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The Ladies of Temptation Island Speak Out!

The shame games of Fox's Temptation Island reach their steamy climax in tonight's season finale (airing 8 pm/ET), when viewers will finally learn who's making up and breaking up in balmy Belize. Unable to keep our curiosity pent-up until then, TV Guide Online gathered Mandy Lauderdale, Ytossie Patterson, Shannon Roghair and Valerie Penso at the Feb. 24 taping of the TV Guide Awards for a friendly grilling, er, chat.

Of course, by now these shady ladies (who wrapped Temptation last fall) are too well-schooled in public relations tactics to spill the outcome of their relationship dilemmas in advance. "You kind of train yourself to not talk about it," says Shannon, aka Andy Luker's wayward woman. "It's been nice having [network publicists] stand right next to you and give you the darting look if you're not supposed to go there. They're like, 'No, don't say that!'"

Fortunately, their muzzles aren't on too tight. Scandal-ridden Yt read more

Martin Sheen's Hoop Dreams

Heads up! Martin Sheen will play hooky from The West Wing's Oval Office to call the shots on a high school basketball court when the teen drama O hits theaters April 27. "It's a modern version of Shakespeare's Othello," the actor tells TV Guide Online. "A guy named O is this magnificent black high school basketball player who's in love with a white girl."

Proving what a small town Hollywood is, it turns out the lead hoopster's portrayer, Mekhi Phifer, is pals with Dule Hill, who toils away in The West Wing as Sheen's presidential aide, Charlie. "There's a lot of kids in this who I didn't know, man!" admits Sheen, who was chosen Actor of the Year in a Drama Series at the TV Guide Awards, airing March 7 on Fox (8 pm/ET). Even so, the veteran thesp seems awestruck by his younger colleagues: "Julia Stiles (Save the Last Dance) plays Desdemona and my son, Hugo, is played read more

David Copperfield Plays with Fire

Better mark your calendars and start shopping for asbestos undies now, kids. Master illusionist David Copperfield is conjuring up trouble again. No, he isn't making supermodel ex-fiancée Claudia Schiffer's clothes disappear. Instead, the stunt-loving performer will defy death once more in Copperfield! Tornado of Fire (airing live April 3 on CBS).

Enthuses Copperfield: "We've actually developed an F-2 tornado — which could blow the roof off a house or actually blow the house off the foundation — with turbine engines. And [we've] added fire to it, fire in the vortex. I'm going to try to stand in the middle of the vortex without becoming toast, literally."

Feel free to commence the oohing and aahing. The magician is currently testing his incendiary trickery in a Los Angeles warehouse, and it ain't easy. "I've been preparing for it every day," Copperfield says, "trying to learn where that core of the tornado is, because the only way of read more

Masterson Prays for a Hit

Playing a struggling single mom on the sentimental CBS drama Kate Brasher (premiering Saturday at 9 pm/ET) means Mary Stuart Masterson (Fried Green Tomatoes) will do her share of Bible-reading scenes. But does her faithful character have a prayer of relating to viewers who shy away from religion?

"As an actress, playing a person who prays actively on television really terrified me at first," she admitted to reporters while out promoting her new series. "I don't want it to look like I'm proselytizing, [like] I'm saying, 'Go be a Christian' or anything like that. But... it's a way to show that here's a person who lives by her wits and by faith."

Hedging a bit after uttering the "F-word," Masterson qualifies: "[Not faith] in a God with a capital 'G' or any tradition that [Kate] grew up with. Just like, 'Help me out, man,' you know? And I think faith is what drives her, and makes her believe the best in other people and that things happen for a reason... T read more

Kurt Russell's Pride and Joy

Almost Famous star Kate Hudson's Oscar nomination for best supporting actress couldn't have pleased anyone more than mom Goldie Hawn and her longtime beau — Kate's de facto stepdad — Kurt Russell.

"We're obviously proud parents," says Russell, who stars in 3000 Miles to Graceland, in theaters Friday. "Where I was really proud of her was when I went to see the screening of Almost Famous. [Kate gives] a spectacular performance. There's one scene in that movie where, as an actor, I can tell you the degree of difficulty is as tough as it gets." He's referring to the poignant sequence in which Hudson, as fragile rock-groupie Penny Lane, is told her idol has traded her in for a six-pack of beer. Crushed, Penny retorts, "What kind?"

"That is a spectacular moment," Russell beams. "To cry and laugh and go through eight emotions at one time in a 20-second span is a very difficult thing to do. And you either got that ability or you d read more

A Survivor's Bittersweet Surrender

Standing at a full seven feet tall didn't help Mitchell Olsen, 23, keep his head above the fray on Survivor: The Australian Outback. In fact, despite the notoriety that's come with being the fourth contestant voted off the game show, the lanky fellow says he'd never stretch his limits that way again.

"I can put myself back in those shoes and realize how much I was suffering," Olsen told The Early Show's Jane Clayson. "I'm so grateful for the experience. I really am. It was a great adventure. But I wouldn't do it again; I see no need to."

In a highly unusual move, the singer-songwriter crooned his own swan song during a tribal council, practically begging his Ogakor tribemates to oust him. Even more surprising, it seemed Olsen might not get his wish when he tied twice with cantankerous chef Keith Famie. "I definitely wanted out," he recalls. "It was much tougher than I thought. And at that point, I didn't think I really wanted to put myself read more

Hasselhoff Bids Baywatch Farewell

The axing of Baywatch Hawaii marks the end of an 11-year era in flash and jiggle TV, but David Hasselhoff — who played founding lifeguard Mitch Buchannon — doesn't seem awfully sad to see the series retiring its life preserver.

"The last two years were not really the true Baywatch," he tells TV Guide Online. "In a way, it's kind of flattery that the show was cancelled, because when I left, the ratings went down. And in another way, I'm disheartened because [as a producer] I was making a lot of money with the show going. Some lady summed it up for me while I was out shopping for my daughter on Valentine's Day. She goes, 'Well, that'll teach you to leave the show, huh? They cancelled it!' I just laughed my ass off; that was the funniest compliment I've ever gotten in my life.

"Baywatch had something for everybody," Hasselhoff continues. "It had a lot of big action for the young kids, and the babes for the guys. But the funny thing is, the read more

Experts Lay Odds on Oscar

Even the most casual Oscar observers knew Julia Roberts would garner a best actress nod for her title role in Erin Brockovich. The multiple nominations for Gladiator (which snared 12) and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (with 10 total) were pretty predictable, too. But some surprising shutouts — Michael Douglas, anyone? — and a few mighty close races have set industry heads spinning. To help cope with the controversy, TV Guide Online asked film critic Richard Roeper (Ebert &#038 Roeper and the Movies) and Movie Awards author Tom O'Neil to talk us through each of the top categories.
read more

Denis Leary Smarts Off on The Job

Considering that Denis Leary didn't give up cigarettes for his movie career, any TV network exec who asked him to do so would simply be blowing smoke.

"I did quit, actually, for about a year," Leary told reporters while promoting his new ABC Wednesday night cop comedy, The Job (premiering March 14 at 9:30pm/ET). "[But] I think given the horrifying array of all the things that this character [is] doing, smoking was never even remotely thought about."

Leary's referring to Mike McNeil, the hard-living, pill-popping Manhattan police detective he plays on the show, for which he also serves as an executive producer. Quips the seasoned stand-up comic: "Can he smoke more and just take less drugs, I think, was probably what [the network was] hoping for."

"Mike is actually a pretty weak guy when it comes down to solving his personal problems," he continues. "You know, a good cop, but his personal life is a [expletive] mess." So much so, Leary adds, that "in the pilo read more

Survivor's "Mad Dog" Barks Back

Though shamed at her own traitorous game last week, Maralyn "Mad Dog" Hershey, the 52-year-old retired police officer from Wakefield, Va., waxed philosophical about being the third contestant voted off Survivor: The Australian Outback.

"Some may view it as poetic justice," she told The Early Show's Jane Clayson. "The Washington Post portrayed me as shooting Kel [Gleason] in the back about a week ago. So after Tina [Wesson] shot me right between the eyes, I had to give myself a little first aid, but I'm recovering."

Though stunned by Tina's vote, "Mad Dog" bears no ill will toward her "conjoined twin" for severing their outback ties and says they'll stay friends stateside. Ever blunt, she declared: "What every single person who played the game and is still playing the game has got to remember, once they're no longer playing the game, [is] that it was a game. You cannot take what happened to heart." read more

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