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William Baldwin's Dirty Sexy Secrets

William Baldwin, Dirty Sexy Money

Thrice-wed Karen Darling may be headed down the aisle again on Dirty Sexy Money (10 pm/ET, ABC) tonight, but it's her brother Patrick who's in for some serious marital mayhem after his affair with transgendered knockout Carmelita is hauled out of the closet. We talked with William Baldwin about playing the shady politico and maintaining his own family ties.

TV Guide: Of all the political scandals we've seen, Patrick and Carmelita definitely break the mold.
Baldwin: Some might think it's kinky or deviant, and he may have been drawn [to Carmelita] for those reasons, but at some point it became very real. I have friends who say that we're the most normal couple on the show, the most stable. People seem to be loving it.

TV Guide: Even though we've already been through the politician-and-his-wronged-w read more

Heat of the Night: Things Get Sticky for FNL's Landry and Tyra

Jesse Plemons and Adrianne Palicki, Friday Night Lights

Landry's worst nightmare comes true tonight on Friday Night Lights (at 9 pm/ET on NBC) after a killer piece of evidence surfaces linking him to the murder of Tyra's stalker.

"This has been slightly controversial and has caused some concern with the audience," admits executive producer Jason Katims. Some feel the shocking, slightly soapy plot is out of place on a series that was rooted in more typical teen angst during its critically acclaimed, but ratings-challenged, first season. "But to me, it's been an opportunity to tell a story about these characters…. Jesse Plemons and Adrianne Palicki did such great work last season, we wanted to give them something meaty." There's no arg read more

Class of '87, This One's For You!

OK, first off, how fun was last week’s interview with Joss Whedon? You guys went to town on that one. Honestly, I haven’t taken that many hits since high school, if y’all know what I mean.Which brings me to this week’s bidness. Being November, the month of Thanksgiving, I’ve decided to devote each of the next four columns to shows I am grateful to have on DVD. And since high school is on my mind these days—just had my 20th class reunion last weekend (and let me tell ya, we still look good!)—the first batch are all shows from back when the Bonner boys were wearing our Capezio jazz shoes, thin leather ties and trying to understand why all the Prendie girls thought their massive Aquanetted walls of hair and liquid eyeliner looked good. So for Jerry Leyden, Chuck Wurzbach, Art Hoath and the rest of the crew, I offer you the best of the Class of 1987!The Cosby Show By its third season, Denise was just about to show off her Angel Heart (and more), Rudy ... read more

Supergirl Helen Slater Previews Her Smallville Visit

Helen Slater, Smallville

On the heels of Dean Cain's guest spot last month, another actor with ties to the Man of Steel mythos lands in Smallville (8 pm/ET, CW) tonight when 1984's big-screen Supergirl, Helen Slater, begins a two-episode arc as Clark's Kryptonian mom, Lara.

"You know how people love this kind of stuff," enthuses Slater, adding that we first meet a pregnant Lara in Superlore-tweaking flashbacks set on her doomed home planet. "After learning that Krypton is going to be destroyed, I go through a portal to Smallville to see where my baby will be raised... because [her husband] Jor-El has already been to Earth and picked the Kents to be Clark's family."

In a passing-of-the-torch touch, Supermom makes the trip with her niece Kara, better known now, of course, as Supergirl. And it's a go read more

Must Be Talking to an Angel? Even Better, It's Joss Whedon!

David Boreanaz in Angel courtesy 20th Century Fox

Awww, yeah. It’s finally here! Right in time for Halloween, one of TV’s best vampire series ever is sinking its fangs into the shelves with Angel: The Complete Collector’s Set. It’s like a David Boreanaz bender! And just like I promised, here’s some supernifty insight from series creator, executive producer and master of the Whedonverse, Joss Whedon, about our favorite soulful bloodsucker. (Yeah, I have the coolest job in the world. I know.)Thanks so much for taking the time to talk. I know you have a lot going on.Hey, it’s my pleasure.So Angel the Complete Series…this is a big deal!It is for me, just because I actually use my complete Buffy series all the time. [Laughs]Yeah, right? I think a lot of people do! Is there anything new included with this collection that’s not in the individual-season sets?Um, well there isn’t anything that I got to do with this set that I didn’t get to do with the series itself, because this is the serie... read more

Boo-ya! TV's Best Halloween Episodes on DVD

First off, let’s all say a quick one for the folks over in Malibu and San Diego. I don’t care who you pray to, they can use all the positive energy they can get right now, you know?OK, so now that we’re only a week away from the greatest holiday (that doesn’t involve wrapping paper), it’s the perfect time to whip out the fondness for some of TV’s best Halloween episodes, which—look at that!—are also saluted in tvguide.com’s supernifty Halloween section! Some are funny, some are freaky, some are just damned frightening. But they all celebrate the season and are available on DVD, so they also therefore rock..Buffy the Vampire Slayer—“Halloween” In the words of Marie Osmond, oh crap. Was this Season 2 howler from ’97 a blast or what?! The Scoobies and most of Sunnydale slip into cursed costumes from a shop run by Giles’ nasty crony and soon, the town is overrun by trick-or-treaters who’ve morphed into whatever ... read more

Ghost Whisperers, ghoulish Hitchcock and the grand Addams Family...oh my!

Wanna see something really scary?Then wait for MTV to repeat their recording of Legally Blonde: The Musical, because that mess is all the proof you need that the Devil is alive and working. On Broadway, no less!However, if you wanna see something scary-weird rather than scary-dreadful, then grab the third volume of Alfred Hitchcock Presents. Wow, that dude is out there with a capital “Macguffin.” And based on these very cool episodes from the 1957 season of his CBS anthology, Hitch was also the man when it came to scoring serious talent.Fresh off the bat, there’s Jessica Tandy in “The Glass Eye” as a spinster who falls for a ventriloquist. You’d think that would be creepy enough, seeing how anyone who talks to wooden dolls is scarier than Jason Voorhees on cheap trucker meth, but no. It gets way wilder after Miss Daisy starts to hang out with the object of her singular affections. Trust me, you almost feel dirty by the final credits. Then there’s ... read more

"Superman" Returns: Dean Cain Swoops into Smallville

Dean Cain, Smallville

Man of Steel, meet… Man of Steel? Sort of. Former Lois & Clark cape-waver Dean Cain flies back into the comic-book scene on Oct. 18 for a visit to Smallville (Thursdays, 8 pm/ET, CW). But this time around, he's leaving the heroics to Tom Welling, television's current Clark Kent.

"I'm pretty evil," the 41-year-old Cain says, laughing, of his role as Dr. Curtis Knox, a neurosurgeon who, despite working for Lex Luthor, has "sort of good intentions. He's cured many meteor-infected patients." What that means for Allison Mack's Chloe — who possesses the kryptonite-fueled ability to heal people — is one of th read more

Buffy the Vampire Slayer still slays!

So it’s week two of my favoritest month of the year and the scary shows on DVD are keeping my player—and Pepito the Wonder Chihuahua—working overtime. And I know this column was supposed to be all about boorific B&W fare, but the vampires struck back over the weekend and there’s no denying these pains in the neck!Obviously, if we’re talking about bloodsuckers, there’s none better than Angel. BUT…that one we’re saving for the end of the month and a big old chat with a certain Whedonverse whiz kid we all know and love. (Hmmm, wonder who that could be?)Anyhoo, with David Boreanaz’s Angelus on hold, I say we give the love to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, since the show that gave us Angel continues to rock well beyond its own cancellation grave. Why, the uninitiated may ask? Three words, people. Best. Writing. Ever.If I’m lying, I’m undyin’. Honestly, there’s something spooky about how well the dialogue stands up, even four... read more

Smallville Fans Wonder: Who's That (Super)Girl?

The CW's Smallville (Thursdays at 8 pm/ET) ups its "hot alien" quotient this week with the arrival of Clark's interstellar (and interminably sexy) cousin, Kara, aka Supergirl. Filling the comely Kryptonian's standard attire of "half-tops and short shorts," as she puts it, is Laura Vandervoort, a Canadian knockout with a hefty resume up North. "I started acting at 13," she says. "And did a lot of shows in [Canada]," including Goosebumps, Are You Afraid of the Dark.

Vandervoort also did a guest spot on CSI last season, but it was her super debut at this summer's fanboy-packed Comic-Con that really put her face out there. Way out there. "I was worried that I wouldn't be accepted because the cast has been together for six years and here I read more

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