Ben Gleib

Crashing the Celeb Golf Tournament

Thanks to all of you who have been watching The Real Wedding Crashers [Mondays at 10 pm/ET, on NBC]. People keep asking me for insight into the next episode, so I may as well give it all away. This is actually one of my favorite episodes. There are pranks involving a mishap at a tanning salon and an audition for wedding singers. I got to play three different characters: a horrible wedding singer with neck tattoos, an animal rights protestor, and, of course, an annoying wedding guest. I really had fun doing all three, but my favorite had to be the animal rights protestor. I am conducting a protest because a store sells fur, and the bride enters with one of her bridesmaids. When they exit the store, I give them a hard time for shopping there, and let's just say, the mark does not like me very much at all. The bit also includes live farm animals. It's always been a dream of mine to work with farm animals. Now, I'm proud to say it's a reality. I guess all kinds of weird things start to... read more

A Life-changing Week

This is my first Celebrity Blog. This is very exciting for me, because I guess it means I'm now a celebrity. This is news to me. I mean I guess it makes sense. I have a TV show airing on NBC, called The Real Wedding Crashers. Plus I feel very celebrity-like lately. For example, the show's only been on one week, and I've already been in and out of rehab three times! (My second time in rehab I impregnated Britney Spears. You'll hear more about that in nine months.) I also now wear huge sunglasses when I go out in public, and I've punched out several paparazzi. They weren't even taking my picture. That was what bothered me, actually. So I socked 'em. I realize that now they will probably never take my picture, but I wasn't thinking that far ahead. I've been doing stand-up comedy and acting for years, but this is the first time TV Guide has asked me to write about one of my projects, so it officially now feels like I'm at a whole new level. People keep asking me how being on... read more

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