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Daily Watercooler: Toddlers & Terrors

Toddlers & Tiaras

Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be pageant queens!

Toddlers & Tiaras returned last night for its third season and once again, we got a peek into a world where the wild things are spray-tanned, over-indulged and just plain awful. None more so than the little slice of Hell known as Makenzie. Four-years-old, finger-wavingly disrespectful and physically abusive toward her own deluded mother, this little monster made the Real Housewives look like Seventh-Day Adventists.

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Downtown Girls: Trainwrecks in the City

Downtown Girls

OK, single ladies, help me out: Do you really have "ex-swaps"?

Watching the premiere of MTV's new reality peep show, Downtown Girls, Tuesday, we saw the show's quintet of horrifically named gal pals (what exactly is a Shallon, Gurj and Klo anyway?!) gather their former mattress giants ...
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Hell's Kitchen Confidential

Hell's Kitchen

Forget Shrek. The summer's really entertaining donkeys are the poor souls serving under Gordon Ramsay this season. For round 6 of the blue-plate Top Chef, Fox has assembled another posse of Risotto-challenged chuckleheads who are sure to fire up ...
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The Joy of Sets: Gift Guide, Take Three!

Faerie Tale Theatre

OK, so now that we've got the holiday commercials running around the clock, I'm sure there are some of you going 'Holy non-denominational celebration! I still need to find the perfect present for [fill in the blank]!' Never fear, here are some more grand ideas to keep you on the right side of your gift-giving icon of choice's "naughty-or-nice" list.

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The Joy of Sets: Brian Krause's Charmed Life

Brian Krause

While we all know that Charmed was about the bewitching Halliwell sisters and the Power of Three that kept them cooking for eight seasons, those of us who have been lucky to feast on the amazing Charmed —The Complete Series edition are fast realizing that Brian Krause's Leo was indeed the man of the mansion. So when the chance orbed in, ya'll know I was more than happy to chat with the original Whitelighter for a spell. Check it out after the jump. read more

The Joy of Sets Gift Guide: The Stocking Stuffers Edition

Transformers and 300

So you have a list of people to buy for and no idea what to get them, right? Been there, suffered through that. And children, I can only offer you two options: piss off a bunch of friends over Thanksgiving so you don't have to get them anything, or head to the DVD section. Because nothing says "I put more thought into this than you deserve" than a movie starring some of their fave TV faces. And they're so easy to wrap!

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The Joy of Sets: Mrs. Huxtable Tells All!

The Cosby Show: 25th Anniversary Commemorative Edition

After eight seasons and countless years of reruns, there is now a generation of TV fans who grew up thinking, "Man, Clair Huxtable is the coolest mom ever!" And I am happy to report, following a chat with elegant Tony Phylicia Rashad winner about the recently released 25th Anniversary Commemorative Edition of The Cosby Show, that we were right: She is the coolest!

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The Joy of Sets: The Gift Guide Begins!

Knight Rider and The 4400

So how much do we love those gift guides that start popping up around the holidays? So much fun, right?! And since I'm a personal-shopper trapped in the body of a TV Guide writer who totally loves helping people find their way to the perfect present, I've decided to get a jump on the jolly-jolly ho-ho vibe and start showcasing some of the DVD sets that will make every holiday between now and the crack of 2009 exercises in gift-giving glory ... read more

The Joy of Sets: Project Runway's Christian Siriano Is Sew Cool!

Christian Siriano

Forget the snooze-worthy whatshername who just won the last season of Project Runway. The real livewire is last year's champ, Christian Siriano, the dazzlingly talented and delightful designer whose Emmy-nominated season hits shelves next week. The wunderkind with the crazy hair and hot Spring collection took time out of his crazy schedule to talk fashion, finale freakouts and that dreaded "F" word.

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The Joy of Sets: Boo! (In the Good Way!)

The Munsters: The Complete Series

I loooooove Halloween. Best holiday around, really. Christmas is nice, but come on. Chills. Thrills. M&Ms. It's all so good! And so are some of the creepy-cool, kickbutt DVDs that have been keeping Pepito the Wonder Chihuahua and I up late at night these days…

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