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Matrix 2 is Renamed

The first of two upcoming Matrix sequels — slated for a Christmas 2002 release — has been given an official name: The Matrix: Reloaded. Both pics are being shot simultaneously, which makes sense considering executive producer Joel Silver describes them as "essentially one movie shown in two halves."

Certainly, Silver — whose credits include four Lethal Weapon films, two Die Hards and two Predators — knows his way around a sequel. But the two-time Razzie award winner insists that the second and third Matrix chapters won't be your standard issue follow-ups.

"[Writer-directors Larry and Andy Wachowski] wrote The Matrix as a long story," explains Silver, whose latest project, the John Travolta crime thriller Swordfish, opens June 8. "They wanted to tell a superhero story, so they created this world where one could be a superhero and it would be believable, because you're in read more

The Odd Couple: Reunited!

Can two men remain friends after acting like they hate each other for five years? The answer appears to be yes. Tony Randall and Jack Klugman — fondly remembered for butting heads as Felix Unger and Oscar Madison on the '70s sitcom The Odd Couple — recently enjoyed a happy reunion at TV Land's 5th anniversary party. Taking a sidebar at the soiree, the Emmy Award-winning duo offered TV Guide Online their tongue-in-cheek opinions on such topics as cohabitation, today's TV and what makes their show a classic.

TVGO: Have the two of you ever tried living together in real life?
Both: No!

TVGO: What would happen if you did?
Randall: We'd get along fine.
Klugman: We'd learn to compromise.

TVGO: What are your fondest memories of working on the show?
Randall: Getting paid.
Klugman: A lot of money.

TVGO: What do you think it is that makes your show such a classic? read more

Moore of Mary

She's gonna make it after all — as if there were any doubt. People just can't seem to get enough of Mary Tyler Moore and her universally adored working girl, Mary Richards. And The Mary Tyler Moore Show — which debuted in 1970 and lasted seven seasons — is still gaining new fans even today, thanks to reruns on cable's TV Land.

"If I go to a public place and there are people of all ages," Moore tells TV Guide Online, "they come up to me — from four years old on up to 94 — and it is just amazing." Indeed, the sitcom's continued success remains a surprise to the 64-year-old actress. "I didn't imagine it would be loved by anybody," she demurs. "I knew we were doing good work and everybody else did, but television being as risky a business... you don't think about [the lasting impression], you think about the work."

Work is what the Emmy winner thinks more actors should focus on with the upcoming strike looming. Emphatically, she insists, read more

Jennifer Pays Homage to Julia

Jennifer Love Hewitt is moving in on Julia Roberts's turf. For a scene in her new film Heartbreakers (opening Friday), the actress paraded around in a sexy pink number that was so bust-enhancing, members of the cast and crew dubbed her Erin Brockovich.

"[That] pink dress [with] the pink bra on the outside of it... everyone called me Erin the whole time," laughs the former star of Fox's Party of Five and its short-lived spinoff Time of Your Life, who plays a con artist in the pic. "I dedicated my boobs to her in that scene, which I am sure is the weirdest thing she has ever had dedicated to her."

Taking a break from teen movies such as I Know What You Did Last Summer and Can't Hardly Wait, Hewitt continues her push towards more adult fare in the upcoming Alec Baldwin-directed remake of the 1941 classic film The Devil and Daniel Webster, in which she stars as Satan. "The devil in this is very interes read more

Sigourney Weaver Tackles Alien Territory

Sigourney Weaver couldn't resist the chance to play a Russian seductress named Olga in her new film Heartbreakers (opening Friday) — mostly because it offered her the opportunity to debauch screen vet Gene Hackman.

"I just was so thrilled when I heard he might even take the part," she tells TV Guide Online. "I was just like... (making panting noises). We were all so thrilled to have Gene in our midst. It was sort of like visiting royalty."

As Olga, Weaver even gets to serenade the Oscar-winning thesp with a rousing rendition of the Beatles' "Back in the U.S.S.R." The 51-year old Alien slayer says singing with a Russian accent wasn't a problem. "It was the day I looked forward to most," she confesses, "because it was all Olga, all the time."

Not surprisingly, Weaver was pretty bummed when she learned the song would not appear on the film's soundtrack. However, she jokes that the little ditty may one day be featured on her read more

Chris Rock Comes Clean

Comic Chris Rock, 35, may be known for his foul-mouthed TV stand-up specials, but he decided not to rely on his trademark comedy style for his starring role in Down to Earth — a remake of the 1978 Warren Beatty film Heaven Can Wait — which opened Friday.

"I think movies are too nasty right now as it is," Rock tells TV Guide Online. "It's a romantic comedy! What romantic comedy is rated R?

"A movie with me, I guess you kind of expect an R," he continues, but suggests that's an unfair assumption to make about his work. "My stand-up act, yeah, there's a lot of cursing in it. My TV show [HBO's The Chris Rock Show], not really that much cursing. We could pretty much show any of that stuff on regular TV."

Actually, Rock insists he'd originally aimed for a PG rating for the film, which ended up with a PG-13. "[Paramount] thought I was crazy... but it's Heaven Can Wait," he says. "Why should it be an R? I don't even know ho read more

Early Taste of American Pie 2

Actor Eugene Levy would love to tell the world how thrilled he is to be reprising his role as Jason Biggs's old man in American Pie 2. However, due to the strict code of silence surrounding the eagerly anticipated sequel, his lips have been sewn shut.

"They've got me paranoid," he tells TV Guide Online of Universal, the studio behind the film. "They keep sending me these letters and they send scripts with false titles on them, saying, 'We don't want anybody to see this.'"

Although Levy is keeping mum, brothers Chris and Paul Weitz — who directed American Pie and are executive producing the follow-up — are willing to offer a little clue. "Let's just say there is Krazy Glue in the place of baked goods in this one," hints Paul. Younger sib Chris is quick to add with a laugh, "[But] not in the exact place."

Despite the sticky situation, Paul assures Pie fans that the sequel isn't oversaturated with goo. "It is rela read more

Tales from an Oscar Dark Horse

Marcia Gay Harden — a supporting actress Oscar hopeful for her portrayal of artist Lee Krasner in Pollock — can't help but get caught up in the pre-nomination hype.

"There was a point last week when I felt panic," the 41-year-old actress admits. "I had so much hope and I wanted [the nomination] — and I still want it. But it means something different to me this week because I have [just] seen the film again and I am... so proud of [it].

"If it doesn't happen," Harden adds, "I'll be concentrating on Valentine's Day."

Oscar nominations will be announced Tuesday morning, and insiders see Harden as Pollock's best hope for recognition. The film's director-star, Ed Harris, will likely get bumped in the lead actor slot by Billy Elliot's Jamie Bell.

Regarding her co-star, Harden — who has already won kudos from the New York Film Critics as well as an Independent Spirit Award nod — hopes that "Ed read more

Banks Basks in ''Angels'' Role

Model-turned-actress Tyra Banks may be one of the busiest performers around, but she hasn't forgotten the little people — literally. The Victoria's Secret beauty — who, in addition to taking part in next week's celebrity edition of Who Wants to be a Millionaire, is in the midst of a recurring stint on the WB's Felicity — has teamed up with Angel Soft bath tissue to honor five young heroines with "Angels in Action" awards.

The girls, ranging in age from 4 to 12, have performed heroic acts that helped themselves, their families or their communities. "They are all so sweet," Banks tells TV Guide Online. "They are all so wonderful and very [unique] with everything that they have done."

So inspired was Banks by the honorees (including one girl who helped start a campaign to help the homeless) that she has formed T-Zone, an organization that will ho read more

Tim Meadows: Real-life Ladies Man?

In adapting his popular Saturday Night Live skit, Ladies Man, for the big screen, Tim Meadows lets it all hang out — and we mean literally. Throughout the movie, opening Friday, his alter ego, smooth-talking Leon Phelps, drops trou and gets quite a awestruck reaction from bystanders. So that begs the question: Does art imitate life?

"It's fiction," Meadows laughs, adding, "It's up to the the viewer to imagine how big or small Leon's penis is, but it's beautiful. That's the thing you have to remember."

The SNL vet, who has joined the cast of NBC's The Michael Richards Show, insists it's not only size that attracts women to Leon. "Its like an aura that just exists," explains Meadows. "He is loyal to his friends; he's a hard-working dude; he enjoys his life."

And although Leon gets it on with several women in the film, his portrayer says he was a true, um, gentleman on the set. In fact, he took the time to ask each of his f read more

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