Cheryl Burke

Two More Weeks to Go!

I can't believe there are only two more weeks left in the season. Two more competition shows and two more results shows. Two more weeks of waiting anxiously to hear what the judges and the viewers think of the 40 hours of rehearsals we've done each week. Two more weeks to hear the crowds cheer at the choreography. It's hard to wrap my head around the fact that yet another season of Dancing with the Stars is coming to an end.For us dancers, it's like preparing for our summer break from college. Right now we're studying hard for our finals and we're hoping we pass our classes and get to graduate. We're starting to think about what we're going to do on our summer vacation, but mostly we're chattering to take our minds off of our stresses. We're getting sad because our semester is coming to an end and we know that some of us might not see each other for a very long time. These last few weeks are the most emotional and it gets harder and harder to remember to have fun. We all want to be ... read more

Week 5: Doing It for My Partner

Hi, everyone! Another week, another two dances. This week you'll get to see Ian and I dance the tango and the mambo, sort of opposite ends of the spectrum in the dance world. Lately we've been working twice as hard as normal. Learning two dances this week has been tough, especially since we just got into the pace of nailing one dance per week. Two dances each week is what's going to separate the pack a little bit more. We're going to start to see a few couples gently ease their way away from the pack, and I hope that Ian and I are one of them.I had a moment the other day when I reflected on the last 12 months. Twelve months in which I've had 14 days off, I might add. But it's been a 12-month period that I wouldn't change for the world. I've met wonderful people, I've gotten to visit so many wonderful cities across the country when we did the tour, and I've gotten to experience so many memorable moments that will forever stay ingrained in my mind, including championships on Dancing w... read more

Week 4

Last week we bid a fond farewell to another couple — Leeza Gibbons and Tony Dovolani, or rather Team Gibbolani. You'll never meet a classier, more upbeat person than Leeza. She has one of the kindest souls of anyone I've ever met. And Tony — what can you say about Tony? Fun, driven, passionate and a bit of a jokester. Two wonderful people who we're definitely going to miss at Dancing with the Stars.Another week, another dance — this week we have the samba. The samba is a get-up-off-your-feet and "shake what your mama gave you" kind of dance. It's another Latin dance and one of my favorites. It encourages you to let your hair down and really feel the music. Ian loves the fast dances, and this dance is fast. He has the perfect personality for the rhythm of the music, and I believe the audience is going to love what they see. Our music is pretty awesome this week, too. I can't tell you what it is because we like to keep that top-secret until the show, but it's a real cr... read more

Week 3

You really never get used to that feeling of having to see someone get eliminated. On Tuesday we had to say goodbye to Paulina and Alec — two really great people. Not only is Paulina one of the most beautiful women in the world, but she’s also one of the nicest and funniest. Her sense of humor is certainly going to be missed — she was always quick with the wit. And Alec, well I think there are a lot of women in America who were very sad to see him and his hips go!Some of you asked a couple of show questions that I’d like to answer for you. You wanted to know how we get paired up with our celebrity partner. First off, we have absolutely no say in who we get. The producers match us up based on personality and how we look together. It’s pretty simple. I’m sure there are a few other things they consider, but to the best of my knowledge, those are the major factors. That first meeting is as genuine as it looks on camera. We get the call from production tel... read more

Back on the Dance Floor

Here we go again! It feels like just yesterday when I was anxiously standing by Emmitt's side waiting to hear our names called and be announced the winners of Season 3 of Dancing with the Stars.It's been such a blur since last season's finale way back in November. I had about a week off, which I spent in Hawaii with my family, and then I immediately started rehearsal for the first-ever Dancing with the Stars tour. Thirty-eight cities in something like 10 weeks — maybe it was more, maybe it was less, I honestly can't remember at this point. We got to see so many places and faces around the country and performing four to five nights a week. We were traveling like rock stars — what a life!Then in mid-February we started training for this current season of DWTS. I can't tell you how thrilled I was to get Ian as a partner. This is the first season of the show that I've actually been familiar with who my partner (Ian Ziering) was and didn't need to use the Internet to figure o... read more

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