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The Joy of Sets: The Gift Guide Begins!

Knight Rider and The 4400

So how much do we love those gift guides that start popping up around the holidays? So much fun, right?! And since I'm a personal-shopper trapped in the body of a TV Guide writer who totally loves helping people find their way to the perfect present, I've decided to get a jump on the jolly-jolly ho-ho vibe and start showcasing some of the DVD sets that will make every holiday between now and the crack of 2009 exercises in gift-giving glory ... read more

The Joy of Sets: Project Runway's Christian Siriano Is Sew Cool!

Christian Siriano

Forget the snooze-worthy whatshername who just won the last season of Project Runway. The real livewire is last year's champ, Christian Siriano, the dazzlingly talented and delightful designer whose Emmy-nominated season hits shelves next week. The wunderkind with the crazy hair and hot Spring collection took time out of his crazy schedule to talk fashion, finale freakouts and that dreaded "F" word.

Get the full Q&A after the jump. read more

The Joy of Sets: Boo! (In the Good Way!)

The Munsters: The Complete Series

I loooooove Halloween. Best holiday around, really. Christmas is nice, but come on. Chills. Thrills. M&Ms. It's all so good! And so are some of the creepy-cool, kickbutt DVDs that have been keeping Pepito the Wonder Chihuahua and I up late at night these days…

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The Man Behind 90210's Coolest Teacher

Ryan Eggold, 90210

If all teachers were as cool as West Beverly's Ryan Matthews, we'd all be signing up for extra credit. Thankfully, the man behind the scruffy sarcasm, Ryan Eggold, makes the grade as well. Here, the 90210 star tells which student is going to be crushing on him and why he'd love to be in a bar fight.

TV Guide: Tell me about Ryan…
Ryan Eggold: Well, I'm a Scorpio…

TV Guide: The character!
Eggold: Oh yeah…. He's a young literature teacher, just out of college, so he's got a lot of spunk, you know? He's a bit rebellious, rambunctious…puckish is the word I'm gonna use from now on. [Laughs]

TV Guide: He's gonna be a pain in the ass for Harry.
Eggold: Oh yeah, he is. They're gonna butt heads.

TV Guide: But overall, a good guy?
Eggold: You k read more

Bill Maher Is Still Keeping It Real

Bill Maher

Just in time for the election, Emmy-nominated firebrand Bill Maher is back with 13 new weekly attacks on the right, left and everything in between on Real Time with Bill Maher. God bless America.

TV Guide: Are you bummed you're premiering after the Olympics and the whole John Edwards scandal?
Bill Maher: Who knows what's next…it could be even better. [Laughs]

TV Guide: Do you have an election-day ritual? Do you start drinking early?
Maher: [Laughs] Depends on who's winning!

What are your thoughts on the media coverage of the campaigns?
Maher: I'm amused when pundits say that McCain has to pick a running mate who's younger than he is. You think? Who's older?!

TV Guide: Your new documentary Religulous sounds like something all faiths can hate.
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Jeff Lewis Gets Real on Flipping Real Estate

Jeff Lewis, Flipping Out

With the housing market such a mess, we hit up neat-freak real-estate guru Jeff Lewis of Flipping Out (Tuesdays at 10 pm/ET, Bravo) for his top tips on how to sell your home without, well, flipping out.

1. "Pricing is everything. [List] your home 5 percent below the most recent comparable sale."

2. "Always make your house available for showings and open houses. Don't give a buyer a reason to buy the house next door."

3. "Keep your house clean and orderly while on the market. Keep your yard and lawn maintained and manicured."

4. "Respond to all offers, no matter how low. Buyers will lowball just to see how motivated you are. Don't take it personally."

5. "Since 25 to 33 percent of buyers cancel escrow, do whatever you have to do to keep your buyer happy. This may include giving a credit, doing repairs or paying a portion of your buyer's closing costs."

Check out full episodes and clips of Flipping Out in our read more

Laura Dern Does Her Civic Duty in Recount

Laura Dern, Recount

She helped Ellen's alter ego come out on TV, inspired David Lynch and earned an Oscar nod for Rambling Rose. Tonight in Recount (9 pm/ET, HBO), Laura Dern does her civic duty playing Katherine Harris, the former Secretary of State of Florida who many feel helped turn 2000's Gore-vs.-Bush election into a debacle of questionable ethics, butterfly ballots and hanging chads.

TV Guide: So Katherine Harris was sort of a mess, huh?
Laura Dern: Oh, she's a mess. When we heard that the woman making the [recount decisions] was — by the way — cochair of the Bush for President campaign, it's amazing America didn't go "Wait a minute!" [Laughs]

TV Guide: How is it playing someone who was known as "the Body"?
Dern: [Laughs] It's always interesting playing somebody who can become the co read more

Five Reasons We Love One Tree Hill

Sophia Bush, Chad Michael Murray, Hilarie Burton and James Lafferty, One Tree Hill

Named after a U2 song and just as rockin', One Tree Hill has defied the critics, survived the UPN-WB merger and — with a post-high-school jump four years into the future this season — redefined its teen-soap image. Now, as the gang heads out of their fifth season (tonight at 9 pm/ET, the CW) amid a storm of adult angst ranging from Brooke's adoption heartbreak to Haley's music-career breakthrough, it's clear that OTH is one hot spot still worth visiting. Here's why.

1. It's the little show that could.
OTH has always been under the ratings radar. But thanks to its Web-savvy fans, including the 300,000-plus members of Facebook's "Addicted to One Tree Hill" site, the show makes up for its lack of Nielsen numbers with an online visibility other nets would give their repo'd bionic women for. "Viewers save [this] show…all the critics in the world can read more

Kimora Lee Simmons Breaks Down Her Life in the Fab Lane

Kimora Lee Simmons, Life in the Fab Lane

Anyone who has seen Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane (Sundays at , 11 pm/ET, Style) knows that Kimora Lee Simmons is the busiest mogul-model-mother on Earth. But whether she's running the Phat Fashions empires or running around with her two daughters, the thirtysomething Japanese/Korean/African-American beauty always has time to get her fab on.

TVGuide.com: What's harder: running Baby Phat and Phat Farm or raising two kids under 10?
Kimora Lee Simmons: It's definitely harder raising the children. I want them to grow up to be well-rounded, grounded, loving, caring, sensitive individuals. It's the single biggest challenge of my life. My work — which comes after my children — is like a child as well, so it's like I have three kids.

TVGuide.com: Do you get any sleep?
Kimora: read more

Celebrating 500 Episodes with Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart, The Martha Stewart Show

The Martha Stewart Show celebrated its 500th episode yesterday, so we rang up the domestic powerhouse to say happy anniversary — and steal a few tips for around the house.

TV Guide: After 500 shows, what have been your favorite bits?
Martha Stewart: Let's see… stuffing a turkey with Russell Crowe. [Laughs] "Bring Your Bulldog Day" was fabulous. Oh, and "Martha Day," where we had only Marthas in the audience.

TV Guide: What one thing should every kitchen have?
Stewart: A stove. [Laughs] It's hard to pick one thing. Kitchens are the most interesting room in a house and there are several things you have to have…. A salad spinner is very time-saving.

TV Guide: March 20 is the first day of spring. What's your spring-cleaning like?
Stewart: It's washing windows, putting in screens… a thorough cleaning from th read more

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