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Avenue Q's John Tartaglia Sings a New (Kid-friendlier!) Tune

John Tartaglia, Johnny and the Sprites

While Tony-nominated actor John Tartaglia rocketed to fame for his roles in the adult-themed puppet show Avenue Q, he has recently returned to his children's-television roots with a role starring as Lumière in Broadway's Beauty and the Beast and with a new Disney Channel show read more

Degrassi Cutie Jake Epstein (Craig) Returns for an Encore

Jake Epstein, Degrassi: The Next Generation

Most of us dread returning to high school once we've graduated, but Jake Epstein was actually pretty excited to return back to the hallowed halls of The N's Degrassi: The Next Generation. The 19-year-old actor left the series in order to get an education, but is back playing moody musician Craig for two episodes, starting with this week's season premiere (Friday, Jan. 5, at 8 pm/ET). caught up with Epstein to find out what it was like stepping back into the role of Craig and performing with fellow guest stars Taking Back Sunday, and if there's a chance he could make another return appearance. What have you been up to?
Jake Epstein:
I've been living in Montreal. read more

Yul's Tidings: The Survivor Cook Islands Champ Speaks Out!

Yul Kwon, Survivor: Cook Islands

On Sunday night's nail-biting Survivor: Cook Islands finale, Yul Kwon narrowly beat out tough competitor Ozzy by one vote to emerge as champion. The Stanford and Yale grad, who was often called "the puppet master" or "Godfather" by fellow players, was happy that his strategic game paid off and that he was able to pocket the million-dollar check. spoke to Yul in the wee hours of the morning after his big win to find out how he's planning on spending his winnings, and why he looked so shell-shocked after being announced the sole survivor. Good morning, how are you doing?
Yul Kwon:
Good. I'm still sleep-deprived, but I'm living the dream. You looked stunned throughout th read more

Ghost Whisperer's Camryn Manheim Is Full of Love

Camryn Manheim, Ghost Whisperer

Many fans were shocked by the season-ending death of Aisha Tyler's Andrea on Ghost Whisperer (Fridays at 8 pm/ET). But true to form, Melinda (Jennifer Love Hewitt) picked herself up and found a new friend, Delia, played by Camryn Manheim. got a chance to speak with the delightful former star of The Practice about what it was like stepping in for the CBS drama's second season, how she manages to juggle single motherhood with acting, and to find out what her costar is really like on set. Delia's really a lot of fun!
Camryn Manheim:
Yeah, I think as they start to figure out how to incorporate her into it, it's going to ge read more

ER's Parminder Nagra Dishes About Her "McStamos" Affair

Parminder Nagra, ER

Who would have imagined that in its 13th season, ER would heat up again? Sure, it has the solid writing and familiar characters, but the recent buzz is mostly thanks to a sexy affair between Dr. Tony Gates (John Stamos) and Dr. Neela Rasgotra (Parminder Nagra). got a chance to speak with the delightfully adorable Bend It Like Beckham star to ask her what it is like kissing "Uncle Jesse" and how she's handling Neela's busy romantic life. The British-born actress gamely answered all our questions and told us the one person Neela will not be hooking up with. Are you excited that ER is getting a lot of buzz again?
Parminder Nagra: It is fan read more

Survivor's Candice Talks About Her Lip-smacking Send-off

Candice Woodcock, Survivor: Cook Islands

If you've got to get your torch snuffed on Survivor: Cook Islands, there are worse ways to go out than with a big juicy kiss from your hot island fling. Or are there? caught up with Candice Woodcock the day after her ouster to find out if her smooch from Adam was sexy or skanky — after all, they have been on the island 30 days without toothbrushes! — and also to see what the pre-med gal was thinking when she went on a rant against her former Aitu tribe mates. I was actually pretty impressed that you got up the nerve to let it all out in last night's episode, to tell the Aitu alliance and Jonathan what was up.
Candice Woodcock:
Well, you know, I generally can control myself read more

Dirty Dancing: The Secrets Behind Its Sexy TV Makeover

Dirty Dancing host Cris Judd

If you are one of the many who simply swoon when Johnny lifts Baby high up in the air, in front of the entire Kellerman crowd, in the 1987 film of the same name, then the new television version of Dirty Dancing is for you. In the WE series (premiering tonight at 10 pm/ET), 18 women get a chance to live out their Baby fantasies as they are separated into groups and led by male professional dancers, who will eventually pick one lass for a chance to perform a sexy dance for judges. got a chance to catch up with Dirty Dancing host and celebrity choreographer Cris Judd about why this reality competition shouldn't be left in the corner. How did this series come about?
Cris Judd:
I was originally approached to be one of the choreographers and judges. Not too long before that, I had come back from Europe and shot a pilot as the host of a read more

He Said, She Said: Bones' Squints Analyze Their Love Affair

T.J. Thyne and Michaela Conlin, Bones

While fans always want to know if/when Booth and Brennan will be getting together on Fox's Bones (Wednesdays at 8 pm/ET), another romance has been brewing in the background between squints Angela and Hodgins. Recently, their relationship has finally gone full-steam ahead, so asked their portrayers, T.J. Thyne and Michaela Conlin, for their separate takes on this new development.

He said: When did you first find out that the writers were planning for Hodgins to be interested in Angela? Had you suspected that they would have a connection?
T.J. Thyne:
Jack and Angela actually started smiling and flirting with each other long before it was ever on the page. If you go bac read more

ER Vet Abraham Benrubi Eyes Men in Trees' New (Yet Familiar) Time Slot

Abraham Benrubi, Men in Trees

If you haven't been watching ABC's Men in Trees (now airing Thursdays at 10 pm/ET, following Grey's Anatomy), you are missing out on meeting the quirky residents of Elmo, Alaska — one of them being local bartender/millionaire-inventor Ben, played by Abraham Benrubi. While this reporter has had a total crush on Benrubi since his days as a lovable bully on Parker Lewis Can't Lose, others will recognize him from his years as ER's Jerry. After copping to a longtime crush, asked the actor about emerging from behind the desk at County General and stepping into a big romantic love tri read more

Survivor's Nate Takes on Jonathan, "Nancy Boy" and Flirty Parvati

Nate Gonzalez, Survivor: Cook Islands

Nathan "Nate" Gonzalez was laid-back cool for most of CBS' Survivor: Cook Islands (Thursdays at 8 pm/ET), and was known for his charming use of the English language. With the larger Raro tribe merging with the Aitu tribe, all should have been fine for a few weeks. But the mutinous Jonathan switched sides (again) and caused Nate to go home during the Thanksgiving Day broadcast. spoke with Nate about Jonathan's betrayal, his comments to "nancy boy" Brad, his fun lingo and "warm" Parvati. Is your family OK? I can't imagine that watching you lose Survivor was a fun way to spend Thanksgiving.
Uh-huh. It was very hard for Mommy. She had a hard time seeing her baby boy go out like that. It was a little emotional. That was not a nice way to go o read more

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