Brendan Carr

February 25, 2007: Family Guy Versus Oscar

The Academy Awards are on tonight, so Fox scheduled two Family Guy repeats. From 9-10 pm/ET tonight I switched back and forth between Oscar coverage and Family Guy, so this post will be about both. Right before I hit the Fox pre-set button on my remote, they had just handed out the first Oscar of the evening. It only took almost 30 minutes. And what a first award it was! Art Direction. Riveting! I couldn’t hit the button fast enough. I love movies and although every year I rant and rave about the Academy Awards, I watch. It’s a televised gaper delay. The clock turned 9:00, and I moved over to Family Guy. The first episode provided one of the best sight gags this season: Joe’s legs floating to the surface of the beer vat every three seconds. And the idea of messing about with the opening credit sequence was inspired. During the first commercial break I switched back over to the Oscars. Alan Arkin won Best Supporting Actor for Little Miss Sunshine! Now that made me happ... read more

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