Inc., a new UPN sitcom (premiering Sept. 22) in which she plays the founder of a romance-consulting firm. It seems like whether she's on screen or on the page, Robinson Peete has all the answers. But we wanted a few more.

TV Guide: Per your book title, what read more

D.L. Hughley Talks and Talks and Talks

D.L. Hughley

When last we spoke to D.L. Hughley, one of the Original Kings of Comedy, he was a "finalist" for the host's chair on The Late Late Show. He told TVGuide.com then that if the CBS gig didn't work out, he planned to somehow be in late night. Turns out, his plans came through: Tonight his new talk show, Weekends at the D.L., premieres on Comedy Central (airing Friday through Sunday at 11 pm/ET). The comedian, whose sitcom The Hughleys aired from 1999-2002, is now an unscripted man. Weekends features comedy sketches, musical acts and guests, and, in a format somewhat akin to Politically Incorrect, the celebs du jour will engage in roundtable discussions. When we called Hughley at his Los Angeles production offices, his usual easygoin read more

Comedy Central Yells "Stella!?!"


Trying to explain Stella, Comedy Central's new show (Tuesdays at 10:30pm/ET), to someone who has never seen it isn't easy. The simple answer would be that it's a half-hour comedy starring three former members of MTV's The State, Michael Ian Black, David Wain and Michael Showalter. But that's probably not enough. "It's sort of Marx Brothers mixed with Three Stooges," offers Black, best known for his role on NBC's Ed and his wry commentary on VH1's I Love the... specials. "It's not really sketches. It's self-contained stories featuring the three of us playing ourselves getting into various mishaps and scrapes."

In one rec read more

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