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Smallville Devil's Star Wars Connection

Bald is beautiful. And, if you're Smallville star Michael Rosenbaum, it's also very lucrative. As the follicularly challenged Lex Luthor on WB's smashing Superman drama, Rosenbaum has spent four seasons toying with the Teen of Steel's circle of friends. Tonight (at 8 pm/ET) he gets a dose of his own villainy in an episode that finds a pair of Lexes on the loose. That gives Rosenbaum a reason to talk to TVGuide.com about everything from acting with himself to the lighter side of going to the dark side.
TVGuide.com: So is the world ready for two Lexes?
Michael Rosenbaum:
Best episode of the year, man. This experiment goes wrong and all of a sudden there's two of me running around.

TVG: It's a Luthorpalooza!
When I first heard about the episode, [executive producer] Greg Beeman told me, "Man, you are in every scene... every page." Then I got the script and 47 pages out of 50 are me. I read more

Smallville Fears Dr. Quinn

Whoever said that beauty is skin deep has obviously never met Jane Seymour. Our favorite Medicine Woman has been quietly lending her off-camera artistry to a spate of good causes, including the Red Cross and child-abuse groups, while behaving very badly as Genevieve, the wicked mother of Lana's beau (Jensen Ackles) on Smallville. Proving that charity starts at home, the still-stunning mother of six took a time-out from a painting powwow at her home and dial up TV Guide Online to dish everything from promoting women's health to playing women from hell.

TV Guide Online: Is this a bad time? It sounds like you've got a full house right now.
Jane Seymour:
We've got a whole group of artists here [and] a whole bunch of costumes. My two daughters, who are actresses, [are] dressed up... they were [1930s-era] flappers a moment ago. I just put my hair up in a Gibson and did something, as usual, very Victor read more

Star Jonesing for the Riverses

As any true fan of the Emmys knows, the arrivals are almost holier than the show itself. It's our first look at who's wearing what, who's had some work done — and who needs to — not to mention where we find proof that certain former costars aren't so cozy anymore. And for years, the keepers of that sacred land have been the mom-daughter mess of Joan and Melissa Rivers. Tacky, tough and maybe a little tanked, the red-carpet commandos made every mistake in the book. And we loved them for it. So much so that we hired them away to the TV Guide Channel. Unfortunately, due to a few legal loopholes, our picky pair had to sit out this season's kudosfest, leaving Payless queen Star Jones to fill their shoes for Live from the Red Carpet, E!'s annual parade of pretty people piling into L.A.'s Shrine Auditorium. And while she probably won't win a statue for cloying her way down the carpet, there were a few bits leading up to TV's 56th annual p read more

Heather Locklear's New Flight Plan

Behold the healing power of Locklear. Dynasty. T.J. Hooker. Melrose Place. Spin City. The woman who puts the heat in Heather has been lending her lucky charms to struggling shows since the days of shoulder pads and shoot-'em-up weddings. Now, the deliciously dishy bombshell is back with a brand-spankin'-new drama, NBC's airport-based LAX, and she's packing a seriously sexy supporting cast. So get ready to assume the upright position.

TV Guide Online: Do you ever work with ugly people?
Heather Locklear:
I know! It's a little crazy. [Laughs]

TVGO: Between you, Blair Underwood, Paul Leyden (ex-Simon, As the World Turns)....
You can get me out of there. But the rest....

TVGO: Are you kidding? Woman, don't you realize you are still hot?!
Well, thank you!

TVGO: Then, of course, there's Blair.
I thought that was such a read more

Blair Underwood Flies High

Mmmm, mmm, mmm. It just ain't right to be as fine as Blair Underwood. The man wore a suit like nobody's business in seven seasons of L.A. Law, did the big-screen thing (opposite Julia Roberts, no less) in Steven Soderbergh's misleadingly titled Full Frontal and was one of the few fellows to make Miranda smile on Sex and the City. Now, he's got a bigger — and blonder — fish to fry as Heather Locklear's hunky nemesis (and possible love interest) on the new NBC series LAX. You might want to buckle up, though. With this example of God's best work at play, the idea of layovers just got a lot sexier.

TV Guide Online: Do you think if real airport employees looked like you and Heather, people would travel more often?
Blair Underwood:
Aw, listen to you! [Laughs] Actually, the woman who is an executive director of the real LAX is this attractive blond who absolutely walks around in high heels. Heath read more

Dishing Bachelorette's Meredith

Well, $4 million worth of pink rose petals has been swept up, following Trista and Ryan's Wedding, and it's time to move on. Starting Jan. 14 on ABC, the next Bachelorette follows in the bride's footsteps, seeking a man of her own. This time, it's Bob Guiney's reject, Meredith Phillips, who'll get her group-date on. And, as usual, Chris Harrison will be along for the ride as host. According to him, this season's stunner has all the makings of a fine dating-show drama queen.

"I hate even using the word, because it is a reality show, but Meredith is probably the most 'real' person we've had," says Harrison. "With Trista, the great thing for those of us producing [The Bachelorette] was that she always [understood it was] a TV show, and did what she needed to do." As for Phillips, though, "if she's happy, she's happy. If she's sad, if she's pissed off, that's it. She is who she is," he assesses. "She's not faking it."

That lack of read more

Bachelor Bob Kisses and Tells

Say what you will about The Bachelor's Bob Guiney, but the guy has clocked more lip-locks than Richard Dawson during a Family Feud marathon. And he's got the perfect excuse for all the puckering.

"Truthfully, I'm an affectionate person," insists the man of the hour. "And my thought is, if any of us have dated 10 people in the course of our lives, odds are that we've kissed them... I just had to do mine in six to eight weeks!"

Makes more sense than letting Meredith slip away, but hey. This is a guy who gave the kiss-off to a parade of hot properties over the course of ABC's dating game (Antoinette, hubba, hubba). And now that he's down to only two fair ladies — the knockout Estella and feisty hometown girl Kelly Jo — our unlikely Michigan heartthrob sees his ultimate choice as a win-win situation.

"I think, with a lot of [the women from the show], you couldn't go wrong," he admits diplomatic read more

Roc Star Relives Sniper Tragedy

Having tackled everything from jail to Yale Drama School to network sitcoms, you'd think that ex-Roc star Charles S. Dutton had seen it all. But during last October's Beltway-area shootings, while many couldn't help but notice his uncanny likeness to Virginia police chief Charles Moose, Dutton was witnessing the worst of that horror first hand.

"I live in Maryland," says the three-time Emmy winner (that includes last month's trophy for his Without a Trace guest spot). "Those guys [suspected gunmen John Lee Malvo and John Allan Muhammad] were about 15 miles from my farm. I was there during a majority of the shootings."

So when the offer to play Moose in USA Network's D.C. Sniper: 23 Days of Fear (airing Oct. 17 at 9 pm/ET) came in, Dutton wasn't so sure about a small-screen trip back to the scene of the crimes that killed 10 people and injured three others.

read more

Jami Gertz: Goofy as Gilda

What a difference an Emmy nod makes, huh? Best known as the resident bombshell in so many '80s angst-bombs (Less Than Zero, Solarbabies), Jami Gertz never got the props she deserved. We first met her as &#252berprep Muffy Tepperman on the cult gem Square Pegs. Since then, she's handed in handfuls of strong turns, including a brief visit to ER as head shrinker Nina Pomerantz.

But it wasn't until the stunner stunned us with her Emmy-nominated stint as Ally McBeal misfit Kimmie Bishop that folks finally realized she is one funny honey. Now, she's ready to be taken seriously, playing one of comedy's greatest gals in tonight's Gilda Radner: It's Always Something (airing read more

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