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Watercooler: Give Zach Gilford an Emmy

Friday Night Lights - Zach Gilford

If you were lucky enough to watch last week's Friday Night Lights, you won't argue with us — or the ongoing Facebook campaign — that Zach Gilford needs to be on this year's Emmy ballot. Just look at his ...
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Bethenny Frankel Talks Marriage & Motherhood

Bethenny Frankel

She's a Real Housewife of New York, a best-selling author and the funniest foodie you'll ever meet. Now Bethenny Frankel has added wife, mother and star of her own show, Bethenny Getting Married? (premiering Thursday at 10/9c on Bravo) to the résumé, which means this cutup of a chef has a lot on her plate!

TV Guide Magazine: Why the question mark in the title? You did get married!
Frankel: I wasn't when we developed the show. And I've always struggled with relationships, so it's more like, "Is she really going to get married? Is there an eclipse? [Laughs] Is this the second coming?"

TV Guide Magazine: Did your new hubby, Jason Hoppy, know what he was getting into?
Frankel: I don't think so. [Laughs] He's like ... read more

Watercooler: A Pretty Little Addiction

Pretty Little Liars

I am so powerless over Pretty Little Liars. And admitting that is the first step, right? Glossy, glammy and silly enough to make you roll your eyes while being reeled in, last night's opener was like crack, cut with Gossip Girl and soaked in I Know What You Did Last Summer. Love the cast. (Yay, Lucy Hale!) read more

Watercooler: The Bachelorette's He-otches Attack!


Not to be sexist, but what a bunch of girls! My god, after three weeks of whining and wah-wah-ing about everything from Craig M's hair to who got a one-on-one, Ali's suitors have gone from a stable of studs to a gaggle of gossipy he-otches. Last night, the ladymen erased all signs of testosterone by ganging up on pro wrestler Justin for hobbling his broken-leg hotness all the way up to Ali's house. Without telling them! You could almost hear them clucking over coffee. "Oh my god, can you believe he did that?" read more

Watercooler: Real Housewives' Danielle Goes Wild

Real Housewives of NJ - Danielle Staub

Move over, Jersey Devil. The new Beast of the East is the Staub-Goblin, a mythical Italian-American creature indigenous to the Franklin Lakes region that's known for frequent bouts of victimization triggered by camera lights, paranoid ramblings when left with no one to cackle at, and bouts of working others' nerves when not working a pole.

Last night, we saw the Staub-Goblin (a term coined by brilliant Twitterer @theanticritic) in her natural element — about four yards away from reality — and it was a thing of unnatural beauty. Spurned on by a hate-laced Facebook page ("nothing short of the KKK in my opinion") that was started by Jacqueline's 19-year-old daughter, the sad, eyebrow-challenged she-ogre who claims ... read more

Watercooler: The MTV Movie Awards Go Effin' Wild

Mark Wahlberg

So did anyone else bleeping notice the amount of bleeping-bleep bleeping times the MTV folks didn't bleep out a presenter or winner's potty-mouth at the Movie Awards last night? It was bleeping ridiculous, especially since the cusses that slipped past the censors actually killed the humor the producers must have been going for. That harness gag between Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg would have been so much snappier if we weren't all so distracted ...
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Watercooler: Glee Gets Faithful(ly)

Hear that sound? That's the seconds ticking away until Tuesday's first-season finale of Glee, which is reportedly the show's biggest (read: priciest) episode. Honestly, if it's half the awesome that was the "Sectionals" mid-season finale, than it'll be so worth the money, honey. So check out this sneak-peek preview that hit the web this week and tell us what you think. Will the McKinley kids be able to crush Vocal Adrenaline? Or will their, um, journey to Regionals take a new direction?

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Watercooler: Kelly Bensimon Is A PSA-hole

Kelly Killoren Bensimon

Will someone please clean up this mess?! Although it feels like a funnyordie.com skit, we all know that Real Housewives of New York's Kelly Bensimon is too dim to...

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Daily Watercooler: Toddlers & Terrors

Toddlers & Tiaras

Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be pageant queens!

Toddlers & Tiaras returned last night for its third season and once again, we got a peek into a world where the wild things are spray-tanned, over-indulged and just plain awful. None more so than the little slice of Hell known as Makenzie. Four-years-old, finger-wavingly disrespectful and physically abusive toward her own deluded mother, this little monster made the Real Housewives look like Seventh-Day Adventists.

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Downtown Girls: Trainwrecks in the City

Downtown Girls

OK, single ladies, help me out: Do you really have "ex-swaps"?

Watching the premiere of MTV's new reality peep show, Downtown Girls, Tuesday, we saw the show's quintet of horrifically named gal pals (what exactly is a Shallon, Gurj and Klo anyway?!) gather their former mattress giants ...
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