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Patrick Dempsey Previews His Enchanted New Role

Patrick Dempsey, Enchanted

Sure, Patrick Dempsey plays a prince of a doc on Grey's Anatomy, but his latest feature, Disney's part-animated, part-live-action Enchanted, finds him actually winning a fairy-tale princess (Amy Adams).

"It was a great story," explains Dempsey. "I go see a lot of family films because that's all I get a chance to see," explains the father of three. "This was different than most of them. It was an interesting story that was different and fresh."

Dempsey's 4-year-old, Tallulah, was both intrigued and confused by her dad's involvement in the film. "She likes the animation. She loved the chipmunk. And she likes the fact that I know the princess."

Still, it was hard for her to understand why her dad had an on-screen daughter. "She'd ask questions like, 'You' read more

Corbin Bleu Ponders the Pressures on High School Musical Stars

Corbin Bleu, High School Musical

If you thought the kids from High School Musical couldn't possibly soar any higher, think again. On Oct. 8 Corbin Bleu literally defied gravity as part of the Northrop Grumman Weightless Flights of Discovery, a program designed to provide teachers with material that will inspire kids to pursue careers in math and science. When Bleu returned to earth, was there to talk about his flight experience as well as the upcoming HSM3. Tell me exactly what happened up there!
Corbin Bleu: Well, they take you up in a modified plane that has had all the seats removed, leaving an empty space in the middle for me to move around in. What they do then is move the plane in a way that creates a very, very strong force of gravity, a lot stronger than we're used to. It's like those rides where you're st read more

Judy Greer's Shocking Visit to Californication

Judy Greer, Californication

After he made TV history when his main character had a tryst with a minor in Californication's first episode, you can trust Tom Kapinos, the show's creator, to dream up even more shocking visuals — like David Duchovny's Hank Moody snorting cocaine off Judy Greer's behind. Greer, best known for her roles in romantic comedies opposite Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Garner, as well as her stint on Arrested Development, joins the show for its eighth episode as a prostitute who is there for Hank Moody in a time of need. We caught up with Greer to find out how she found herself in this compromising position. How did you get involved with Californication?
Judy G
read more

Inside the Emmys: All the Gossip from the Creative Arts Bash!

Elizabeth Reaser, Kathy Griffin and Tim Daly

Kathy Griffin may have referred to them as the Schmemmys, but this year's Creative Arts Emmys proved that even Life on the D List is worth an A-list award. And so is, apparently, wrapping your "D--k in a Box."

At the significantly more relaxed event than next week's extravaganza, the red carpet became a place for friends to catch up and proud fathers and mothers to snap photos of their children being interviewed. Ugly Betty's Judith Light and Grey's Anatomy's Kate Burton, both up for a guest-star Emmy, had a hard time turning their attention to the press a read more

Inside the Emmys: Where the Stars Hang Before Shining on Stage!

A rendering of the Architectural Digest green room for the 59th annual Primetime Emmys, airing Sept. 16 on Fox

A green room made out of high school bleachers? It may be hard to believe, but designer Timothy Corrigan swears it's true. "We literally had to scrape the bubble gum off the bottom of the bleachers before we could even start to work on it." As the 59th annual Primetime Emmys go "green," so does the area where stars can relax before going on stage, and it's Corrigan's job to make the most exclusive and luxurious area of the Shrine Auditorium eco-friendly.

This year the Architectural Digest green room takes the shape of an elegant old-world library using dark panel walls, big windows and antique furniture to give the illusion of 18th-century England. The green theme will start with the color of the walls and the decor, but what really makes the room "green" will be the measures taken to leave a small eco-footprint. All furniture is upholstered with 100 percent organic fabric, the tables are made out of read more

David Duchovny Talks About Engaging in Californication

David Duchovny, Californication

David Duchovny opens up to TV Guide about his risky new role on Showtime's Californication (Mondays at 10 pm/ET), the next X-Files movie and being lucky in love.

TV Guide: What attracted you to such a darkly comic series like Californication?
David Duchovny:
It was more of an adult-style, '70s-movie-type comedy rather than what you see in movies today. It was adults acting badly, but like bad adults rather than bad children. It's so much fun to be able to play a guy who really doesn't care what anybody thinks about him.

TV Guide: What's the key to your character, Hank Moody?
This is a writer who's not writing anymore. He's come to Hollywood to watch his novel get turned into a crappy movie and in the pr read more

The 2007 Golden Globes: All the Backstage Buzz!

Ugly Betty's America Ferrera and Salma Hayek

It's often said that the Golden Globes is the most fun and relaxed of all award shows, but does that prove especially true backstage, where reporters from around the world question the newly crowned winners? Indeed, unlike the red carpet, the press room is where inquiries can go beyond, "How excited are you?" But how far can the journos go? Read on to find out.

7:50 pm/ET: I have just left the red carpet, and I can't believe they are letting me meander so freely around the hotel. I see Steve Carell and his wife Nancy Walls; Naomi Watts fixing her hair; Michelle Trachtenberg coming in through the back door. It looks like the party is ready to begin.

8:14 pm: A coo read more

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