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Holiday Gift Guide, Part Deux: The X-Files and Beyond

On the second day of my Holiday Gift GuideThere are more TV shows on DVDThat ya’ll need to find under your tree!Like…The X-Files: The Complete Collector’s Edition—Now, I wouldn’t call myself a collector, but I dug this show in a big ol’ way. And how could you not? David Duchovny has never been cooler, Gillian Anderson gets hotter as the seasons go on (the red hair simmas down, too) and the mythology is relatively easy to follow. And this set? Forget. About. IT! When they say “complete,” they ain’t messin’ around. Each season has a “making-of” featurette, there’s a 60-page episode guide and the deleted scenes are to die for. Oh, and the "Fight the Future" movie is in there, so you get the whole continuity thing. Honestly, this is one of those sets that every company should check out when planning full-show releases. Just be careful. Once you start sorting through the 201 episodes for one of those couch-devouring “f... read more

The Top Five Things We Love About Gossip Girl

Blake Lively and Penn Badgley, Gossip Girl

Take that, Nielsens. Turns out the mighty ratings system has met its match in a plucky little lady named Gossip Girl (Wednesdays at 9 pm/ET, CW). She may not have the biggest numbers, but raging word of mouth, mad style and a rules-rewriting DVR draw have made the CW's snazzy adaptation of the novels — Dynasty, 90210 by way of the Big Apple — the stuff teen dreams are made of. And that's the sort of rep every girl would die for.

1. It's the smartest ensemble this side of Fashion Week.
Teen soaps usually have one weak link (no names, please!), but not in this cast. Blake Lively, as sassy Serena van der Woodsen, lives up to her name; Leighton Meester's broken-doll sadness saves Blair from bitch cliché; read more

Star Trek, Gilmore, The Wire...It's a Very Merry Holiday DVD Gift Guide!

On the first day of my Christmas gift guide, My true love of TV DVDsIs what I want to share with thee.So hark your heralds and deck your halls later, people. We’ve got more box sets than all those maids a’milkling and drummers drummin’ combined to cover this month. And nothing makes the season brighter than a shiny pile of TV shows, no matter who’s on your gift list.For your sci-fi friend…Star Trek: The Next Generation Holy Starship! The complete series in one Borg-tacular cube may be too much for even the most geeeked-out Trekker. 49 discs, 176 episodes, Picard doing all sorts of “Make it so.” It’s stunning. And quite powerful, lemme tell you. Having never watched the show back when it was on because, you know, I was out doing messed up stuff to ruin my life, the phenomenon escaped me. Well, no more! I now get what the big whoo hoo is about with this one and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Not that I’m booking a trip to one of those ... read more

O.D. on The O.C. with Gossip Girl's BFF, Josh Schwartz

The O.C.: The Complete Series Collection courtesy Warner Home Video

Welcome to my column about The O.C., bitches! OK, I promise, last time I ever use that line in any variation. But I had to this time because The O.C.- The Complete Series box set hits the shelves this week and I’ve got none other than the master, Josh Schwartz, talking about the show, the set and the new gigs he’s got that ya’ll need to get with if ya ain’t already. OK, I am loving Gossip Girl.Cool!But first, we must talk about The OC box set.Yes, we do. [Laughs]What did you get to do with The Complete Series set that wasn’t in the previous seasons?Well, the first thing I got to do was really dorky: I finally put the first season in wide-screen, which had never been done before. But mostly, it’s the idea of having the entire series in one cool looking box.The box is gorgeous.The box is gorgeous. It’s like four years of your life—and of my life—in one box and we loaded it up with bonus features, scenes, behind-the scenes stuff, bloopers, c... read more

Let Us Give Thanks For Bones, Family Guy and Veronica Mars

I know last week I said this column would be all about The O.C., but seeing how so many of us are off for the rest of the week, I figured, let’s hold that ‘til next week when we’re all back at work and trolling the web. Instead, I offer you one last pre-Thanksgiving batch of shows on DVD you can’t help but be grateful for.Veronica Mars All three seasons, all wondrous in their own way and all the Kristen Bell you need to know that the woman is a star. The only downside is the lack of gratitude one might experience at the CW’s cancellation of this prime property.Bones Let me put it this way: this show is a scream. And if you’re not hip to season 3 running on FOX right now, get there and grab the first two seasons available on your way. David Boreanaz may actually be the funniest handsome man on TV right now. And Emily Deschanel? She’s grown on me. Give her a shot, people. House isn’t Tuesday night’s only great show. (Oh and check out my q&... read more

Bones Preview: David Boreanaz Says Bones and Booth Are Together

David Boreanaz, Bones

Bones (Tuesdays, 8 pm/ET, Fox) star David Boreanaz talks with TV Guide about the kiss fans are dying for, the movie that took him home again and why he spends weekends with Emily Deschanel.

TV Guide: Now that you're a coproducer for Bones, where do you want to see the show go?
David Boreanaz:
I think where I'd like to see the show go and where the executives are taking it may be two different things. [Laughs] They're very creative and they're planning to continue the therapist angle — which is a great idea — as a way to help Booth and Brennan deal with their relationship.

TV Guide: Which begs the question that everybody's asking: When are they going to get together?
The read more

Young Indiana Jones, Old Variety Shows and Twin Freaks...awwww yeah!

Still feeling grateful folks. I can’t help it, it’s this month. Ya got Thanksgiving coming up, the weather’s finally changing (although this Philly humidity is total bullshizz) and the DVD coffers are filled to the rim with causes for celebration these days.And with this TV writers’ strike shaping up to suck long and big, having a few great DVDs to keep your flat-screen toasty is never a bad thing. Especially if the DVDs themselves are bad-ass weirdness like this week’s basket of goodies.First up, and huge props to the geniuses (geniui?) at Paramount Home Video, is Twin Peaks: The Definitive Gold Box Edition. Oh, holy Log Lady, is this set stellar! Not only package-wise, but also in what's going on inside the sleek box. 10 discs, including the pilot that was woefully absent from the original first-season set, and oodles of extras on the making of the show that confused so many of us between 1990 and ’91. Trust me, as soon as you see poor plastic-wrapped... read more

William Baldwin's Dirty Sexy Secrets

William Baldwin, Dirty Sexy Money

Thrice-wed Karen Darling may be headed down the aisle again on Dirty Sexy Money (10 pm/ET, ABC) tonight, but it's her brother Patrick who's in for some serious marital mayhem after his affair with transgendered knockout Carmelita is hauled out of the closet. We talked with William Baldwin about playing the shady politico and maintaining his own family ties.

TV Guide: Of all the political scandals we've seen, Patrick and Carmelita definitely break the mold.
Baldwin: Some might think it's kinky or deviant, and he may have been drawn [to Carmelita] for those reasons, but at some point it became very real. I have friends who say that we're the most normal couple on the show, the most stable. People seem to be loving it.

TV Guide: Even though we've already been through the politician-and-his-wronged-w read more

Heat of the Night: Things Get Sticky for FNL's Landry and Tyra

Jesse Plemons and Adrianne Palicki, Friday Night Lights

Landry's worst nightmare comes true tonight on Friday Night Lights (at 9 pm/ET on NBC) after a killer piece of evidence surfaces linking him to the murder of Tyra's stalker.

"This has been slightly controversial and has caused some concern with the audience," admits executive producer Jason Katims. Some feel the shocking, slightly soapy plot is out of place on a series that was rooted in more typical teen angst during its critically acclaimed, but ratings-challenged, first season. "But to me, it's been an opportunity to tell a story about these characters…. Jesse Plemons and Adrianne Palicki did such great work last season, we wanted to give them something meaty." There's no arg read more

Class of '87, This One's For You!

OK, first off, how fun was last week’s interview with Joss Whedon? You guys went to town on that one. Honestly, I haven’t taken that many hits since high school, if y’all know what I mean.Which brings me to this week’s bidness. Being November, the month of Thanksgiving, I’ve decided to devote each of the next four columns to shows I am grateful to have on DVD. And since high school is on my mind these days—just had my 20th class reunion last weekend (and let me tell ya, we still look good!)—the first batch are all shows from back when the Bonner boys were wearing our Capezio jazz shoes, thin leather ties and trying to understand why all the Prendie girls thought their massive Aquanetted walls of hair and liquid eyeliner looked good. So for Jerry Leyden, Chuck Wurzbach, Art Hoath and the rest of the crew, I offer you the best of the Class of 1987!The Cosby Show By its third season, Denise was just about to show off her Angel Heart (and more), Rudy ... read more

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