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Real-life Medium Allison DuBois Shares Secrets to a Happy Life

Allison DuBois

So far, Allison DuBois' life as a medium has been well done. Not only is she the inspiration for the hit NBC series Medium, featuring Patricia Arquette as a barely fictionalized version of her, but she's also an accomplished author. With her third book, Secrets of the Monarch: What the Dead Can Teach Us About Living a Better Life, hitting stores this week, talked to DuBois about living life as a medium and what everyone should be doing to feel more fulfilled. Secrets of the Monarch is your third book. What is it about?
Allison DuBois:
My first book was more about my childhood and how losing my father impacted me. My second book was more about people who lost a loved one and how I gave them a voice. It was ad read more

CSI Sneak Peek: Can Grissom Save Sara?

William Petersen, CSI

Instead of using "Who Are You" as its theme song this season, CSI producers might want to consider the Clash's "Should I Stay or Should I Go."

In last spring's season finale, Sara Sidle (Jorja Fox) was left trapped under a car in the Nevada desert by a serial killer — with pouring rain threatening to drown her — while Gil Grissom (William Petersen), her boyfriend and boss, and the rest of the CSIs frantically tried to find her. Sara's life hung in the balance because of the car — and the fact that Fox's contract with the CBS hit was up for renewal. So will she be sticking around?

Executive producer Naren Shankar's not telling. "Let's just say fans will be very satisfied with how it turns out," he says. "No loose ends will be left dangling a read more

CSI Finale: A Killer Is Revealed — But Where's Sara?!

William Petersen, CSI

All season long on CBS' CSI (Thursdays at 9 pm/ET), it's been the little things that have given Gil Grissom (William Petersen) the biggest headaches. Literally. He's spent the year hunting down a killer who creates exact miniature replicas of crime scenes — and even took a sabbatical to escape the stress. But now it looks like his search for the psychopath will pay off. "The killer will definitely be revealed," says executive producer Naren Shankar. "This is going to be a disturbing and very, very creepy episode."

All of the CSI team will be involved in the hunt to find the killer and save the next victim, but it's going to be Grissom doing most of the work. In fact, he's become so obsessed with the case, he takes to building his own miniature that Shanka read more

Family Tied: Tonight's Medium Is Big on Arquettes

David and Patricia Arquette, Medium

In a side-by-side, on-the-set Q&A, the Arquettes spill on their acting clan, Patricia's powerful "handball punch" and David's turn at directing this week's episode of NBC's Medium (Wednesdays at 10 pm/ET).

TV Guide: How'd you like directing your big sister?
David Arquette: Are you kidding? This has been the greatest experience of my life.
Patricia Arquette: He gets to be the boss. I was the bossy one when we were little, but I've noticed that now it's payback time.
David: You're bossy at all the right times. Let's say that. It's good. But you do hit. You've got that handball punch, which has been feared by many for a long time.

TV Guide: Handball punch?
Patricia: I've taught many a black-belt master a thing or two. You can't outrun it! [She clasps her hands together and swings them down to demonstrate]

TV Guide: Patricia, what do you like best about wor read more

Preview: How Grissom's Exit Will Shake Up CSI!

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

After more than six seasons in Sin City, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation's top investigator is leaving Las Vegas. At least temporarily.

Beginning with this week's episode (airing tonight at 9 pm/ET, on CBS), William Petersen's grim Gil Grissom is going on sabbatical to deal with the frustrations that have been making it difficult for him to do his job. "We've seen Grissom suffering from burnout," explains executive producer Carol Mendelsohn. "Now he has an offer to teach a seminar at Williams College, which he finds enticing."

Grissom's break is coming about because Petersen himself wanted time off — to do a play in Providence, Rhode Island. And while both departures seem temporary, Grissom's will permanently change relationships in th read more

Ricki Lake Runs a Good Marathon

Ricki Lake hosts Gameshow Marathon.

What's the only show on TV this summer that can beat the clock and turn back time? Survey says: Gameshow Marathon!

NBC's five-week tournament (the latest entry airs tonight at 8 pm/ET) features a gaggle of celebrities competing in faithful restagings of seven classic shows: Let's Make a Deal, Card Sharks, Beat the Clock, read more

CSI: NY's Bat Man

Carmine Giovinazzo, CSI: NY

Carmine Giovinazzo takes swings at a batting cage he likes to visit when not working as hotheaded, good-hearted cop Danny Messer on . He has plenty in common with his TV alter ego, including — crack! — a love of baseball. But in April there will be one big difference between the two tough New Yorkers. Danny’s past is going to catch up with him, and — crack! — it won’t be pretty.

"The story line is going to be what Danny went through before he was a cop," explains Giovinazzo. “It’s going to put me in a real predicament and be real intense.”

When a body is unearthed in the end zone at Giants Stadium, the discovery is surprisingly linked to Danny and the mysterious world of Tanglewood, his old gang of street thugs. “Danny is the Sonny Corleone of the show,” says creator Anthony Zuiker. “He’s always in trouble, has a bad temper and can’t shake his past.”

D read more

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Has a New Attitude

Julia Louis-Dreyfus, The New Adventures of Old Christine

Get. Out! Seinfeld's Elaine is moving into CBS' cushy Monday-night sitcom neighborhood. In The New Adventures of Old Christine (premiering tonight at 9:30 pm/ET), Julia Louis-Dreyfus plays Christine Campbell, a health-club owner juggling single motherhood, an ex-husband (In Good Company's Clark Gregg) who's now dating a younger gal also named Christine (hence our title), and, of course, her own middling love life. Here's what the Emmy winner had to tell TV Guide about her new prime-time gig.

TV Guide: In its ads for The New Adventures of Old Christine, CBS is touting the show as a comedy about "the new American mom." How would you describe it?
Julia Louis-Dreyfus:
It's a realistic take on being a single working mo read more

Oh, Brother! Medium Casts Arquette Kin

Patricia and (inset) Richmond Arquette

It's been a while since Medium (Mondays at 10 pm/ET on NBC) star Patricia Arquette worked with her older brother, Richmond — he directed her in her first film, "a whodunit called James Long, when I was only 7 years old," recalls the actress. But she'll finally get the chance to team up with him again when he guest-stars later this season on her hit series.

In the episode, Richmond (Scream 3) will play a man whom Patricia's Allison DuBois meets after he goes to the hospital for an MRI. "While he's in the machine, Allison sees thoughts in his head," explains executive producer Glenn Gordon Caron. "And one of them is an apparently incongruous, violent vision from the past, and she beco read more

How Cult-Fave Night Stalker Was Revived

Stuart Townsend is Kolchak

Our story opens on a muggy July 2005 afternoon in Hollywood, where a handsome reporter stumbles from a dark, dingy cave clutching a scared young girl. After a last fearful glance over his shoulder, he struggles down a dirt path, desperate to outrun an unseen, unspeakable evil. Suddenly, a voice yells, "Great! Cut!" and crew members scurry in to fix the set for ABC's spooky new Night Stalker (premiering Sept. 29 at 9 pm/ET). It's only the first day of shooting, but that perilous trek along a rocky road is the perfect metaphor for the show's journey to prime time. As executive producer Frank Spotnitz and star Stuart Townsend huddle near the cave to discuss the next scene, we flash back to a year earlier, when it all began....

Spo read more

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