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John from Cincinnati's Rebecca DeMornay Needs a Hug

Rebecca DeMornay, John from Cincinnati

It's been 24 years since she gave Tom Cruise an El of a time in Risky Business, and Rebecca DeMornay is still one hot ticket. As Cissy Yost, the way-damaged surf-family matriarch on HBO's John from Cincinnati (Sundays at 9 pm/ET), DeMornay has been tearing up the scenery while proving that some sex symbols never go out of style.

TV Guide: What is going on with this show?
DeMornay: [Laughs] It's like a Rorschach puzzle being formulated inside the locked doors of [series creator] David Milch's mind. Everything is hidden behind those doors — even from the actors.

TV Guide: You find out as the scripts come in?
DeMornay: read more

Dirty Jobs' Mike Rowe Comes Clean About Tonight's Task

Mike Rowe, Dirty Jobs

Think your 9-to-5 bites? Tell it to Mike Rowe. As the host of Discovery Channel's strangely captivating Dirty Jobs (Tuesdays at 9 pm/ET), Rowe has sampled for our viewing discomfort more bad gigs than you can shake a septic-tank hose at and has come up smelling like… something very wrong. Tonight the happiest disgruntled employee ever heads to a tannery for even more odorific employment.

TV Guide: So, a simple Google search shows that you've become the sex symbol of the Discovery Channel.
Mike Rowe:
Weird. [Laughs] You know what's really funny? The show had such low expectations initially.... Then the numbers started coming back for females and just caught everybody by surprise. But really, I don't think people are tuning in to see my gross, broken-down, 45-year-old frame trying to flood throu read more

TV's New Late-night Host May Be Too Hot to Handler

Chelsea Handler, Chelsea Lately

The boys of late night get some brassy company tonight at 11:30 pm/ET when former Girls Behaving Badly hellcat Chelsea Handler unleashes E!'s Chelsea Lately, her new nightly tart-tongued attack on the increasingly sordid world of celebrity news. We rang her up for the lowdown on what to expect.

TV Guide: So how does this show work?
Chelsea Handler:
We have a roundtable setup and we'll be [looking at] gossip and what's going on in the pop-culture world, depending on what's happened that day. Like if Paris Hilton goes back to jail three or four times in one afternoon. [Laughs]

TV Guide: Like a threesome between Entertainment Tonight, The Daily Show and Colbert. read more

Preview! Degrassi: The Next Generation Makes a Bold Move

Degrassi: The Next Generation's Lauren Collins

If Degrassi: The Next Generation is the Canuck 90210, then creator Linda Schuyler is Canada's answer to Aaron Spelling. More plugged in to the youth culture than most youths, the lively and delightful Schuyler has been telling the stories of kids, tweens and teens since unleashing the original The Kids of Degrassi Street back in 1980. Almost three decades and as many Degrassi incarnations later, she's ready to take D:TNG into the great unknown — adulthood. And it all starts this Friday at 8 pm/ET, when the show returns to wrap up Season 6 with new episodes and a far-reaching story line for fan-favorite Paige.

TV Guide: This first episode back seems to be setting up something very big for Paige (played by Laur read more

One Tree Hill Finale: Will Dan Get His Comeuppance?

Paul Johansson, One Tree Hill

He's pitted his sons against each other, blackmailed his ex and shot his own brother. But tonight, Dan Scott pays for it all in the fourth season finale of the CW's One Tree Hill (airing tonight at 9 pm/ET). Here, Paul Johansson talks about the justice awaiting his small-town J.R. Ewing and the jump in time that will make all the characters four years older when they return at mid-season next year.

TV Guide: If Dan's getting his due, does that mean poor Karen's finally going to find out she's fallen for her lover's killer?
Paul Johansson:
I don't know if I'm allowed to say, but it's really horrifying to see what she goes through.... The ramifications reach all over. Nathan's basketball schol read more

A Quick Look at Style Network's Finola Hughes

Finola Hughes, How Do I Look?

Fear not, fashion disasters! Finola Hughes is intent on making the world a prettier place one wardrobe at a time as the host of Style Network's upbeat makeover series How Do I Look? (new episodes air Monday at 9 pm/ET). Here, host and sartorial stunner Finola Hughes reveals her secret for keeping her composure, and admits to some of her own style missteps.

TV Guide: How do you keep a straight face with Look's pre-makeover messes?
Well, I take a deep breath. [Laughs] I think every person who comes on has a tremendous desire to change. Once we show them where their [errors] come from, it sort of liberates them in a way.

TV Guide: After seven seasons, who's tougher to fix — men or women?
Oh, the guys are pushovers! They're just happy if t read more

Tarty Tanya Teases Footballers' Wives' Final Season

Zoe Lucker, Footballers' Wives

You'd have to go all the way back to Dynasty's Alexis Colby to find a saucier British TV import than Tanya Turner of BBC America's Footballers' Wives. To mark the fifth and final season premiere of the campy soccer-and-sex sudser (airing tonight at 8 pm/ET), we rang up Tanya's alter ego, Zoe Lucker, to talk about wild women, wacky ensembles and working with the original queen of mean.

TV Guide: Obviously, Tanya is a man-eater. But she's also a romantic.
Zoe Lucker: I felt very strongly about that. If you play the straight bitch, then you're not going to have people on your side. I always maintained that the reason Tanya behaves the way she does is because of the way she's been treated. She basically wants to be loved by the right person.

TV Guide: And has she! How many husbands so read more

Erik Estrada Takes a "CHiP" Down Memory Lane

Erik Estrada in CHiPs

No offense to the current crop of motorcycle cops cruising the City of Angels, but the California Highway Patrol has never looked better than when Erik Estrada was riding high as Officer Francis Llewellyn "Ponch" Poncherello alongside Larry Wilcox's Jon Baker on CHiPs (1977-83). For six years, the blow-dried and beloved sex symbol broke racial barriers and battled NBC, while forever cementing his status as an icon on wheels. So in honor of the show's Tuesday debut on DVD, we rang up Estrada to get the dish on CHiPs — including Ponch's nationality switch, and the money dispute that almost got him "Olympically" canned.

TVGuide.com: Let's talk about the first season of CHiPs, which  just came out on DVD. It's about damn time!
Erik Estrada: I know. Through the years people would come up to me and say, "W read more

Angel Hair: Jaclyn Smith Gets in Her Reality-TV Cuts

Jaclyn Smith, Shear Genius

Let's cut to the chase: Jaclyn Smith is pure heaven. And now that the former Angel has spread her wings into reality TV — as host of Bravo's hairstyling competition Shear Genius (Wednesdays at 10 pm/ET) — we decided to have a little coif-y talk.

TV Guide: First off, you look amazing. You have the body of a 20-year-old.
Jaclyn Smith: Boy, you're sweet. I like hearing that on a stressful day.

TV Guide: Now obviously, you know hair....
Smith: Well, I definitely have a point of view, and I've learned a lot from [Shear judges] Sally Hershberger, José Eber and read more

What Do Buffy, Hellboy and a Gay Robot Have in Common?

Doug Jones, Gay Robot

As far as culty pleasures go, Gay Robot may very well take the cupcake. An unsold TV pilot that's found new life online (at MySpace.com/GayRobot), the feyest droid since C-3PO is both proof of the power of the Internet and a perfectly twisted comedy that, well, even cable isn't ready for. And that is just how Doug Jones likes it. The affable actor behind the motorized man-lover may not be a familiar face, but there's no doubt that he's caused a few jaws to drop with his heavily disguised turns in everything from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Hellboy and Pan's Labyrinth to this summer's read more

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