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L&O Boss Stands Trial

It would be a crime to confuse Fox's new legal drama, The Jury, with NBC's midseason contender, Law & Order: Trial by Jury — or at least so says Dick Wolf, the creator of L&O and its umpteen spin-offs. Rumors that the latest addition to the franchise will be set entirely in the deliberation room are "absolutely incorrect," the executive producer tells TV Guide Online. "There will be one or two scenes in the fourth act every week in the jury room, but you couldn't set a [whole] show in the jury room, I don't think."

However, Wolf concedes that TBJ — potentially an all-star affair featuring Jerry Orbach, Candice Bergen and Frasier dad John Mahoney — will not adhere as strictly to the time-tested L&O format as, say, SVU. "The cops are not as big as they are on L&O because it's set in the courthouse," he explains. "It's not law... it's order. The setup is a l read more

Is Angel Livin' on a Prayer?

Although the WB already has picked up many of its hits for next season, cult fave Angel is not among them. Nonetheless, David Boreanaz, who plays the toothsome hero of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spinoff, remains hopeful that good news is forthcoming. "I'm optimistic," he tells TV Guide Online, noting, "We didn't get an early renewal last year, either. You just kind of have to wait it out."

No doubt the actor's confidence is fueled by his knowledge of the plot twists that the season finale holds in store. In the next-to-last episode, cult leader Jasmine's apocalyptic plot was thwarted. (Was there ever any doubt?) Then, "the last episode is the beginning of what's to come, and that's really exciting. If the show ends, it would leave open so many doors. It wouldn't be like, 'Okay. No read more

Sopranos Shocker: And Tony Goes to...

If James Gandolfini insists on shaking down HBO for more dough, maybe the cable network ought to just let the Sopranos star go ahead and take a powder. After all, it's not like series leads can't be replaced. (Was anyone but Valerie Harper really sorry when NBC gave Valerie's Family to Sandy Duncan? Didn't think so.) Plus, in the case of an award-winning character like Tony, there would be an impressive mob of actors ready, willing and eager to fill the mafioso's cement shoes. See for yourself — TV Guide Online has assembled a lineup of master thespians who would make fine made men.

read more

Supermodel Tyson Joins Hollywood's Boyz Club

Polo uberhunk Tyson Beckford has a message for Tinseltown casting directors: Don't hate me because I'm beautiful. "It's been real hard [making the leap from coverboy to leading man], because all they think is, 'Oh, you're the guy from the magazines,'" he tells TV Guide Online. "They don't think you can do anything else."

The 6-foot-2 Adonis hopes to change that perception with his two upcoming big-screen releases, Pandora's Box and Biker Boyz. In the former movie, described as an African-American Fatal Attraction, Beckford plays an ill-fated married man. "My character's wife kills me in order to get my life insurance, which she doesn't get because I didn't sign it over to her," he explains, adding that "the moral to that story is make sure your papers are right before you get married, and don't give her half yet. Give her all the lovin' she need read more

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