The Gallery Show

Love and relationships seem to have become the central focus of Samantha Who since its return from hiatus. First we had the Sam/Todd/Chloe triangle. Then we had Todd, Sam, and the Funk. And then, last week we had Dena and Chapman. You would think this whole dating thing just adds more complication to Sam's already complicated life and yet she seems to be digging the hole deeper for herself as the weeks go on. This week was no different.It all started with Sam checking the mail. While sifting through the usual bills, Sam came across an invitation to Todd's gallery opening with a single word written in marker "Hey!" That one syllable word was enough to set Sam off on a quest to try and make sense of what she and Todd are doing. She decided to go over and tell him face to face that she would not be attending his opening. When she arrived at her apartment building, she sought the sagely advice of Frank the doorman while she waited for Todd to show up. As Sam tried to break it to Todd th... read more

Twenty-Four Candles

Hey old friends (and hopefully some new ones!) It's been a long time. I've missed you! Well, not you really but I have definitely been missing my Betty. I recently even checked out the Ugly Betty celebrity playlists on Itunes and cracked up at some of the song selections the cast had made. But it wasn't until the "Previously on Ugly Betty..." came on this week that I fully realized how much I actually missed the show. Damn strike! But on a positive note, I read somewhere that America Ferrera and the writers spent their post-strike hiatus coming up with ways to bring the show back its original charm that some felt had been lost at the start of season 2. Let's see if it worked.The episode started out with Betty in wonderland. Betty's birthday has arrived and her boy Henry waited for her in a horse-drawn carriage. They kissed passionately as they watched fireworks. Time to wake up! Betty started out the day with the usual Suarez family breakfast before heading off to the Poconos with H... read more

Viva Italia

Hello Top Model fans! So we're off to Rome. This is gonna be hiii-larious. These girls barely have a grasp on the English language so it'll be fun to watch them struggle with Italian. Even though we all knew it would work out for Fatima last week, I was kinda hoping it wouldn't and all of her hard work would be meaningless due to misplaced travel documents. Yeah, I'm just in one of those moods tonight.The girls touched down in Rome and were blown away by what they've accomplished thus far. Lauren, as she tends to do every week, explained how she never expected to make it to this point and how she was blown away by it. If only the look on her face expressed that! You'd think as a model the girl would be able to convey the emotion she claims to be feeling. But then again, this is Lauren and we all know she loves playing the anti-model model. As the girls hopped off the bus and onto the Italian cobblestone street, poor Anya fell flat on her face. What a way to kick off the final 6. Th... read more

The Butterflies

Hey people! It's been quite the Monday night for yours truly. Not only did I get to catch an advanced screening of the new Tina Fey/Amy Poehler flick Baby Mama, I also got to return home to brand spankin' new eps of Gossip Girl and Samantha Who waiting for me on my DVR. I love technology! If you have yet to get on board the GG bandwagon, I strongly advise you do so now cause with this one-two punch you get a nice dose of teen drama and amnesic slapstick. What more could you want out of a Monday evening?As Sam walked to work recounting her recent run-in with Todd to Dena, she ran into her boss in the lobby of her office building. After overhearing Dena compare dating to being a dog, he insisted to Sam that she set him up with her. Though completely against the idea at first, Andrea was quick to remind Sam of the advantages of having a friend dating their boss. Despite still being against the idea, Sam quickly found herself in a situation that would require her boss' help when she wan... read more

For Those About to Walk, We Salute You

Hey party people! Before I get this thing going I'd like to share a little story. I was out last weekend and I swear I saw Marvita at a bar. She had the weird fro-hawk and everything! It wasn't until my pal Gina (substitute ANTM blogger) pointed out that I was actually looking at a dude that I decided not to walk over and tell her I blog Top Model. But I swear, the two could've been twins. Anyhow, I digress. Let's get to recapping.Things started out with the ladies reacting to Claire's elimination. Lauren was genuinely surprised that she had made it this far in the competition. I still like her but she really needs to work on that personality. I can only imagine what those Cover Girl commercials will be like. Meanwhile, Fatima made the realization that she may not be able to go abroad with the other girls since she is not a US citizen and she lost her travel documents.After the girls gathered around to cheer up Fatima, Paulina entered the loft to teach them how to have a proper conv... read more

The Boss

This week the Funk came to town and rocked Sam's world. And by the Funk I mean Sam's wealthier and more attractive other boss played by Die Hard villain, Timothy Olyphant. As the episode kicked off, Sam was still obsessing over Todd. She was practically begging him for another chance and he was having none of it. When she arrived at the office another face from her past entered her life and it seemed as though he was just what Sam needed to get her mind off of Todd. Meet Winston Funk. He's handsome. He's charming. And he's filthy freakin' rich. He also happens to be in love with Sam and proposes to her within minutes of seeing her again. If only Andrea wasn't so desperately in love with him. While old Samantha probably would have jumped at the chance to bag herself a billionaire, new Sam felt it appropriate to come clean to her boss/beau that her condition wiped all memories of him and that she couldn't accept his proposal. Later, she described the situation to Dena who found all of... read more

Top Model 10 Confidential

Hey All, So I'm not blogging this week's show because lets face it...though they advertise previously unaired footage for these little recap episodes, that stuff never comes until the last 5 minutes. Do we really wanna hear Dominique brag even more about how she's got this competition in the bag? Or hear Fatima talk about how nobody else wants it as bad as she does? Instead, why don't you leave your comments about what y'all think of this season so far? Does it live up to previous cycles? Was the move back to New York enough of a change? And how about that Paulina? Let us know!And check out any of this cycle's episodes in our Online Video Guide read more

The Girlfriend

Whuttup TV Guiders? It feels like forever since I've blogged anything that didn't involve the ridiculousness that is Tyra Banks. It's good to be back to a scripted show. When we last saw Sam, she got dumped by her first post-amnesia boyfriend. After getting dumped, Sam realized she still had feelings for Todd. I'm hoping the writers don't jump right into this because that's the type of stuff that can ruin a show this early on. Now for my recap:This week Sam continued to question her relationship with Todd. After some time apart, the two happened to run into each other on the street while Sam was trying out her jump-roping skills. Todd seemed glad to see her and suggested they get together soon. Later that evening while Sam's mom tried to convince her to have a makeover night with her, Todd invited Sam over for a chilli dinner. Ecstatic by the thought of possibly rekindling her relationship with Todd, Sam prettied herself up and went over to her old apartment. Once there, Todd's true... read more

If You Can't Make It Here, You Can't Make It Anywhere

Guess who's baaaacccckkkk? Sorry 'bout my absence last week. Moving ain't fun. Shout out to Gina for filling in for me! But enough about that. Let's talk Top Model. I go away for 1 week and come back to the go-sees. Where did the time go?When things got underway, Lauren appeared to have a case of cabin fever. She had a major attitude and started flipping the bird left and right. As usual though, it wasn't long before the girls were sent off on their first mission. The 8 remaining girls were split into 2 teams. Team 1 was Lauren, Anya, Fatima, and Kat while team 2 consisted of Dominique, Stacy-Ann, Whitney, and Claire. What a way to split em, eh? The 3 girls who had all of the drama last week are "randomly" placed on a team and told to work together. Surprisingly though, things went better than expected. The only real drama happened when Pamella Roland told Whitney she would never really book a girl her size for one of her runway shows. This set Whitney off on her proud to be big spe... read more

Top Model Is Feelin' The Music

Hello all. Allow me to introduce myself—my name is Gina, and I’m covering for our dear Adam while he’s in the process of moving (truth is his roomie was too cheap to pay for the extra four days of internet til’ the lease ran out). But fear not for your Top Model guru will be returning to his regularly scheduled blogging next Wednesday. So as an avid watcher of the show, and all of Tyra’s madness, let’s get this party started, shall we?This week started with the girls’ reactions to their last photo shoot, and no one could seem to get over how Aimee’s skin looked, to quote Tyra, “insanely, crazy beautiful.” Lauren took note of her lack of confidence, and then we turned the focus over to Claire and her family. Yes, it was sad to hear her on the phone with her man, and it’s clear she misses that adorable little nugget of hers. But I’m not really sure I was really interested in hearing about her breast milk “drying up.”... read more

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